How to Manifest Clients that Chase You … It’s Possible!


I used to be in the business of chasing clients.

I did everything with one goal in mind: get people (it didn’t matter who) to hire me and fork over some money. I gave lots of free stuff with the expectation that people would buy from me.

Very few did.

Time went by and I grew disappointed and frustrated. I just

couldn’t figure out what was happening. I was usually so good at getting things done. Then my business coach rocked my world. She told me this, “You are not in the business of chasing clients.”

That’s when the lightbulb when on. My job wasn’t to convince people to buy from me. My job was to get out there, give people choices, and let them choose for themselves I didn’t need to pull clients to me, I needed to let clients come to me if they so choose.

I stopped chasing clients that day.

I’m now having more fun in my business than I have in years. I’m also helping way more people. That feels awesome.

The only way to manifest more clients is to stop chasing them and let them come to you.

Have you been chasing clients? Ready to stop?

Here are 3 things you must do if you want clients to do the chasing instead.

  1. Be helpful without expectation.

Make a decision right now that you are no longer in the business of chasing clients. Write down, “No Chasing.” on a sticky note and stick it to your computer. That’s just not what you do anymore.

Instead go out and be helpful.

Avoiding doing it because you want people to hire you. Give from the heart.

Trust me, you’ll receive hundreds of heartfelt thanks!

I’m not saying let go of the need and desire to have paying clients. You need that desire in order to manifest it. What I am saying is stop deciding how that should happen. Tit for that just doesn’t work.

  1. Become the Magnet

As an entrepreneur you have a magnetic ability.

As a magnet, you extend your energy outward into the universe. This energy then magnetized potential clients to you. The beauty of it is that it’s based on free will.  As a magnet, you do not attempt to convince. As a magnet, you simply let people know who you are and how you can help them.

Your job as a magnet is to let people get to know, like, and trust you.

To do that you must create opportunities for people to get know, like, trust you. You need to create lots of these opportunities. And you must do so consistently. Remember it takes seven touch points before people know, like, and trust you enough to buy from you.

  1. Answer this, “What do I want?”

In order for the universe to help you, you must know what you want. In order for you take action and to believe that things possible, you must first know what you want. In order to go out and become the magnet you are meant to be, you must first know who you want to attract.

Don’t believe me? Consider this example.

When I first thought Theta Healing (energy healing modality), I was super clear that I wanted to teach classes so that I could afford to take more Theta Healing classes. Within 8 months I had manifested 25K and 42 students. More than enough to cover the cost of the training.

As soon as the training was done, I stopped manifesting students.

It wasn’t for the lack of trying though. I was lucky to get one person for a weekend workshop. The people that I did manage to book mostly cancelled. As hard as this was, I wasn’t surprised. I knew was because I just didn’t know if I wanted to teach or not. The universe heard my confusion and kept my classes empty.

You must help the universe by knowing what you want. Start with the following questions:

  • What do you want?
  • Who do you want to work with?
  • What problems do you solve for them?
  • How do you solve it from them?
  • How much tie do you want to spend working in a week?
  • Do you really want to leave your day job?

If you don’t know what you want, that’s totally cool. Give yourself permission to start with baby steps. You don’t need to have it all figured out. What does your heart tell you? Listen to it, it will guide you.

Everything is possible, but you must first know what it is you want.

So I’ve just shared with you 3 things you must do if you want to stop chasing clients and have clients chase you.  Go out and be helpful and become so magnetic that people can’t resist you. Before you do that all of that, don’t forget to clear on what you want.

If you need a little 1:1 help to call your clients into your life, check out “Super Charge Your Client Magnet.”

So now I want to hear from you:

Are you still chasing clients? If not, any hints for the rest of us?

Let me in the comment box below.

The Real Reasons It took Me Years to Quit My Day Job

What needs to happen before you quit your day job?

If you are anything like me, your answer will probably include having a successful business and/or winning the lottery.

It’s not until I quit my job that I realized the truth.

Quitting my day job had little to DO with financial security.

For years, I had proclaimed that I lacked the financial freedom to leave my day job behind. It wasn’t true. There were other things in play. Today I’m confessing them.

I’m hoping that you will be inspired to dig deeper and figure out what is really stopping you quitting your job. Once you know, you’ll be that much closer to making your dream business your day job.

Confession 1: I didn’t think it was possible to have a successful business.

I grew up in a family where both of my parents worked. I believed that I had to work for someone else in order to make money. I thought success was going to school and working for a big corporation.

Just in case you are wondering … I knew better and still this belief was well rooted in my DNA.

I needed to know that my business could work before I actually left my job for good.

