Manifesting Money Doesn’t Have to be So Hard!

Does this sound like you?

  • nathalieYou’ve catapulted your business into the online world with your website and services. You’ve enjoyed your first few clients, and now you are itching for more.You are working an insane amount of hours with almost no sales to show for it.
  • You are a hardcore manifestor doing all the “right things” to attract money into your life, but your efforts haven’t resulted in much extra money going into the bank. Sometimes you wonder, “Does manifesting even work?”
  • When you do manifest paying clients, you hesitate to accept money because you aren’t even sure you deserve it. Getting paid shouldn’t be so hard.
  • You started your business because you had a primal need for freedom, but now you can’t even afford a day at the spa to recharge your batteries let alone a week long vacation with your family.
  • You spend your nights wondering how you are going to magically pay off all of your business training without letting your family down.

You are not alone.

Six months ago, I was exactly where you are today.

At that time, I’d decided to follow my heart and coach women entrepreneurs to manifest.
My website and services had a brand new look. I was also making serious headway in building my tribe.

I loved the daily emails I received from women telling me they used my tips to manifest clients and money.

Being able to help so many women was spectacular!

16372463484_b245698e2c_oOnly one problem.

I wasn’t making very much money.

I felt like a fraud.

Money is all I thought about 24×7.

When would I get clients? What if this wasn’t my path? How would I pay my coach? What if I made a mistake? How would I pay for food? What if I couldn’t manifest money with my business?

I broke down in tears at least once a week.  And not always behind closed doors.

And I was scared.

Failure wasn’t an option.

I wasn’t going back to the Information Technology world. I needed to figure out to manifest money FAST!

nath3It seemed illogical, but I stopped spending so much time on the web and I started to spend 2-3 hours manifesting every day.

I meditated, asked the universe for what I wanted, and did every manifesting exercise I could get my hands on. I worked daily on letting go of control and on releasing my attachment to the outcome. I made sure to do something to raise my vibration every day.

Within four weeks, I had manifested 4K.

I was thrilled and relieved.

Finally, I was seeing a return on my investment. And I loved working with private clients.

Was it luck or could I do it again? And could I simplify the process?

I devised a system that I could do in a practical 10-15 minutes a day.

I manifested another 8K in the next 30 days.

It hadn’t been luck after all!

And then I grew very tired. Making money was so hard. I stopped raising my vibration every day.It just didn’t seem so important anymore.

The flow of clients and money slowed.

On August 21st, I’d had enough of consecutive days without sales.

I’m not taking another day without money coming in universe. It’s just too stressful.  Make it happen universe! 

I demanded $500 from the universe and did an exercise to let go of my attachment to the outcome. I asked the universe for inspired action. All of a sudden, I received an amazing idea for a new service. I worked all day on it and I released the the “Vibration Tune-Up” at 8:00 p.m. on August 21st with zero expectations.

The service flew off the shelf. An hour and a half later: $600 in sales.

Yes indeed… manifesting money doesn’t have to be so hard.

If I can do it, so can you!

You are smart. You know you should be able to manifest money without struggling so much.

nathlongBut you are living in the wrong vibration and/or you don’t know how to take inspired action.

You need to up your manifesting game.

We both know that trying your best to manifest money isn’t making you rich.

It’s not your fault.

Manifesting has so many elements, it’s hard to know what to do let alone how to do it. Add the fact that it’s natural to stress about money and it’s not surprising your manifesting efforts haven’t yet resulted in millions.

To manifest money easily and consistently, you need ….

  1. To raise your vibration and allow the law of attraction attract abundance to you.
  2. To up your manifesting game with a manifesting system that you can customize and make your own. There is no one size fits all.
  3. Connect to your intuition with simple effective tools & strategies, so you can take inspired action.
  4. To release your money blocks and live with an abundance mindset.
  5. Do your part in the manifesting process by working towards your goals.

Let me show you how to stress less and manifest money with ease & grace.

My 4 week group intensive coaching program is called, “Manifest Money Bootcamp” – it is designed to teach you how to start manifest money consistently. You will learn what you need to do to raise your vibration, release your blocks, and how to take inspired action.
You know that manifesting money can work. You also know that it’s time to do something to up your manifesting game.

I can show you the same techniques that have allowed me to manifest money more easily and more consistently – all while stressing less and living more.

If you are in the vibration of NOT believing, NOT deserving and/or NOT having, you aren’t going to manifest the MONEY you desire.

