The #1 Reason Why You’re Not Getting More Clients

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How would it feel to manifest a consistent flow of clients each and every week?

Take a moment. Close your eyes. Feel it!

You would feel SO good!

The only problem is how in the world do you go beyond the dream and manifest into your physical reality!

It’s a question that has been asked by many entrepreneurs – including “all” the ones that have figured it out.

The only difference between you and the entrepreneurs that are manifesting consistent clients with ease and grace is that they got themselves into the ZONE.

The ZONE is where the energy flows.

If you were in the zone, you were have little resistance to manifesting more clients. You would be in total and complete alignment with your desires. You would take inspired action. Above all else, you would trust that your actions would lead to results – even when you aren’t sure how it would all work out.  

When you step into the zone, you’ll discover just how easy it is to manifest clients with ease and grace. From my own personal experience, being in the zone, allowed me to manifest more than $25K and manifest more than 200 clients over the last year.  

The first step to getting in the zone is to stop resisting your clients.

Resistance is the act of pushing away what is coming towards you. You want clients, but a part of you is pushing them away.

Resistance keeps you in a comfortable place and makes sure you NEVER get uncomfortable. As uncomfortable as it is to struggle to manifest clients and quite possibly stay broke, it’s way more comfortable than the unknown. So your unconscious fights to keep things as is.

There’s a million things that will cause resistance to MORE clients.

Here are just a few examples that will create resistance to new clients.

  • Fear of being seen.
  • Feeling guilty at the idea of getting paid.
  • Conflicting desires such as the need for rest & relaxation.
  • Belief that you aren’t good enough.

If you aren’t doing what you know you need to do manifest MORE clients, it’s the result of resistance. If you are always manifesting less than ideal clients, it’s the result of resistance.  Ditto if you are always manifesting clients that want to work with you, but that can’t afford to pay you.

Resistance is #1 reason why you don’t get more clients.

The best way to deal way to deal with resistance is to RELEASE it. When you do, you’ll feel hopeful, energized, and comfortable as you take action in your business!

If you fight resistance, you’ll to use a ton of energy to push against it. That works as long as you have the energy to do so, but generally you’ll just end up feeling exhausted, depleted, and discouraged.  

Want to release the resistance to a constant flow of clients?

Try the following clear & release exercise. It doesn’t take more than 5-10 minutes.

  • Write down the number of clients you want to manifest in your business.
  • Connect with your breath by taking a few deep breaths.  
  • Imagine yourself receiving your clients. Really feel all aspects of it. How does it feel? What are you most afraid of? Where is the discomfort?
  • Release the discomfort using EFT tapping. Click here for video instructions:  
  • Repeat the exercise until you feel no discomfort in your ability to receive clients.  

Once you are done clearing resistance, don’t forget to take inspired action. The universe requires action.  If you’re uncomfortable taking action, clear the discomfort using EFT tapping.

Don’t let your bank account and YOUR clients suffer – clear your resistance to more clients now!

If you want to know more about getting in the zone, take the POWER element manifesting quiz here and sign-up for your report. You’ll learn how to harness the power of your element and how to get started with manifesting – all so you can manifest that constant stream of clients you dream of.

Now I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

  • Do you think you have resistance to more clients? Why/Why not?

  • Will you do the clear & release exercise?

  • Have you experienced the zone?

Let me know in the comments below. I can’t wait to read them!

Love & Light!

How a Daily Manifesting Practice Brings You More Clients

HEADER - BLOG - How to Use a Daily Manifesting Practice

This week we’re talking about how a daily manifesting practice can help you grow your business. It’s a topic that’s really close and dear to my heart. It’s something that I started about a year ago and it really makes a difference in my own business and I know that sharing it with you is a way to up your own game without making it too complicated.

We’re gonna talk about the three things or the four factors that can really make a difference in your own business.

We’re also gonna talk about how to implement a daily manifesting practice without getting overwhelmed.

Anyone know what I’m talking about when I talk about manifesting?  

We all choose these words and before we know it, it becomes this huge thing, but the question is, how do we really manifest it and put it into our daily lives? So we’re gonna talk about that as we get started. Once we’re done we’re gonna have a Q & A.   So let’s get started with today’s topic?

What is manifesting and what the heck does it really mean for your business?

We throw around the word manifesting all over the place but no one ever really talk about what does it really mean for your business?   So we all know that manifesting is the art of co-creating, well maybe, I’m assuming that we all know that. It’s to turn your ideas into reality. So what that means is that everything that you have created or experienced in your life is a manifestation of an idea that came to life.

Whether or not you did it consciously or unconsciously, everything is a manifestation.  