Letting go of this limiting belief took time because I had to build up my faith bowl. I had to have enough faith to overshadow the doubt. I put a pebble in the faith bowl every time I had a client pay me. I put another every time I learned of others who had successful businesses. I put another every time I learned a new skill. It took time, but eventually the faith bowl over shadowed the doubt.

Only when the faith overshadowed the doubt was I able to leave.

Confession 2: I thought I should stay in a job I loved

The hardest decision of my career was leaving my position at CN (Canadian Railway).

As much as I liked to complain about the place, I loved everything about it. It was an exciting and dynamic place to work. I spent a lot of my time working on stressful projects. I learned how to get shit done. I was valued for it.

Oh and I loved the people I worked with.

Leaving was hard.

The truth is that it took me so long because I had so much to learn by being there. The last and probably the biggest learning was that it’s okay to leave just because I wanted to do something different.

The truth is that giving myself permission to leave took years.

Confession 3: I thought I could commit to my business and keep my day job as a safety net.

I really wanted this to be true.

The more I progressed in my business, the more it became apparent that I could not keep doing both.

There were days where I was so tired that I didn’t pick up the phone when clients called. I ignored emails. I couldn’t get consistent with communication because there just wasn’t enough time to do everything. I didn’t market myself.

All I wanted was time to rest.

I tried to do because I wanted the perfect plan. I wanted a safety net so that if things didn’t work out I wouldn’t fall to my death. Here’s the thing: there is no perfect plan. There is only a commitment to making it happen.

The truth is that I only committed when I let go of my safety net. Only then was I willing to do whatever it took.

In you are in the same boat as me, I don’t want you think that you have to quit your job: only you know that. The real question you must ask yourself is this, “When is the right time?”

Confession 4: I thought I couldn’t follow my heart.

I teach people to follow and trust their intuition all the time, so it’s kind of ironic that I tried to build a business by ignoring my own heart.

There was just something in me that said a business had to be 100% rational. Including your heart in a business was a recipe for disaster.

That’s how I ended up with GetProjectsYouLove.Com. In this business, I was to help female project managers move their careers up to the next level. Rationally it made completely sense because I was a project manager. My heart had something different to say. It screamed, “NO…………..!”

I followed my business coach advice and kept with it.

A week after we finished working together, I dropped it and followed my heart. At the time, my heart was saying weight-loss coaching. I could feel it in every cell of my being. I just knew it was right. Overnight, I started finding clients. I started to talk about my business with enthusiasm. I was now ready to do whatever it took to make it work.

The only way I was ever going to leave my job was if I followed my heart and built a business I loved.


I’ve just confessed the 4 real reasons why it took me so long to leave my day job.

For me to jump ship, I had to believe that building was possible. I also had to learn to trust to follow my heart. I had to realize that it was OKAY to want something different even when things are good. Finally, I had to let go of my security blanket and just go for it.

So now, I want to know… what are the real reasons you haven’t left your day job behind? Tell me in the comment box below.

Everything My Cat Taught Me About Manifesting


This week I want you to meet Simon.

Yup.. That’s the furry creature that you see on the picture.

He’s a long air Persian caramel cat with a flat grumpy nose. To get past the grumpiness, you have to look deep into his eyes. That’s when you’ll know what he’s really feeling.

It’s been a real blessing to have him in my life.

Anyways I’m bringing him up because he’s what I consider an expert at co-creating a life he loves.

If we could manifest as easily as Simon, the quality of our lives would go up exponentially.

I’m totally serious.

He’s living the dream in a nice house with lots of spots to call his own. He eats, sleeps and plays all day long. His food comes to him. What Simon wants he gets. He seldom settles for less. He never says yes to anything he doesn’t want.

When he sleeps he dreams of chasing mice …

I know that some might say he is finicky, but I don’t think so.

It’s true that it’s not a complicated life, but it is one that is filled with joy and happiness.

I think we could all use a little bit more of that. With that in mind, I bring you the top 3 manifesting tips that Simon has taught me about creating a better life. Maybe we can have just a little more joy if we become just a little bit more like him.

TIP 1: Know what you want, take action AND ask.

Simon knows what he desires and he’s not afraid to take action.

If he feels like sitting on the couch, he’ll sit on the couch. If he feels like climbing into an open drawer, he will explore and squeeze himself in. If he feels like sleeping, he does.

When he wants to play catch-the-treats, he sits in front of me and stares. If I don’t respond, he will release a very gentle meow. That sound pulls at my hearts strings and will get him what he wants. Yes I admit that I can’t stand being starred at so intensely. Still I love throwing the treat because I love watching him run with such joy and determination.

What’s amazing to me is that he does not over think what he desires.

Once he feels what he wants, he just goes for it.