Want to know what you get before you buy?

  • You’ll learn the exact system I’ve used to manifest money over and over again. You’ll discover why it works for everyone and how you can use it to manifest money in your own life. No more trying to figure out why you are struggling. You’ll know. More importantly you’ll know how to fix it.
  • You’ll discover how to raise and keep your vibration high – even when you are stressing out about money.
  • You already know that listening to your intuition is key, but you also know that it can be incredibly difficult. I’ll teach you how to start hearing your intuition, which will allow you to take inspired action. Doing so is the fastest path to manifesting anything – including wealth.
  • You’ll go from a lack/poverty mindset to an abundance mindset. Before you know it, money will start showing up unexpectedly.
  • You’ll get comfortable asking for and receiving money from your clients. No more feeling guilty about accepting money from your clients.
  • You receive accountability and support to help you manifest whenever you need an extra boost.

Here’s how the program breaks down on a weekly basis:

  • Discover what vibrations are all about, why high-vibration are non-negotiable in manifesting, and how to raise them.
  • Learn several simple and easy techniques to raise your vibration. Since no one technique works 100% of the time, you’ll also discover when to use a specific technique to boost your vibration with ease.
  • Discover how to create an inspired vision and set goals that keep you motivated and supports your vibration. No more money goals that make it impossible for you to manifest.
  • It’s not always easy to ask and receive from the universe, so you’ll learn exactly what you need to do to get comfortable and feel worthy of asking and receiving from Source.
  • Learn the exact steps you need to take in week 1 to start shifting into a wealth mindset.
  • Receive a custom guided meditation to raise your vibration and help access your intuition.
  • Learn the exact system I’ve used to manifest money over and over again. You’ll learn why it works for everyone and how you can use to manifest money in your own life. No more trying to figure out why you are struggling to manifest money. You’ll know. More importantly, you’ll know how to fix it.
  • It’s not enough to know what to do to manifest; you must also know how to play the game. You’ll learn exercises and drills that will help you up your manifesting game.
  • Discover the importance of inspired action in manifesting and learn how to tap into it. The path to manifesting your desires is easiest when you take inspired action.
  • Release the blocks that keep you from receiving intuitive information, so you can get tapped in, tuned in, and turned on to the energy of creation.
  • Learn how to implement a manifesting practice that fits in your life. Manifesting is supposed to be fun: not torture.
  • Get the exact steps you need to take in week 2 to continue shifting into an abundance mindset.
  • Receive a custom guided meditation to help you feel worthy and deserving of abundance.
  • Learn how to stay consistent with your manifesting practice even when your motivation fades.
  • Release your money blocks. This will include: making peace with your money past, releasing fears,  regrets, shame, and resentments with money.
  • Discover how to release the “spenders” guilt and learn how to give yourself permission to make financial decisions that support you and give you pleasure.
  • Learn the tools to break free from patterns and habits that create resistance to manifesting abundance. It’s much easier to break a habit than you think.
  • Receive intuitive healing to release energetic money blocks.
  • Get the exact steps you need to take in week 3 to continue shifting into an abundance mindset.
  • Receive a custom meditation to help you release the resistance to abundance.
  • Learn how to take stock of your manifesting goals and results. Discover what to do when manifesting isn’t working.
  • Discover how to start living in the present instead of waiting for the money to show up.
  • Release the fear of having too much and start living big.
  • Receive detailed instructions on what it means to live with an abundant mindset. And learn how to live with an abundance mindset.
  • Get comfortable asking for and receiving money from your clients. No more feeling guilty about accepting money from your clients.
  • Learn how to quickly and easily incorporate mindset work in your daily manifesting practice, so that you can manifest your money goals with ease and grace.
  • Become bored with your manifesting practice? Stopped doing it?  It happens to all of us, so you’ll discover exactly what to do to get back on track and start manifesting again.
  • Receive a custom meditation to support your journey of Living with joy.

Here are the nitty-bitty gritty details:

  • The four weekly sessions are released and delivered to your inbox on Monday’s at 12:00 pm EDT starting on November 9th.
  • Each module includes 45-75 minutes of recorded video content (broken down into 5-10 minute videos), worksheets, and downloadable mp3 meditations.
  • The Q&A Calls are held on Thursday’s starting November 12th at 11:00 am EDT. Can’t make the calls? You will have the opportunity to submit questions prior and have access a recording of the call.
  • A private member’s only Facebook Group to get ongoing support, advice and accountability from Nathalie.

