How do I keep more money?

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Today’s submission comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous. Here’s what she wrote…

The particular topic I need to focus on is KEEPING the wealth I create. I’m a good manifester but I’m also a good spender. I feel like it doesn’t stay with me. How can I keep more of the money I make and start building more wealth?

Thank you so much for submitting your question.

It’s a fairly common problem.

If you’re reading this and you think it’s a question of how much money you make, think again. I’ve seen six-figure and even seven-figure earners face the same problem. Also, it doesn’t matter if you make a little bit of money or a lot, it’s never too early to start accumulating wealth.  

For that reason, I’m so very excited to connect with your Spirit Guides to see what guidance they have you and anyone else struggling to accumulate wealth.

When I ask your Spirit Guides …

I’m shown a vision of you standing beside a giant metal bucket.

There’s water tap over it and you’ve opened it and the water is flowing into the bucket consistently. You’re so proud that the mechanism you’ve set up is working and that the water is accumulating in the bucket.

There’s a red line in the bucket and every time the water reaches that line, you take out your screw driver and you make a hole in the bucket and then you find a way to plug them.

You love how “stopping” a leak makes you feel.

I ask your Spirit Guides to show me what would happen if the red line goes away and the water levels rise.

The bucket magically gets bigger as it keeps more water.

You don’t’ seem relieved though.  You stare at the bucket waiting for a leak to show up. You’re convinced that it will, but it doesn’t come.

When I tell you that there will no more leaks and you finally believe me, you’re filled with panic.

  • What am I going to do now?
  • What am I going to do with all of this money?

Let me translate this …

The water is the money and the bucket is your piggy bank. What this tells me is that you’ve been resourceful in manifesting money.

The systems you have in place are working well, so kudos’s to you.

The red line signifies you have an upper limit with how much cash you can have and whenever you reach it, you self-sabotage and start spending money.

But the upper limit is not the real problem.

The reason you’re creating holes & trying to patch them is that it’s challenging and you’re love with the drama of it all. Who would you be if you no longer had to worry about accumulating wealth?

It’s time to move on to another challenge.

It doesn’t matter how much money you make, until you break this pattern you will always find that your wealth does not accumulate.

How do I keep more money?

Your spirit guides are saying, “If you want more money as you say you do, stop creating leaks in your bucket.”

It starts with a decision that you’re going to spend less than what you make. Once you’ve made that decision, you must find a money management system that works for you.

Just so you know, stock piling piles of money is not a money management system. That’s like going on a diet where you can only eat bananas for thirty days. Eventually you’ll break, and you’ll fall off the wagon. Find a system that fits you & your life.

Here’s are some journalling prompts to help you get started …

  • What does wealth mean to me? Why do I want it?
  • What’s wrong with having wealth? How can I let this go?
  • What do I need to believe having wealth for me to be okay having it?
  • How will I keep life be interesting once I start accumulating wealth?
  • How do I become a great money manager?

For the last question, I recommend you check-out the money management principles laid out in “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth” by T. Harv Eker. I implemented the principles he laid out on money management and discovered how much fun was money could be.

That’s it … That’s what the guides wanted you to know.

You’ve had a chance to read what your Spirit Guides have to say, so now I’m curious. Do you struggle keep more of your money? Do you have an upper limit? What do you think of money management?


Can’t wait to hear what you have to say in the comments below.


Much love,


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