Now when it comes to business, it’s kind of a really big concept. So for me there are three things that are really important when we start talking manifesting and we want to harness the power of the universe and we want to start to consciously bring things into our business and our lives so that we can make them even better.

Really three elements are key.

One, is vibration. You need to feel good. I’m not talking about being Pollyanna all the time, but you have to have a vibration that says “yes, I believe this can be done and yes I can move forward.”

You also need to be in alignment with your desires.

What I mean by that is, often we want to have clients and we want to have money and we want to have fame and whatever it is we want in our lives, but part of us is out of alignment with that.  

It’s like we don’t really want it and we have blocks, we have beliefs and we have fears and that will keep us out of alignment. So if you can clear that stuff and get back into alignment, then your desires have a better chance of coming into being.

Of course, vibration alignment also comes with action and mostly inspired action. [this is the third element]

You know I talk a lot about inspired action because I think it’s really a great way to get to the path of least resistance. It’s not always that way but I do know that if you put those three things together then you end up with results. That is how manifestation comes to life.

One of the things that happens with my clients is that 90% of the time is that they’re already taking action, they’re just not getting the results that they require. And that is when we start to work on the vibration and the alignment aspect.

That’s what we’re working on. Because if your actions are not leading to results, it’s because you’re out of alignment at some point in time in your business. That’s why you hire someone like me or a healer or a coach, because you need to bring that into your existence now.

I always say this, that I love business coaching and all that but at the end of the day business coaching is so much about the how and manifesting brings the other elements of the spiritual aspect into it it’s a little bit woo woo for most people.

A lot of people here manifesting and thing “oh what am I gonna do?” and the reality is that manifesting is what we do all the time.   We are spiritual being and it’s a question of becoming conscious about it.  And my favorite way to do that is to use the daily manifesting practice

Now what do I mean by daily manifesting practice?

Well a practice is something we do on a regular basis, it’s something that we’re able to do over and over again with intention. I don’t mean that it’s the same thing that you do every day, if you have a meditation practice, you’re going to be practicing the same meditation over and over again, breathe in, breathe out and clear your mind.

That’s not my type of meditation. But you’re gonna have to have a practice that you’re dedicated to doing and you’re gonna have to do the best that you can on any given day, that is what I’m talking about with a daily manifesting practice.   If you can bring that into alignment, into your existence so that you can really start to do manifesting.

It’s not enough to know about manifesting, you actually have to practice. You have to open your heart, you have to be allowing yourself to be in alignment, you have to allow the vibration to go up and you have to allow the inspired action to come in so that you can actually take it.  

That is where the daily manifesting practice comes in. Now, I’ll be honest with you, do I do it every day?   No, because I hate consistency, but I’m working on it. Because for me it’s a practice, but do I always do something every day to manifest every day? Absolutely that is a non-stop work for me.  

But consciously taking 10-15 minutes a day and saying “Hey, I’m gonna manifest now.” Is priceless. And hey, by the way, every time I start to do that consistently, two to three weeks in, I start to see a noticeable change in the way that I’m running my business. Clients come, I’m starting to make more money, inspired action comes in, and that is how I really start to harness the power of the universe.

When I get a little comfortable, I drop off and my results start to go down and it sucks! And then I gotta go back to it.   So I know for this month, if you’re in my Facebook group, one of the things that I’m doing is, everyday I’m telling you that I’m doing my practice and I’m keeping myself accountable.

If you can do that for your own practice it’s gonna help, so I invite you to join me on Facebook, that’s why I’m posting it. Tell me what you’re doing for your daily manifesting practice.   So you might be wondering, what is it about a daily manifesting practice that will actually help you with your business and how is it gonna do that?   Well there are really four main ways to do that.

Benefit #1: A Manifesting Practice Helps You Get Clear.

The first way is if you’re taking 10-15 minutes a day and you’re getting clear on what it is you want and what your intention is for that day, that week, that month, that year. You’re really bringing your awareness and your focus to what it is that you want. When you have focus, clarity of mind and all the other crap doesn’t really matter, your unconscious and the universe are going to start to work together.

You’re going to start to take action that’s going to bring you into that direction.

You’re also going to be opening yourself up to receive inspired action, because if you don’t know what you want the universe can’t bring it to you and you’re gonna be flopping all over the place. So it’s really a question of allowing yourself to focus so that you can take that next action.  