The investment for this program is $297.

Yes, you read that right!

$297 is the introductory price. The next release of the program (sometime in 2016) will cost $567.

There are 3 options to choose from.  

  • Upgrade

  • Manifest Money Bootcamp
    4 60-minute coaching sessions.
  • $997
  • *Payment must be made in full. Offer is only valid until November 8th. Save $500.
  • Standard

  • Manifest Money Bootcamp
  • $297
  • *Program price goes up to $567 in 2016.

Manifest Money Bootcamp isn’t for everyone.

It’s not for you…

  1. If you don’t believe in the energy of creation, the universe and/or Source.
  2. If you hope to manifest a million dollars overnight. This course is about getting you into vibrational alignment with abundance. It’s also about giving you the  tools to draw in abundance, so that you can combine them with proven business strategies to attract clients and cash into your life.
  3. If what you want is business training, this workshop isn’t it.

This program is perfect for you if…

  1. You’re curious about manifesting: you know that it can work for you, but you need the extra motivation to actually do the exercises and the guidance to know which ones to do.
  2. You’d love to release your money blocks. And you are ready to experience what it’s like to have an abundance mindset.
  3. You’re tired of trying to manifest without success and you want to have a system that works for you consistently.
  4. You’re sick of feeling stressed out and you are ready to feel joy again. You know there must be something better out there.
  5. You know that you’ll get results if you are willing to commit to raising your vibration and release your money blocks.

Here’s what you should do next …

When it comes to manifesting training, it’s so easy to put things off and say that you don’t really need it.

It’s easy to think that business training is enough.

It’s not. I learned this the hard way.

It’s not until I forced myself to up my manifesting game that I started to see a return on investment on my business training.

You might be thinking that now is not the right time to release your money blocks and up your manifesting game.

Until you take the time to raise your vibration and release your money blocks, you won’t manifest a steady flow of money.

Save yourself some the stress of uncertainty and begin manifesting into your life

At $297, it’s super affordable.

$297 is the introductory price.  The next release of the program (sometime in 2016) will cost $567.

You are getting all of my best training that I normally reserve for private client.

You will also have lifetime access, which means you get all of the updates to the program.
Invest in yourself and your future. It’s a small investment that will repay itself many times over.

Check out what people are saying!

  • Upgrade

  • Manifest Money Bootcamp
    4 60-minute coaching sessions.
  • $997
  • *Payment must be made in full. Offer is only valid until November 8th. Save $500.
  • Standard

  • Manifest Money Bootcamp
  • $297
  • *Program price goes up to $567 in 2016.

Nathalie has an uncanny gift in helping you unlock the things in you that stop you from manifesting the money you want. During her Manifest Unexpected Cash Challenge, I manifested a total of $495! Because she kept my head and my heart on the playing field with her videos. So grateful for all that Nathalie does…and looking forward to working with her again and again!

I loved Nathalie’s Manifest Unexpected Cash challenge.

I manifested almost $100 in unexpected cash as well as an overdue payment of nearly $2K, which I believe was a result of Nathalie‘s Unexpected Cash challenge. The day after the challenge, my family and I went to a random festival where they literally GAVE us money to spend on food and goods – so that was an additional $20. That has never happened to us before.

Nathalie is a beam of light and love – she over-delivers and is 100% amazing. Any chance you have to work with Nathalie, free or paid, JUMP on it, she is incredible!

I laughed. I cried. I had breakthroughs.

Nathalie’s Vibration Tune Up was EXACTLY what I needed when I was started to go into a slump. I had been high vibe for several months and began feeling a little tug downwards.

Nathalie hit the nail on the head on so many things. I was nodding ‘yes’ the entire time. Her warm and caring spirit shine through and make you feel supported and loved. I love all her tips and wisdom and will be going back for more when I need a little pick me up.

Thanks Nathalie! 

Nathalie’s intuitive ability coupled with her Theta Healing and Coaching, supported me in healing my body. Nathalie held a sacred space during our sessions which assisted me in unlocking deep truths and beliefs – for the first time, I truly saw things for what they were. I will hold onto the wisdom gained during our sessions for a lifetime. I received healing, light, unconditional love and energy from our sessions – a powerful blend of medicine. Nathalie, you have a gift, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience it first hand. Namaste.