There is no lengthy thought process or decision. He just takes action. He then sees what happens. 95% of the time he gets what he desires. I reserve the 5% for surprises like jumping into the bath when there is still water.

As I watch him I wonder what would happen if we all went out and lived our lives with our desires front and center. What would happen if just took action and asked as easily as Simon does?

TIP 2: It’s Okay to say NO

I grew up believing that I should always say YES.

I’m always saying yes to everything. At work I would say yes and volunteer for everything. I can’t tell you how many times I said yes to do even though I was creaming NO on the inside. I shouldn’t complain… that’s partly how I got to become an expert at making shit happen.

Not saying NO is how I got kissed by a guy after a night out. It took me 18 months to break up with him.

A few years ago I walked into a spa for a massage. The sheets were dirty and filled with oil. Not wanting to go back on my word I spent the next hour trying not to FEEL. All I could see was bacteria trying to infiltrate my skin. It was so GROSS.

Simon does not have this problem. He says NO to what he does not want.

When I first got him I thought it would be cool to take him for a walk. So I tied him to a harness. He looked adorable in the red straps. Anyways I took him down to the sidewalk. There he sat his but on the ground and REFUSED to walk. Even a little dragging did not help. The message was clear. I AM NOT DOING THIS! He won.

Perhaps he’s life is so amazing because he is not afraid to say NO. He doesn’t do what he doesn’t want to do. It’s that simple.

You know what… it works for him. Just maybe it could work for us. It’s a way of honoring ourselves. We have a right to use it. When it comes to manifesting, saying a clear NO (as well as YES) sends a very clear message to the universe.

What do you want to say NO too?

TIP 3: Be Grateful

As picky as he is, Simon has no problem being grateful and saying thank you.

When he lets me pet him, he tells me he loves it by purring. He rubs against my leg when I open a can of wet food (rare treat in my house). He comes running when I come home from being out. He sends me little love messages with his eyes when I open the patio door so he can smell the fresh air.

It doesn’t matter how much he has or what he’s got …he appreciate what’s right in front him!

In return for being grateful and loving he gets everything he needs and more.

When it comes to manifesting, being grateful not only open our heart to receiving more, it also creates a place of abundance.

As I write this, I wonder if that’s why he is so good at co-creating a life he loves.

Simon is a great example of what it means to live a life you love.

He is grateful. He says no. He knows what he desires. He takes action. And he asks for help.

Could it really be that simple?

What do you think? Let me know in the comment box below.

Do you know how to receive?


Okay… you are probably a giver, but are you ever a receiver?

I’m a natural giver. I wear my heart on my sleeve and I share that with the world. Whether it’s a hug, or a lending hand, I’m always there. At work, I am the one who adapts to anyone in order to help. I LOVE being helpful.

It’s an awesome amazing quality.

Unfortunately, it left me feeling like a wet dishrag at the bottom of the sink.

I was depressed, burned out, and bitter. I gave so much, yet received so little.

I used to blame others for my problem.

Then one day, I found myself learning a Hawaiian dance.  The movement was simple: I would receive energy from the universe in my right hand, let it go through me, and then let it out on my left. I realized in that moment that the reason I felt so empty inside was I had given everything I had and I had never bothered to replenish.

I had never allowed myself to receive what the universe had to offer.

Aside from the fact that you will have nothing left to give, you are refusing help from the universe. That makes it hard to manifest what you want in your life.

Not receiving stops the flow of manifesting

When you don’t receive, you tell the universe that you don’t want its help.

I like the story of the drowning man.

As he is threads water, he calls out, “God save me.”

A time goes buy and a rescue boat comes. He refuses to get on the boat saying that, “I am waiting for God to come.”

A little while later, a helicopter comes and offers to rescue him. Again, he refuses help.

Eventually the man drown. Upon finding himself in front of God, he says, “you didn’t come.”

God looks at him perplexed, “I sent a boat and a helicopter. “

Receiving may not come in the way that you expect, but it does come if you allow it.

How are you stopping yourself from receiving?

There are countless ways, so here I outline 3 that I have plenty of experience doing. I also give you little bits and tricks to help you stop the flow. The more you can do that, the easier it will be for you to receive.

1. Refusing to take a compliment

If you aren’t accepting compliments, you are stopping yourself from receiving.

All of my life I had a problem with accepting compliments.

I had no problem with insults, but I would turn down and trash every compliment that came my way. “You are beautiful,” would turn into, “I am fat.” I would roll my eyes whenever someone called me super smart.

Let’s face it… when you can accept and let-in compliments, they have the power to make you feel awesome.  That only happens if you can receive them!

Also … it makes the person given feel super good.