By taking two minutes to write down a list of things you really want, even if you don’t know how you’re going to pay for them, even better, or if you don’t know how you’re gonna get clients, or you don’t know what it feels like, if you’re gonna take that five minutes and write that clarity down, you’re going to gain so much more focus into your life and you’re going to be able to bring that to the next level. That is one of the key things you get out of a daily manifesting practice and we’re gonna talk about a little bit later, what that means to actually implement and we’re gonna go simple because we really want to make this as simple as possible for you to implement.

I really don’t want to overwhelm you. Which is something I tend to do, I tend to go big most of the time for those of you that know me, I tend to throw everything out there, and so right now my challenge is to bring it back.

Benefit #1: Let’s the universe know what you want.

Alright so, what is the second way that it’s gonna help you with your business?

You’re gonna ask and receive from the universe. So the first thing and you can do this with the daily manifesting practice, with meditation that I offer on my website, it’s in the Free Stuff folder and you’re going to start asking the universe for stuff and the universe is going to start bringing it to you. You’re bringing the consciousness up to the level of the universe and its kind of clearing up all of the crap below it.

More importantly you actually get to start to receive information from the universe. You get to like go “Oh, this is what I’m getting” If you start focusing on what’s working and what you’re receiving and the guidance you’re receiving you’re gonna receive more! That can be clients telling you “hey, I’m loving your work.” It can be “hey, I’m signing up for a clarity call” and they’re just gonna start coming out of nowhere because wherever you focus your attention it’s gonna start to come.

So asking and receiving is key because it brings your focus to what’s already working, so often in business we spend time going “oh this isn’t working, what am I gonna do?” and cry right? And we have a meltdown, which Is what I had last week right? So it happens, right? We bring this back to a daily practice so that we can really bring our focus to what’s there.

Benefit #3: Acknowledge what you receive.  

Alright so I guess the number three is, well I guess ask and receive is one thing and I already covered number three which is listing the evidence. And listing the evidence is key. So often, it’s almost like we have a part of ourselves that says “hey, manifesting isn’t real.”

Because nothing’s happening and that’s because we’re looking in the wrong place. So listing the evidence of what’s going well and what’s really going well in your business, what signs you think you might be getting, that is how you bring yourself into what is working and to bring more awareness to that, and that is how it’s going to help your business because the more you notice what’s working in your business, the more it’s going to work.

It’s really as simple as that. Of course you’re going to keep taking action, of course you’re going to keep being in alignment, the more you do of that, the more you notice of that, the more it will come to you.

Benefit #4: Feel Better!

And then the next piece, and I like to do it as part of my daily manifesting practice is to raise my vibration.

And what I mean by that is, if I’m feeling happy, I want to raise myself up to the next level where I’m feeling ecstatic! If I’m feeling low or if you’re feeling depressed we want to make you feel good, and again it’s not about feeling Pollyanna it’s about finding that place where you’re feeling good enough that you can start receiving into your life. Manifesting in business when you feel like absolute crap it really sucks right?

Who would agree with that right? When you’re already depressed and you’re already stressed out, so this is about taking the time, taking the breath, reconnecting and allowing the energy to flow. When you’re feeling low the energy is not flowing and you’re also in the wrong vibration for the abundance whether that’s clients or money.

So it’s all about being in that vibration of highest vibration, you don’t have to be in that space all the time but you do want to bring it up to that level a little bit every day so that you can spend more time there and the longer you’re in there the better it is.

Abraham hicks calls it the vortex, It’s like a weird concept because people think they have to be in the vortex all the time and the reality is, you just gotta feel good some of the time and you get to choose that, and if you’re not in the vortex that’s cool.

You’re never completely in the vortex and you’re never completely out of the vortex, it’s about bringing the awareness up so that you can start to feel good about somethings in your life and you can start to receive. And you know what, when you feel good everything goes much more smoothly in your business. I think I would agree with that how about you guys?

So how do you implement a manifesting practice?

Well you know what, my practice is a combination of things. I wanted to keep it simple today, especially if you’ve never had a practice because I want you to basically get started and I want you to get it to the most basic minimum.

The first thing that you do is identify 10-15 minutes a day when you’re going to do it.

If you can’t do it every day, that’s OK, do it 3-4 times a week, do it to the best of your abilities and there’s nothing wrong with that.

If you can do it every day I think there’s an advantage to that because I think you’re going to build the flow, you’re going to build the commitment and the accountability, your vibration is going to go up and you’re going to get into alignment and you’re going to bring yourself forward in that way.

So take 10-15 minutes a day, identify if it’s in the morning or in the evening, for me it’s in the morning and I’ve actually started to do it before I do anything else in my day. I don’t do Facebook, I don’t do anything else, I take a shower, I sit down and eat my breakfast and I do my practice.  

Your practice should look like this:

Step 1: Make a list of what it is that you want.