I’m an entrepreneur in a helping profession and I’m at the beginning of my career. A few months ago I had a major problem – my attitude about money stank! I had countless limiting belief. I bad habits that left me in fear of all things related to my personal finances.  I literally felt sick to my stomach when my credit card bills arrived – even if the money was there to pay them. Seriously. This was no way to start a business or live my life.

I turned to Nathalie to help me turns things around. Since my two sessions with Nathalie, money keeps finding me. I’ve found the money to pay for: a trip, an “expensive” continuing education course, pay off my student loans, and move to a new apartment where I can set up a professional home office. Best of all, that sick to my stomach feeling is long gone! I always knew there was something special about Nathalie. Working with her has helped me beyond what I could have imagined. My limiting beliefs are gone – and I’m finally thinking and acting like the professional I know I am – and I’m getting the money I know I deserve.

“I have to take a moment and give Nathalie Guerin a shout out.

I had a Manifest More session with her this morning and I can’t even explain what an absolutely phenomenal experience it was. We dove so freaking deep and uncovered blocks I didn’t even realize were there. She made me feel completely at ease, both in my laughter and my tears (and trust me, there were tons of both). I feel more grounded, balanced, and centered and am much more ready to put myself out there. I can’t wait to see how things continue to shift in the next few days. If you haven’t had the privilege of a session with her, what are you waiting for? Seriously, book it now.”

Clarity, confidence, power, self-worth, inspiration, emotional release, reassurance, self-trust, unconditional love, hope for the future, vision for your life, forgiveness for yourself and others, a new way of seeing your relationships, freedom from fear.

Which of these do you need? Which of these don’t you need?

I found all of them for myself in every session with Nathalie during my 10-week Summon Your Power program.

I read the description and we did the clarity call, but there was no way for me to expect and understand the incredible life-changing impact that the program would have for me as a person. Some changes were immediate and dramatic, but the subtle overall impact of working with Nathalie is still working its way out in the daily difference of how I run my business, treat my partner, interact with my friends, and engage with the world at large.

This is truly core level, visceral work. But don’t be afraid, the work is necessary and the healer is gentle. I cannot recommend Summon Your Power highly enough.

I have been trying to think how to put into words what Nathalie has given me through her Vibration Tune-up.

Nathalie really hit the nail on the head. She was so honest, transparent, and loving throughout the tune up. She absolutely blew me away. I felt she understood me more than I understand myself in a deep way.

Her work was powerful beyond measure, I have tools now and exercises that speak directly to me and my needs. I feel ready to go to the next level because I feel I have a steady foundation in place, in so many areas, including now, in the vibrational sense.

Nathalie is the woman she says she is and I am so grateful for the wonderful work she does. I cannot wait for the future, for I am bubbling with excitement and joy.

Thank you Nathalie.

Just had a session with Nathalie Guerin and I am blown away. What a powerful and beautiful experience. I work with energy every day but I was in no way expecting what I received. That unexpected gift exercise I was playing with yesterday from e cubed? I think the universe just over delivered. Thank you.

Nathalie, I had no idea what to expect or our time together would like. You were so tender and that made it easy to identify my fears. All I wish is that we had more time together.

Thank you!

A big thank you and shout out to Nathalie for helping a girl out yesterday! You are simply amazing, connected and a powerful healer. Honored to work with you. Very grateful for God’s gifts in you. Keep it up. You really made a huge difference for me yesterday.

I loved my time working with Nathalie. She is a genuine, accomplished, and reliable healer!!!

I recommend her. If you want someone to help you find and clear the stuff once and for all, I highly recommend her!”

Nathalie’s Manifest Extra Money Challenge came at the right time for me. It provided me the space I needed to clear my money blocks and allow myself to receive.

Nathalie’s Facebook posts were infused with her motivating energy and her emails walked me through step by step, keeping me focusing all along on my intention. Just when I thought I would need more time, the universe was working behind the scenes and I received an unexpected email bringing me 1/2 of what I asked for. Not long after, I had the realization how I could receive the other half and there it was…just what I wished for!

  • Upgrade

  • Manifest Money Bootcamp
    4 60-minute coaching sessions.
  • $997
  • *Payment must be made in full. Offer is only valid until November 8th. Save $500.
  • Standard

  • Manifest Money Bootcamp
  • $297
  • *Program price goes up to $567 in 2016.

The law of attraction is real. It works for everyone including you. Isn’t it time you learn  how to use it?

Questions? Please email me at nathalie@nathalieguerin.com.