Don’t let fear paralyze you …

Do you ever get super clear about what you want, get started and then get stuck in paralysis?

It’s a little bit like having a harpoon in your hands, freezing in mid-air as you go to get your fish from the ocean.

Know what I mean?

You’re not alone.  It’s normal.

It’s your FEAR stopping you from getting what you want.  The problem isn’t the fear, the problem is you let the FEAR control you. If you let it control you, it will cause you to self-sabotage and STOP from getting what you want.  Eventually you’ll either stop trying or start again  and this whole pattern will start all over again. 

I freeze all the time.

Earlier today it was about my launch in January (which I’m super pumped about) because I know you’re going to LOVE all the goodies that come with it.  

Want to break the pattern?

The first step is to be aware of your pattern. You can’t change it if you’re not aware. For me, I realize that I become frozen I stop getting inspiration and I get stuck in the i don’t know what to do. Anything to stop me from taking the next step.  It’s my first sign that I’m trapped in fear.

How does your pattern show up for you?  Let me know in the comments. 

Once you know the pattern, it’s time to clear it.  

As a healer, I like to figure out the root cause of the fear and clear the need for the pattern in the first place. For example, this morning I dug up that this is a pattern that passed down from my ancestors. They had to believe this in order to survive .

Start by getting clear on how this pattern serves you. What are you learning? What do you think your ancestors were learning.  What does God want you to learn? What virtues have you learned? This is hard for most people to do.

The tendency is to say it doesn’t serve you or that it just keeps you safe. EVERYTHING keeps you safe. Go deeper.

Are you ready to let it go? Let me know in the comments. If not, what’s holding you back!!! 

If not, then keep digging. There’s still something in it for you for you to learn.  

When you are ready to let it go, imagine the pattern in your being and release the energy into love and light.   

That’s it – pretty simple right.

When I cleared my energy this morning, I stopped being frozen and I started receiving inspiration again. It was like being able to breathe.

Want to know what it is? It’s going to be one of the BEST ways to starts the new year EVER.    



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