How to keep your vibration up when the shit hits the fan?



What do you do when stuff doesn’t go according to plan?

Do you stress out and lose your shit? Curl into a fetal position and crawl under a table? Or do you stay calm and carry on?
When the shits hits the fan, your reaction determines how long it takes you to deal with it. Managing your reactions with ease and grace keeps you in a high vibration, which allows you to continue manifesting what you want.

When things go wrong, the #1 risk is you falling into the trap of focusing on problems, rather than solutions.

When that happens, you send out a message to the universe that you want more problems. Of course, the universe being the universe, it gives you more of what you asked for. In other words, it keeps you stuck.

It’s so easy to stay stuck. (It happens to everyone including me). That’s why I’m bringing you three tips to help you get out of the trap.

With practice, you’ll be able to avoid the trap all together.

Tip #1: Start Laughing

When something goes wrong, the best way to deal with it is to start laughing.

Laughter dissolves the energy and keeps your vibration high. And it keeps you focusing on solutions.

It doesn’t matter what you laugh at, just laugh. It can be a funny cat video on YouTube. (Personally, I love watching cats falling into bath tubs.)

Find a way to laugh at yourself. I’m a huge drama queen. I used to get stuck in despair all the time when things didn’t go according to plan. When I catch myself in this trap now, I roll my eyes and say, “I’m doing it again. That’s just so funny. Stop it.” It always puts a smile on my lips and I start laughing.

Laughter is the easiest way out of problems.

Try it.

Tip #2 Ask what-if?

The easiest way to get out of a low vibration and into a high one is to ask a what-if question.

When things aren’t going according to plan, ask yourself:

What if all of this was resolved? Wouldn’t it feel amazing?

My favorite question is, “What if I was an expert at sales? Wouldn’t it feel amazing?” Just saying it makes me feel better and gets me out of my negative mindset.

The what-if question works because it changes your perspective right away. This is the space you want to be in in order to solve problems.

Try it.

Tip #3 Stay calm and carry on

Whenever things aren’t going well, do not panic.

If you panic, you are telling the universe to keep sending you more reasons to panic.

Stay calm and carry on.

If you feel the panic rise, take a few deep breaths. Find laughter. Ask the what-if question.

Then take it one step at a time and remember you will figure this out and you will get through it.

Trust in yourself. You’ve got this.

You cannot always control how things unfold, but you can choose how you respond and therefore get through them.

When problems come up, find laughter. Ask a what-if question and raise your vibration. Finally, stay calm and carry on.

Now I want to hear from you.

What’s your #1 tip for getting through things when they don’t go according to plan?

Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Maida
    Maida says:

    For me it’s when I look forward to doing something only to get sick the day before or it rains or anything else that is out of one’s control. I used to get upset and feel sorry for myself. Now I do what I can to get well and look at what I did do and did not miss out on. For instance, if I could not go swimming or to a party I will say well at least last week I went hiking and this week I will go out for dinner. And then I am thankful for what I did do.


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