For the love of God, stop trying to manifest 10K months!

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How do you manifest 10K Months? Want to know?

I bet you do (of course you do). Who wouldn’t? I’ll tell you a secret – that question drives me bonkers.It has the ability to send me on an emotional roller coaster.

Nope, it’s not a so enjoyable ride. On top of that, this goal is killing our ability to manifest in our businesses. Since I’m here to help you manifest money in your biz, we are talking about it in this week’s blog. You don’t want to miss. Not up for the video?

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Ahhh, it feels good to say that! I’ve been wanting to say that message for so long. It seems like the 10k is absolutely everywhere. Everybody talks about 5 figures, whether it’s in Facebook ads or in your business. Everybody talks about it and it’s this continuous challenge that we have to do, we have to strive for that 5 figure month, and more specifically that 10k month. I also see it in the work that I do with my clients. I see it with the boosters and the vibration tune-ups that I’ve done. Almost 90% of the people who submit requests for boosters or tune-ups want to manifest that 10k month.

I used to want to manifest that 10k month too.

I used to start off the month doing the math, I didn’t want to say how much money I wanted to make but I did do the math.  I used to say, you know I wanted 3 clients at this much and 1 client at this much and yeah if you did the math it would all add up to 10k. The problem with that was I always got to the end of the month and nothing was ever happening. I got really discouraged and I stopped manifesting, and I know that I’m not the only one with that? Who here struggles with manifesting 10k months consistently? If you want to say so great. Everybody is raising their hand saying yeah, yeah I’m having 10k months.   Why is this topic so funny Coach Karen? You can always call in and tell us, yeah it is kind of funny, and it’s kind of humorous. So if anybody has any questions, or comments, go ahead and put the comments in the chat box, if you can start with /Q if you want to ask a question. Yes, It’s absolutely everywhere Karen and that’s exactly why I’m talking about it.

I got myself sucked into that premise that I should be at 10k months.

There’s a few problems when you try to manifest exactly $10, 000 a month and it’s really kind of funny, so I’m going to go through that so you’re at least aware. Then I’m gonna tell you what you can do instead.

So the first problem with this 10k a month thing is that for most coaches, it’s just too big, right?

It’s just too big. For most of us, especially starting out, if you’ve had a few good months, $10,000 just seems so far out of our reach that our brain starts to go, “it’s impossible, it’s impossible. It’s impossible” and when that happens we actually start to manifest that into our reality and so then it does not happen.

The number’s just too big. It’s like if you say, I wanna have 10 clients today, but you’ve never actually had 1 client. So from 0-10 is just too much. So your brain needs to know that you can manifest and the only way you can do that is by picking a smaller number. I’m not telling you not to manifest 10k months yet. You’re gonna learn what to do instead.

Alright, so what’s the other issue with this 10k a month? The problem is the social consciousness.

How many entrepreneurs think 10k months are difficult to get? It’s that thing that we should all strive for, but how many of us actually think it’s easy? Possible? doable? Or is it just for those lucky few that have figured it out? We always say that only 5% of coaching population in the entrepreneurial world ever gets to 6 figures. Now, I don’t know if that’s true but I do know that that plays on my mindset and that plays on everyone’s mindset here like “getting to 10k months is really challenging, it’s really difficult. If we see it that way we might be creating more difficulties in manifesting clients just because we think it should be hard, because it’s a social consciousness. It’s actually not your belief. When you start to release that, you start to say “hey, ok, I can maybe do this.” Are there any questions about that? Did I make sense when I talked about social consciousness?

Ok, so what is the third problem with manifesting 10k months?

The problem is we never go beyond 10k and what I mean by that is, for a long time 10k was my only figure. I couldn’t feel it and I didn’t really know what that meant, and as soon as I started to think outside of the box and went further than that and what I really wanted was like 15 or 20k I never even allowed myself to go there. So you kind of stop yourself short of manifesting because you’re building this house and you’re like, I have to get to this house before I can go further.  

The truth of the matter is you can actually go further faster if you don’t have to build your house first. If you’re gonna build a castle, you’re not gonna build a house just because you wanna get the training that you need in order to build a castle, it just wouldn’t make sense. So why do we do that in our business and why did we set this target at $10,000 a month?

Now, I’m gonna add one more problem, it’s not on my list.

The problem with the 10k months is if you’ve been trying to do it over and over again for the last 4, 5, 6, 7, 18 months.

Sometimes you make it and sometimes you don’t, the struggle and the frustration with that number becomes horrendous and your vibration goes down to a place of frustration and that number doesn’t bring you joy, then that means you’re gonna have a really hard time manifesting it. So you need to change that around, you need to kinda go “OK, I’m gonna try this differently for a little while, because that number, I’m just tired of trying to get it.” Now, when we try to manifest 10k months by the way and that word trying was very deliberate, nothing fucking happens!

So when you’re trying to manifest 10k months it’s really important to just stop and say “I AM manifesting 10k months, I Am the coach, the entrepreneur who manifests 15,000 or 20,000 a month”.   Start talking in the present, because if you try, nothing is going to happen. You’re just going to keep trying, and trying, and trying. And by the way, I’m talking to you, but I’m talking to myself just as much right now. Stop trying Nathalie, just do it! I am the woman that manifests 10k months. If you close your eye right now and imagine being that woman that is manifesting $20,000 a month, $30,000 a month, what does it feel like? What would the entrepreneur feel like in you? Just allow that feeling to come in through you, and if it is 10,000 a month and that’s 4 clients a month, what does that feel like? Imagine yourself, and know that that is who you are right now.

So what are you gonna do if you’re not gonna manifest 10k months?

What are you gonna do instead of manifesting 10k months? I want you to have 3 goals: The first goal is gonna be a very small goal, something that is very doable for your month. So for February let’s say my minimum goal is $3000. I know I can friken hit that number and I know that it’s gonna happen because I see the clients coming and I know how much I’m gonna invoice and I know how much money is going to come in.

The reason you want to have a small number is so that your brain and your subconscious can go “I can manifest”. It’s not just coming out of thin air, and you start going “yeah, this is coming, this is gonna happen, and it’s going to be possible moving forward.

Then you wanna have a middle number, which is gonna be a little bit of a stretch, and you don’t want to make that an impossible number, but what would be like a nice comfortable number? For me that would be like $9,003. I’m not gonna pick $10,000- forget $10,000. Pick something else. If you’ve never done $10,000 then pick $9999 or $11,000 or $10, 043. What feels good to you? Pick something that makes fun, because 10,000 and 10,043 are actually very close right? But they have a different energy so go with that. Then pick a number, an extension of that number and there is where I go crazy with that, like $20,000 a month. Like that would be for me an amazing goal. It doesn’t feel doable, it doesn’t feel reachable, but that’s ok, I’m still stretching into that and I’m allowing this month to be between the minimum and the maximum and for the actions to come to teach me. The next month, I can keep the same ones, I can go up, I can go down and I’m never ever going to put $10,000 again on one of those sheets because it just frustrates the hell out of me! So that is how you do your numbers if you want to put targets down in manifesting, and once you have your numbers don’t forget to ask the universe to help you.

Want to know more?

There’s a great meditation on my website at on the Free Stuff side, go ahead and down load that, it’s a great way to get the Universe to work on your behalf, it’s easy, it takes about 10 minutes. Once you sign up to get that you’ll also get my newsletter and once a month I’m gonna be so happy and so thrilled to send you a new meditation once a month.  You are going to love it. 

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