Do you have the absolute clarity you need to manifest clients with ease?

  What does it really take to manifest clients with ease? When I first decided to teach Theta Healing, it was because I wanted to learn the modality and because I wanted to make money to take a whole slew of courses. Within eight months, I had manifested more than 40 students and about 25 […]

The #1 Reason Why You’re Not Getting More Clients

  How would it feel to manifest a consistent flow of clients each and every week? Take a moment. Close your eyes. Feel it! You would feel SO good! The only problem is how in the world do you go beyond the dream and manifest into your physical reality! It’s a question that has been […]

How a Daily Manifesting Practice Brings You More Clients

This week we’re talking about how a daily manifesting practice can help you grow your business. It’s a topic that’s really close and dear to my heart. It’s something that I started about a year ago and it really makes a difference in my own business and I know that sharing it with you is […]

How to Listen to Your Internal Compass AND Grow Your Business

  Do you know how to use your internal compass to help you manifest with ease in your business? You are about to learn it. You can click on the video below or checkout the transcription below. Enjoy!   Hello and welcome everyone, welcome to today’s Blab. Today we’re talking about how to use your […]

The critical step to powerful manifesting

Do you know the critical step to powerful manifesting? You are about to learn it. You can click on the video below or checkout the transcription below. Enjoy!   Today’s topic is all about the critical step that you must take to use powerful manifesting in your business. We’re all entrepreneurs, we all want to […]

How to make sure your vibe says “I want clients?”

I’m really excited about this topic and I can’t wait to share it with you. This week what we’re talking about is our vibration. Does your vibe that you’re sending out into the universe say “I want clients” or “stay away from me”?   This is what we’re talking about today and the way we’re […]

For the love of God, stop trying to manifest 10K months!

  How do you manifest 10K Months? Want to know? I bet you do (of course you do). Who wouldn’t? I’ll tell you a secret – that question drives me bonkers.It has the ability to send me on an emotional roller coaster. Nope, it’s not a so enjoyable ride. On top of that, this goal […]

How to Use Manifesting as an Online Entrepreneur?

  Hey Gorgeous – This week,  I’m excited to share the secrets of manifesting, especially helping you use it in your business to help you MANIFEST better clients for your biz. Better clients mean a bigger impact. It’s going to be so much more fun to be in your business. In this video, you’ll also be […]

Which woman would you rather be in 2016?

Which woman would you rather be? A woman who makes at $14,342 or more a month or a woman who of dreams of it? Isn’t it time to stop dreaming and start being the woman you know you can be? Is 2016 the year you WILL finally become the woman you want to be? You […]

Valuable Manifesting Lessons from a Hike

  Trying to Manifest is a Lot Like a Hike I did Where I Almost Drowned! When the bus dropped us off in the middle of Costa Rica in rainy season, I didn’t know much about the hike I was expected to do. All I knew, was it was the start of a four-day hike. […]