I call it the twenty-five things, start it every day, update it, you don’t have to keep updating everything from scratch. Write your goals down, what are your primary things are you working on. For me it’s very easy, I want to grow my

list to 5000 people, my monthly goal is 30K months and my goal for the year is $300,000. So as I write those goals down, I’m bringing my awareness and my focus to it and I didn’t spend hours and hours doing it. Now sometimes I will review my list of what I wanted yesterday, and I would suggest you start with that list because it will help you start to move yourself forward.

Step 2: Ask for Guidance.

Ok, so you made a list, you write your goals down, then you ask and receive information. Now there’s tons of ways to do that, one of my favorite ways is to use a meditation. It’s from Theta healing, it is available on my website and you can download it in the free stuff folder.

If you go there you’re going to be brought up into a feeling and you’re gonna be sending out bad vibration into the universe, when you go up into a theta state your power of mind goes up exponentially, it’s unbelievable and things that you start to ask for will come to life.

Even things that you’re like, “no, it’s not real!” So a few years ago I asked for help, I asked for a new job and it wasn’t even something like I put a lot of effort into but I was really super connected when I asked and a couple weeks later I received an email from someone I had never heard of before asking me “do you want to apply for this job?” and I knew that if I did, that would be my job.

I actually think it was divine timing as well, that everything started to come into alignment, but my  doing that I started to receive and that started a whole change process.It was the whole beginning of me deciding that I wanted to live a different kind of life. So you start to ask, you start to receive and if you list the evidence in your practice of what you got in the last 24 hours you’re going to be amazed.

Step 3: Bring up your Vibration.

Then you want to bring up your vibration and there’s tons of ways you can do that. I recommend you do some mantras. You take the goals that you have for your business and you write some fun mantras, all they have to do is be in the affirmative and you’re gonna use tapping right?

So it could be something like “Money loves me, I am a 30k a month coach.” And you’re just gonna tap away so that all of that comes in and what you want to make sure with mantras is that you feel them and they make you feel good. If you have to repeat them 10 times, you’re going to repeat them 10 times.

That’s it, that’s really how it is and that’s really all I recommend to start your daily manifesting practice. One of the things you might notice is missing from there is resistance, absolutely I think you should release resistance. But when you’re starting out in a manifesting practice it can be too much so focus on what you can do.

Make it easy for yourself and once you’re comfortable with that, start releasing resistance. 

I don’t mean to spend three days releasing resistance, I mean spend 5-10 minutes a day releasing resistance.

Forgive yourself for the things you haven’t had yet happen, then you start to grow your practice, that is how I do mine, I think that’s how most people should do them. So start with the basics, write your list, write your goals, ask & receive, list the evidence and do some mantras or do something fun to raise your vibration, it’s totally cool.

I want to give you an extra tip here, woo hoo, I love that. So I said that manifesting was about alignment, it’s about vibration but it’s also about taking action. It’s not just enough to go “alright universe, bring everything to me” you know sitting on my couch not doing anything.

Bring me my Ferrari, right?! So you want to take action and if you can do those things in alignment you’re going to start moving yourself forward. Even better if you receive guidance from the universe because if you receive guidance from the universe, it’s what the next action should be so you’re gonna move yourself in the right direction.

Last week I actually had a blab about that, it’s going to be up on my website in the next day or so, so go check it out, there’s a great exercise on how to ask and receive. Alright so that is the daily manifesting practice, I hope it was helpful.

Now it’s your turn!

  • Do you have a daily manifesting practice?
  • What’s stopping you from doing a daily manifesting practice?
  • If you didn’t have one before, will you start?

Let me know in the comments below. I’d love to know where you stand. Want a little bit more help with the daily manifesting practice? Check out this quiz and get the detail quiz report. The report gives you another way to look into the daily manifesting practice. It’s such a fun quiz! Or so my peeps tell me. Click here to take the quiz

How to Listen to Your Internal Compass AND Grow Your Business


Do you know how to use your internal compass to help you manifest with ease in your business? You are about to learn it. You can click on the video below or checkout the transcription below. Enjoy!

Hello and welcome everyone, welcome to today’s Blab.

Today we’re talking about how to use your internal compass to grow your business.   It’s one of my favorite topics and it really makes me feel inspired to talk about it because as business owners we have this intuition within us.

If we could just tap into it we would be able to grow our businesses exponentially. Not just from a money standpoint but from an impact standpoint we could really step into ourselves and do even more in the world. That is why I think we’re here and why we have our businesses in the first place.

