I LOST it with a client

Do you ever wonder why you attract the experiences you do into your life? I do. All the time. I believe we learn from all kinds of experiences including hard ones and the easy ones. Sometimes I say I could do without the hard experiences, but the truth is I tend to learn from those […]

Four Steps to Get Out of Overwhelm

Do you ever find yourself overwhelmed in your business? It sucks, doesn’t it? There’s so much to learn and do in a business that it’s easy to get overwhelmed. I get overwhelmed all the time. It’s a normal part of being an entrepreneur. Problem with overwhelm is that it stops you from manifesting clients because […]

Manifesting Tip: Avoid manifesting clients for money!

  Should you manifest clients for money?   It’s a question that was recently asked in Manifest Money Bootcamp. It’s a great one.   Stop manifesting clients for money.   When you manifest clients for money, you are telling the universe how the money should come to you.   Why is this a problem? First, […]

Let Go!

  Are you a control freak? I am. And proud of it. I love doing things to turn ideas into reality. And I love doing them my way. Know what I’m talking about? When it comes to manifesting money, we must let go of control. We don’t really have a choice. If we are attached […]

Four Steps to Raise Your Vibration and Start Manifesting Again When Things Don’t Go According to Plan.

  Have you ever had a day in your business where nothing seems to go according to plan? I have. For example, I once launched a program with no sign-ups (it sucked). Another time, I hosted a webinar where the technology failed completely and no one heard me speak. I talked for more than an hour. Know […]

Four Easy Money Mindset Shifts

  Some people have a knack for manifesting money. People like Bill Gates and Ophra attract overwhelming amounts. It’s easy for them. So why is it so hard for the rest of us? The answer is simple: mindset. By mindset , I mean everything you believe to be true whether you are conscious of it or […]

A Super Easy Tip to Start Creating an Abundant Mindset

  Do you have an abundant mindset? You cannot manifest abundance without one. If you have a lack mindset, you will attract lack. If you have a just-enough mindset, you will attract just-enough. If you an abundance mindset, you will attract abundance. Want to know how to change your mindset? Click play on the video. […]

How to End Inconsistent Manifesting Results

  Do you ever feel confused by your ability to manifest? Sometimes you manifest and get exactly what you want and sometimes you get squat. You have no control over any of it. Want to know how to get more consistent results out of manifesting? Click play on the video to learn how. Now that […]

4 Ways to Deal With Doubt So You Can Manifest

Do you have a close friend called doubt sitting on your shoulders whispering in your ears? Who do you think you are? Are you sure you can do it? Are you sure that’s the right way? Doubt can be such an annoying little bugger. Did you know that doubt doesn’t always affect your ability to manifest? […]

Five Steps to Manifesting Extra Cash

What would you do with an extra $500 in your pocket? What if you could manifest extra cash at will? With practice, it’s possible. Click PLAY on the video to learn how: You’ll learn five steps that I use to manifest extra money when I need it. If I can do it, so can you. It’s […]