Broke is no place for a female business owner like you.

Watching other small business owners roll in moula makes you a little more than jealous. (Yeah, I know you’re happy for them, but it still hurts, doesn’t it?)

You want NEED more clients to start finding you. Panhandling & begging for sessions is not your style. But getting people in the door isn’t easy.

Here’s the secret: It doesn’t have to be stressful.

You can and should enjoy what you do.

And if you’re not? We’re going to change that. Now.

nathalieI’m Nathalie and I lead struggling entrepreneurs to the five- and six-figure practices they KNOW they can have, but are having a little trouble getting there.

You could say I’m a little woo-woo – and you’d be right. But what you could also say is my clients are a lot successful. So I’m good with it.

I take my gifts and open them up to female business owners who need an extra push, help them nail who they are, what they want, and who needs their special brand of help the most. Together with creator, we manifest the insight you need to earn more money than ever.

Stop working that main gig. Stop squeezing in hours here and there to make your business work. Stop earning LESS than what you should.

Ready to hop on board the track to powerful profits with me?

Your success is calling you.


I was once a math person. Yep. I have degrees in math and computer science, but I found my calling in manifesting and helping people channel their inner co-creator.

Like many others, I started in a career that brought me success and recognition, but they weren’t enough. The management always gave me projects saying, “Give it to, Nathalie. She’ll know what to do” because I did.

I even managed to win the President’s Award for Excellence. The pressure of managing teams and getting shit done is one I never shunned. I loved it.

But there was something missing deep in my soul.

Then, a very good friend took his own life. I vowed I would get off the path I was on to keep it from happening to me, too.

I went into consulting while I “investigated” what I wanted to be when I grew up. I spent thousands on counselling and workshops to help me figure out what I should do with my life.

And during one of those sessions, I discovered my own psychic abilities. Using my talents to help others create lives they love was the only answer for me. I became a coach and a Master Theta Healer.

My path has been an intriguing. And one I’m thankful for.

Now, it’s my turn to give you what you deserve and desire, by helping you breakthrough the crap standing between you and owning your worth. I’ll help you manifest the career you want.

A Peek Behind My Curtain (plus a few things I’ve manifested)

I created and published, “The Promise” because I had a story to tell. For me this was a process of letting go of the need for perfection. I practiced. I put structure around the arc of a book. And then I wrote. I could feel the warmth in my hands. I could see the scenes. I wrote what I saw. Then, I spent two years making it a decent book. Getting a copy in my hands was amazing. This was so not about the money.

Wanting to travel, and not having a clue, I put it out to the Universe I wanted to see the world. I’ve travelled to 35 countries, spent a year in Asia. Traveled to New Zealand (biking a good portion of it), and Africa. I didn’t have a plan. I just went.

When I got back from the Bahama’s last November, I knew I needed money to live. I told God to take care of it. “If you want to me to work, send me work. If you want me to have clients, send me clients.” When I got home, I had messages from four recruiters asking me for interviews.

They were all messages from that day. That was weird. It took me eight days to land a job. The market was tough. I kept hearing, “You will have this job as you long you need it.”

I started Jan. 13. The day I got there, the budgets were cut by $100 million. I knew it was going to be short, but not that short. I let go and trusted. That’s why I knew my business was about to take off.

When I was still in the corporate world, I worked on all of the “impossible” projects for a long time. I always found a way to get them done. In 2010, I worked on one that was pretty ridiculous. I joined the team six weeks before the implementation date. It was a mess and I was happy to pick it up. I led a team of seven, with 95 people on the side to deliver a valuable product six weeks later. It was the best work I’d done. And I knew it.

For the first time, I knew I didn’t need recognition from management. I knew it inside of me. It’s funny because I won the Presidents Award for Excellence. That rocked. I enjoyed my free trip to Florida and the $3K bonus. It sounds funny, but my last project was for my mentor and I. He taught me and I went off and did everything I needed to do. He watched. He was so proud. He died a few weeks after that. He was my cheerleader, my friend (and more).

Part of me believes he left because I was finally ready to shine in this life.

And I believe it’s your time to shine. You are here because you needed a reason to believe in what you’re doing.

It’s time to create the business and the life you want by letting go of the things in your way and welcoming new thoughts and new ideas.

Contact me and let’s see how I can help you gain confidence in your inner co-creator so you can manifest everything your heart has ever skipped a beat over.