So we’re gonna talk about what your internal compass is and about 4 signs are that you might not be hearing or listening to your internal compass. Then we’re gonna talk about what you can actually do to listen to your internal compass and how to practice that. Because at the end of the day manifesting, spiritual stuff, anything from a mindset perspective, it’s all a practice.

When I say ‘a practice’ it’s like yoga or meditation, you do it on a regular basis and when you fall off the horse you just want to come back on and keep doing it, and there’s no need to beat yourself up. It is a practice which means some days you’ll do really well and some days you won’t do so well. So go ahead and allow that practice to come into your life.

What the heck is your internal compass?

Alright, so you might be wondering, and this is the big question, what the heck is the internal compass? Where does that term even come from?   So internal compass really refers to our gut feeling, our intuition, our inner knowing. And you know what’s right for you ultimately if you can hear it, if there’s no noise around it.

The first time I heard the term, internal compass was from Wayne Dyer.   I was watching his movie The Shift and he was talking about it. The whole scene was pretty set up, but at the particular moment he was talking about it, the mom goes to the child “OK, lunch is ready, come and eat” and the child says “I’m not hungry.” She was about to tell him to come and eat, because it’s time to eat, but because she had been having this discussion about internal compass, she decided to let him play and come and eat when he was ready, and a few minutes later he was coming.

I thought that was really interesting because it goes down to the core of how do we learn throughout our lifetime, and how do we actually stop to feel our internal compass and do what everybody else wants?   Because that’s basically what it is.   We stop listening to it[compass], we stop trusting it and we don’t even hear it anymore and it really starts in childhood.

Our parents are like, you have to eat NOW because it’s lunch time or it’s dinner time, even when you’re not hungry. I like the idea of food, it’s a big part of my life, and how often do we eat because it will make everyone else happy or because we feel like we should instead of “am I actually hungry and will this make me feel good?” and what is my internal compass saying about that?

Food is very basic, but when it comes to your business you have this same sort of internal compass.   You know what feels good to you but you don’t always listen, because we’re trained not to. We’re trained to trust everyone else before we trust ourselves. So that is the problem. If you could bring yourself back into your alignment, to allowing who you are and walk into your light, which really means walk into your life, which means, how am I feeling, what feels really good to me, what am I inspired to do, and allowing yourself to do that regardless of what everybody else is doing or saying.

I’m not saying that’s good to ignore everybody else, and stop caring and not be considerate, being nice and all of that but it is a question of how can you be in your alignment when you’re not listening to your inner compass. You can’t. And you can’t run your business from that place.   When it comes to your business, how do I say this?

There’s so much white noise and conflicting information everywhere.   If you want to know how to grow, Heather’s saying “yes absolutely!”   If you want to know how to start growing your business, once person will tell you to start getting visible on Facebook and another will tell you to grow your email list. A big thing lately is funnels and as soon as you bring your attention to that.

You’re gonna find that people are telling you twenty different things.

So what do you do? You follow your internal compass. But for that you need to know how to check in with it and know what feels right for you.   “it’s easy to get brainwashed on Facebook.” Debbie says.

Absolutely! It’s easy to forget ourselves and to know what’s right, it’s not to saying that the information that you’re getting is wrong, it’s that we’re forgetting to integrate ourselves in the process.

We’re putting what feels really right to us aside to saying go to it, and that is the issue time and time again and I’ve done it with Facebook posts.   I was told you have to post five times a day in three different groups or you’re not going to get any clients. Which, you know what, that is a tactical strategy and it works for some people. The problem was that I got really tired, I got exhausted, and I couldn’t give anymore and I burned out.   So, at some point in time I had to say, “hey, what is right for me?”   I’m taking a step back so that I can lean into my business because that’s what’s feels right for me. That’s what being in compass and in alignment really means and you have to be able to listen to your compass.

If you don’t [listen to your compass], you’re going to get tired, stay afraid and you’re always going to be looking for that external validation.

Debbie says “that’s the strategy I did and it’s not easy for a creative person to do, it gets tedious.” Absolutely! And you know what Debbie, it works for a while and there’s balance, so you have to bring it back into what works for you, what doesn’t and how do you bring it forward?

For me the thing that I looked at was, one, I was burned out I couldn’t do it anymore. Then I asked myself, what are really successful people doing? Are they posting on Facebook five times a day? Absolutely not!

They’re selling things, they’re proposing solutions, they’re doing it differently- and I started to expand my horizons and go, what might fit really well for me? That is how to listen to your internal compass.

We’re gonna talk a little bit more about that as we go through the blab, and thank you so much for the comment Debbie that was really so nice. It’s not easy for anyone, I think it’s a recipe for burnout personally, for everyone, unless you’re like completely fresh and you have nothing else to do.

