What am I supposed to do now?

Earlier this week, I received the following question …

I’ve been struggling a lot lately with the direction my life is supposed to take. How can I create a career that I don’t want to retire from and have the most availability for my children.

I’m frozen now knowing what direction to step into.

Do I continue working in mental health as a nurse

Do I go back to university so I can teach at the college/university level.

I really need my angels and spirit to offer me clear direction”


It’s such a great question and I think so relevant to so many people, which is why I decided to create a BLOG this week to answer it properly. If you’re reading this, there’s no coincidence. It’s because there’s something here that you need. 

How can I get clarity when I’m so frozen in place? 

When I ask to be shown intuitively what’s going…

So when I tap into your energy and ask creator what’s going on… 

I see you bent into a ball sitting in the dark. It’s like you’ve been sitting there for so long, you don’t know how to get out.

There’s a little bit of light, but you’re struggling to let yourself explore go towards it. You’re thinking … 

… I’m afraid of getting it wrong. 
… There’s no point.
… Nothing is going to change. 

Depression is rampid.

When I ask creator what you need to know, I see the sign for breathe.“YOu need to breathe and reconnect to your spirit.”

This is about feeling better. Before you can get clarity, you need to feel better.

How can you feel better?

There’s resistance to feeling better. If you feel better, you think that you won’t change your life. It’s actually the opposite of it. I know it’s counter intuitive. It’s like when you go down a river and you don’t lean into a rock/hole, you get trashed. If you lean in, you get through it faster. 

Here’s what you do now: 

  • Decide right now you’re going to lean into this feeling and explore it. You can make a declaration in your journal to do so. For example, “Okay. I’m frozen. I don’t know what to do. Right now, I’m just going to let myself explore that.”  
  • Feel your feelings. There’s lots of ways to do this, but the way I like the most is to breathe, scan your body and acknowledge. When you do find the feeling, write it down, “I feel …”. Keep doing this even for at least five-minutes. If you’re frozen, write down, “I feel frozen.” The feelings will change and evolve as you acknowledge them.  
  • When you’re done with the previous step, what do these feelings mean? Acknowledge the story behind it and make it extreme. For example: It means that I’m stuck forever and I’ll never have the impact I came to this planet to make. Find the humor in it. You want to see that it’s just a story and it’s entirely ridiculous.  Why? It’s the story that stops you from taking action. It’s the story that stops you from moving forward.
  • Do you want to keep believing that story? What’s a new story you could tell yourself. For example: I’m growing and I’m expending. This is my inner being wanting me to bounce more. I’ll figure this out. Lots of other people have. I’ve come along way. I’m so curious to know where it will take me and I love being guided. I’m so excited to spend more time with my kids and family. The universe will show me the way. They are everything to me. They are my purpose. That’s why I’m going through this.   

Do it and check it to see how you feel? 

Once you feel better, I ask creator what you need. I see you getting out of the dark hole you’ve been in. I see the number 10. Once you feel better, shelve the problem for 10 days. 

In 10 days, you’ll be able to ask, “What’s my next best step?” and the answer will be 1000% clear.


Let me know in the comments.