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Top 7 Manifesting Problems and How to Avoid Them!

  Why can’t I manifest what I want? That’s the most popular question my clients and friends ask. And they usually sound a little desperate. Their voices are covered in frustration. More often, they are stressed out and may believe their dreams are impossible to bring to reality. Sound familiar? You can manifest your dreams. […]

How to do your part in the manifesting process.

What do you need to do manifest? It starts with getting clear on what you want. Then you ask the universe to co-create with you. Once you’ve done that, the universe is ready to do its part. But you need to do yours. Together you will co-create what it is that you want. So today […]

How to manifest like a Pro – Part 2 of 3

Last week, we talked about how to make what a list of what you want. If you haven’t had a chance to do that yet, click here to find out how. This week, we’re going to talk about how to actually ask the universe for what you want. When you ask the universe for what […]

How to manifest like a pro

Did you know the universe can help you manifest anything you want? Including more clients and cash? The universe is always supporting you in manifesting your deepest inner desires. This gets tricky sometimes because the universe will help you manifest things you didn’t even know you asked for. As humans, we all have conflicting desires […]

The Real Reasons It took Me Years to Quit My Day Job

What needs to happen before you quit your day job? If you are anything like me, your answer will probably include having a successful business and/or winning the lottery. It’s not until I quit my job that I realized the truth. Quitting my day job had little to DO with financial security. For years, I […]

Everything My Cat Taught Me About Manifesting

This week I want you to meet Simon. Yup.. That’s the furry creature that you see on the picture. He’s a long air Persian caramel cat with a flat grumpy nose. To get past the grumpiness, you have to look deep into his eyes. That’s when you’ll know what he’s really feeling. It’s been a […]