What are 4 signs?

Yesterday I only had 3, so today I added one just for you. So what are 4 signs that you’re not listening to your internal compass?

The first one [sign] is that you look to others for permission for everything, and to know what’s right.

So the reason I hired my coach last year was because I needed permission to go forward with I already knew. I already knew I needed to get more visible, I already knew that I needed to put out offers, that’s the very thing I could do with the knowing was to move forward.

We’re gonna actually do an exercise to help you with that in a little bit Debbie.   When I talk about giving yourself permission. I hired a coach because I couldn’t give myself permission and really when we’re doing that we’re not listening to our internal compass and really it may be fine some of the time to hire a coach to say “hey, Nathalie you can do this.”

But ultimately if you’re gonna have a successful business, you’re gonna have to listen to your intuition to say hey what is right for me? What fits and what doesn’t?

The other thing, when you keep asking other people, it’s great when they’re telling you what you already know, but what happens when they’re telling you not to do what you already know is right for you?   I’ve had that especially from family, they think I should go back to work, some of them, not all the time, but they’re continuously telling me are you going back to work? Are you going back to work? it’s a question of, when it doesn’t come back, what happens with that permission? It’s not there.

So you have to be able to give yourself permission to do what you want to do in your business and what feels right to you.   And that may not be dropping your job right away, it may not be selling $5,000 packages, it might just be that you’re inspired to do something and you’re gonna do it no matter what happens and you’re gonna trust the universe.

But you have to give yourself permission to be able to do that and nobody else is ever going to do that for you. Even if you’re hiring a coach to give you permission, at the end of the day you just had some weird logic in there to say “hey, I’m gonna get permission, I’m gonna hire that person to give me that permission.” It’s kind of like a twisted way of doing it and it comes back to trusting what your intuition is pulling you to do. And giving yourself permission to do that.   So what is the second sign that you’re not listening to your inner compass?

Your business doesn’t feel good or a part of it doesn’t.

It could be that your offers don’t feel good or your clients don’t feel good or your webinars don’t feel good. That’s generally a really good sign that something is off and your intuition is saying wait!!

Now there’s a danger here and I didn’t know if I wanted to talk about that because I didn’t want you to think that it’s all about feeling good. Business is gonna feel all sorts of stuff, you’re gonna have emotions all over the place.   What you can do however is say “hey internal compass, heart, what can I do to feel good about whatever it is I’m trying to create?” And you know what?

It’s gonna be very interesting because you’re gonna get different answers. It might be that you need to drop your offer, it might be that you need to work through your fears and hire a manifesting coach I’m just kidding, kinda.   But you could also say hey, I’m just gonna create another offer.

Your internal compass will tell you what to do if you just ask it.   A great place for this in our business is with pricing. We all have all sorts of packages and it’s really difficult to know what is the right price and what isn’t and everybody has an opinion like it should be $5 or it should be $500 ok well that’s a little extreme, or $1000. What is the right price? It has to feel good to you. So recently I went up to $500 a session because everyone was telling me I should have $500 sessions.

Well guess what, they don’t feel good to me and I stopped selling them.   That is what happens when you’re not listening to your internal compass.   Now my internal compass doesn’t say stop selling them at $500 it says clear your fears, clear your blocks and then start feeling worthy of receiving because then that is what I need to do to be comfortable with that.

For you it might say, “hey don’t do that, do $300 because that feels really good to you.” And I’m talking to you about the $500 and there’s a part of me that wants to say to you, you know what, I don’t think I’m ever gonna sell a session at $500, particularly because I think it’s crazy.   I don’t think there’s a lot of value in a session for an hour for $500. And so it has to be a clear process, and it is an evolution.

If you listen to your intuition, and if you ask for guidance and you’re able to listen to it and take action from there, then you’re going to sell.   You’re going to inspire, you’re gonna change the world. Debbie says “same for me. I was told to up my fees, my sales dropped off and my intuition said to drop my fees and serve more people.” That is absolutely wonderful.   If I were working with you as a client, and I do this with my clients, I would have you check for fears, I would have you check where you’re uncomfortable before you made that decision.

Because if you can clear where you’re uncomfortable you can really hear your internal compass. If your internal compass is telling you to drop the fees, then you have to ask yourself, are the fees worthy of you?   Because you don’t want to undercharge either. But if you can clear your fears, maybe using EFT tapping around it and your uncomfortableness around it, you’ll be able to make the right decision.