The next time you catch yourself turning a compliment, say something like this, “I hear you. It’s hard for me to receive. Know that I am.”

I’ve been doing that for 10 years. It’s getting easier.

Try it and let me know what happens.

2. Paying for personal services, but not allow be themselves as to do “their” job.

I’ve spent a small fortune on personal services: healers, psychologists, coaches, massage therapist.

I’m going to shame myself here… sometimes I try to tell these people how to do their job.

I don’t mean too, but man I just want their services to be good. This is particularly true with coaches and healers. When they don’t do it “right,” I become a child refusing to accept their help. I’ve even gone as far as telling them that they are doing it wrong.

Here’s the problem with this (it’s more than I have a big head)…

This is like the drowning man.

I want the help to come in a specific way and I turn down everything else even the help is probably coming to me in the highest and best way for me.

God works in mysterious ways and it will work through the person you hired if you LET them.

If you struggle with this, start the session by giving verbal permission to the person. “I’m allowing you to work on me. I promise to let you.”

It works 85% of the time.

 3. Turn down money.

In this day and age you, money is a predominant energy in which you exchange with the universe.

The  truth is that you only receive what you think you are allowed to receive. The richest people in the world have figured out that there is no such rule when it comes to money. In fact, there are no rules about how much you can actually receive.

When you negotiated your last salary, did you ask for what you think was fair? Did you assume that you couldn’t ask for more? Not asking is like turning down money. If you don’t ask for more, you are saying NO to what is possible. In that way you are turning down money.

I have to say that the most uncomfortable part of my business has been learning to receive money in exchange for services.

I’ve turned down money and given sessions for FREE. I’ve negotiated a price and then returned part of it at the end of the session. I walked away from a Theta Healing class with 600$ less in my pocket because of “fairness.”

Not only did I devalue me, my clients and my students, I also kept myself very frustrated and cash poor. It also stopped me from making the leap to a successful business.

If you are struggling an entrepreneur, ask yourself this, “what happens if you don’t start charging more?” The answer is simple… you won’t be in business for very long and/or you’ll have to keep that day job forever.

Getting comfortable with receiving is probably not going to be easy, but it going to make manifesting so much easier.

If you aren’t accepting compliments, turning down, and trying to control how people help you, you are missing out on great opportunities.

Receiving the “good” stuff boils down to believing that you deserve it.

Let the universe help you manifest a live you love. You deserve and have the right to express your godliness in your lifetime!

Now I want to hear from you…  Any of the above ring true for you?

Are Unshed Tears Stopping You from Manifesting What you Truly Want?

I used to go around with so many unshed tears that I was a like a pot covered of boiling water. It was a time in my life where I had continuous outburst of anger.

I complained constantly about everything and everyone. Nothing good every happened to me. I was also one heck of a depressed human being.

Life sucked!

At the time I thought life was just unfair.

I hadn’t learned yet that my unshed tears were holding me back from creating and attracting the life I really wanted. The first time I let the tears come (ten years ago in May), I had more energy than I knew what to do with for twelve weeks. That’s when things started to shift.

Are you holding back tears?

Whether you are trying to manifest your life, get more money, or create a business you love, unshed tears will you hold back. There’s two reasons for this.

The first reason has to do with the law of action/reaction. For reaction (i.e. results) to occur, action must be taken. To take action you must have energy. If are constantly using your energy to keep the tears back, then you might not have enough left over to actually take action.

When you don’t take action, nothing changes. The second reason has to do with the law of attraction.

Keeping the tears from coming out keep your subconscious focused on the internal struggle. That means that your thoughts are essentially telling the world and universe that you want sadness and pain. So that’s what you get!

Are you up to the challenge of releasing them?

I never like the prospect of releasing my tears.

I always imagine that it’s going to be hard, long, and painful.

Every single time that I do, it’s never that hard, painful, or long. I always feel better even though I can feel more than little grossed out by the amount of snot coming out of my nose. Honestly I never met anyone for whom this wasn’t the case.

If you are up to the challenge, this is how you do this:

  • Decide how much time you have to let them go. 5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes are all good.
  • Find a quiet place where you can be alone. Make sure to have Kleenex with you!
  • After taking a few deep belly breaths, start tapping your right hand on your heart.
  • Keep tapping and allow the sadness to be released from your heart.
  • If you have time, write in your journal.
  • Once you are done, shake it out for a couple of minutes. This will bring your energy back up.

It takes a whole less energy to release  tears than to store them away.

Releasing them is the first step to getting the law of attraction to work for you. The second is to use that wonderful energy to take action. That’s when the law of attraction truly starts to work for you! So I want to know if this resonates with you? If you weren’t being held back, what action would you take the create the life you love?

Love & Light, Nathalie