And that is what I do with my clients, it’s what I do with everyone.   Clear your emotions so you can make your right emotion. Sometimes your unconscious beliefs are saying to you, I must never charge X for a session for an hour, or I’m not worthy of it.   If we can change those beliefs it can give you clarity of what you do really want.

You’re compass already knows but sometimes your beliefs and your story around it is gonna be really hard and can stop you from making that decision for yourself as you move forward. Make sense everyone? So give me some hands if you like it.   So what is the third sign that you’re not listening to your internal compass?

The third sign that you’re not listening to your internal compass is that you’re doing things to please other people even though you know that it sucks for you.

You know that it doesn’t feel good to you.

I added this one today because yesterday I was doing this webinar and I was having so many technical issues and I was a little bit frazzled.   I don’t know if I was channeling like oh my god this is weird, and as I was doing it, someone decided to go in and unlock the seat and I approved it, even though I said I would rather wait until the  Q & A.

I dropped off what was really important to me and I allowed that to happen  even though my intuition said: this is weird. It’s a guy, what does he want? It’s a troll! Well it turned out to be a troll and he talked about things that were in appropriate during my webinar.   So I get to do this again today- woohoo.

If you’re doing thing to please other people and it’s pissing you off then you either have to release your obligation to them and choose if you really want to.   Because if you can choose, if you can say “hey, what does my compass say to me today?” and follow it regardless of what other people say then you’re gonna honor yourself.

Where is it in society that says we have to honor everyone else before we honor ourselves?   It’s weird, it’s screwed up, and sometimes it’s about releasing the beliefs around that.   So about a year ago, my mother moved and I was going to help her, and it was about 5 o’clock in the morning and I was in the shower and man was I pissed off.   I felt like, man is this gonna suck so I asked the universe, how can I have a better day?

And I heard, Nathalie, clear your obligation!   And I started to laugh because my choice was to feel obligated and I released that and all of a sudden my choice was to go help my mother. I actually wanted it, so my alignment and my compass started to become together and I started to feel really good.

And your compass will tell you what you need to do to start feeling good about what you want in your business and in your life. So you can ask for information and we’re gonna figure out how to do that in just a minute. Alright, so what is number four?

Four is when you’re asking for guidance and you’re not listening to it!

Maybe you’re going to psychics, maybe you’re going to do a meditation or maybe you ask before you go to bed and you get clarity during the night and you get the information back to you and it’s not exactly the information that you want so you ignore it.

So for the last few months in my business I’ve been asking for clarity, what I can actually do to grow my business and what would feel better to me, because a part of my business really didn’t feel good.   I was getting the intuition that I shouldn’t focus on my $5000 package and everyone was telling me I should focus on that so how the heck was I supposed to do that. And really I kinda like working with my 90 day clients so like, what’s the deal?

I also saw that I should focus on creating a new offer and I was like do I really want to do this offer? Man, I didn’t want to hear what the information was and for months I’ve been getting the same information over, and over, and over again, but I’ve been ignoring it.   I didn’t want to hear it and I was kind of pissed off because it wasn’t what I wanted, you know and so earlier this week, I had enough and I surrendered.   So I was like, I’m gonna have a healing session around it, so I called a friend of mine, and so we had a healing session and so what I discovered was my guidance wasn’t telling me to drop everything, it was telling me to re-focus on inspiration.

To be an inspiration to you and I thought “oh, that’s really nice.” And yeah, and the next step is to do this, and it’s interesting because I hadn’t wanted to take that next step, but every time I have taken that next step and listened to my guidance.   It happens to me when I’m like “OK, I can’t deal with this anymore show me the way and I’ll do it.” right?   I take the step and I stop resisting and I just do it, magical things happen.

If any of you know about this offer, I did it last August, I was really desperate, it was August 21st and I was like alright, I’m giving up. Tell me what I have to do to make some money in my business?   I was really quite stresses out about it. I was like, alright, what do I do?

And I was shown the vibrational tune up. I hadn’t had that inspiration before and I was like, oh nah, nah, and that day I was like OK what the heck, this is what I’m being shown to do, I’m gonna do it and by the end of the day I had made $600 which was $100 more than I had demanded from the universe.

I went on to sell fifty of these and it grew my business significantly for the next three months and everything went really well. That’s what happens when you ask for guidance, you get it, you receive it and if you’re allowing yourself to receive it then to act on it, you’re gonna be able to get yourself moving forward.   Often we say we don’t hear it so I’m going to give you a trick on that.

What do you hear? What do you notice about your guidance? What if you knew?   The reason I say that is a lot of people will say “Oh I don’t see anything in meditation or I don’t know what it’s meaning.” You know what, you’re always getting signs, if you think it’s a sign it’s a sign. The question you have to ask is what does it mean to you? If you can answer that question for yourself, you’re going to move yourself in tons of direction and do really well.

Alright, so you just learned the four signs that you may not be listening to your inner compass.

Maybe you were looking for other people to give you permission, maybe you’re doing this ns for other people even though it really doesn’t feel good for you, and perhaps a part of your business doesn’t feel good- that’s a great sign.   And of course you might be receiving information and you’re just not listening to it, and you’re saying errrr don’t act on it! Those are the four signs.

So how do you start listening to your INNER compass?

How do you start to move yourself forward into that place where you can really listen to your intuition and hear it?   Because if you can hear it, you can start to take action on it, and that is a practice.

If you’re going to imagine yourself you could use guided visualizations, you can do all of that but today I wanted to go a little bit outside of that norm and give you something else, because it’s not always about meditation, it’s not always about being guided through the process and sometimes you just want something really quick.

What you can do is take out a sheet of paper and you’re gonna decide on what it is that you want to ask questions about.   Maybe it’s that you want clarity on what your package should be or do you need to make more money in your business, get clear on what it is you want more of and what you need guidance on in your business at this moment. Then you’re going to formulate a question for the universe and the reason I say this is because it’s easy to get lost when you’re talking.

So what you can do is say, “I want to know how I can make more money?” but instead of saying how, you’ll say, “What might need to happen for me to make more money and be of service into my business and how can I help more people? What might need to happen to achieve my goals? “And even me I have a hard time saying, not using how.

So use an open ended question, because then the universe is gonna give you more information coming back and it’s gonna make it easier to have a conversation.It’s like if you were asking is it black or white? Well, the universe is gonna come back to you with black or white.

So instead of that you’re gonna go, “alright, what might need to happen to create the feeling that you want in your offer or in your Facebook post?   Whatever it is that you’re trying to do. And use an open ended question, and then what you’re gonna do is take out a sheet of paper like this one and you’re actually gonna wanna have a pen and paper handy when you do this exercise.

So what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna write with your dominant hand and for most people that’s the right hand and if you’re left handed you’re gonna want to do it with the other hand, and you’re gonna write out your question.   Take a few breathes before you do this so you can really connect, in & out, just connect with your heart and then write out a few questions with your right hand.

So compass or heart, what needs to happen in order for me to manifest more money in my business.

What needs to happen next?   And then you’re going to answer the question with your non dominant hand, so for most of you that’s your left hand. So you’re gonna answer and you’re gonna write out the answer. You’re gonna see that the answers come very naturally.   So some people when they write out, like me, I can’t see what I’m going to write, so I actually hear the answer and I write it out with my right hand, so I’m kinda cheating, so if you don’t have to cheat don’t cheat, you want to go with the left hand, you really want to allow that to come in.

So you’re gonna get an answer back that says “you need to stop focusing on selling your $5000 and focus on inspiration” ok so now what do I do? I can sit with that or I can ask another question. With my right hand, my dominant hand, I could say “what would that look like in my business, what do you suggest?”

And the left hand will answer that, and it might say “you need to do a monthly circle” which is the answer I’ve been getting. And then you’re like OK, I go that and then you go back and you ask, “What might be the best way to do that, and when do I put it out there?” You’re gonna get more information the more you ask.   So often what happens is we ask the question but then we forget to ask the second one or the third one. It’s the same when we go into a meditative state and we ask the universe for guidance, we’re not necessarily hear it or feel it or get an image, but we sometime get something and we forget to ask the next question.

You get to have the conversation with your spirit, with your soul, with your heart and your inner compass is all of that. It knows the path of least resistance, if you just ask the questions it will show you.

The next piece to that is, once you have it, you gotta trust it! If you can trust it, you can really take it to the next level.   You always have a choice; do you want to follow it or not? That is always up to you. We have the law of free will, so we can choose what we act on. My experience is what I get, if it’s clear and feels good to me, I’m gonna follow it.   I’m actually going to be practicing that in the month of March every single day. In my newsletter that’s going to be coming up, I’m going to be inviting you to join me on that, because it is a practice and it is a practice to trust and see, and it doesn’t always have to be huge things.   It can just be “hey, today I need to follow up with an old client or an old clarity call or it could be today I just need to go sit in the coffee shop and have a great conversation with the person next to me.”

Our intuition, our compass is always there and if we learn how to listen to it, we’re going to be able to grow our businesses exponentially and it’s gonna be way more fun.

Now I want to hear from you in the comments below.  

  • Do you believe you have a compass?
  • Are you hearing your compass?
  • What do you struggle with when it comes to your compass?

Love & light!