How to make sure your vibe says “I want clients?”


I’m really excited about this topic and I can’t wait to share it with you. This week what we’re talking about is our vibration. Does your vibe that you’re sending out into the universe say “I want clients” or “stay away from me”?


This is what we’re talking about today and the way we’re gonna do it is this. We’re gonna talk about what vibration is because I realize not everybody is on the same page necessarily. Then we’re going to talk about the 4 signs that maybe you’re not quite sending out the right vibe.

Then we’ll talk about how you fix it. I’ll also share an exercise with you….   How you make sure that your vibe says “I actually want clients” not only consciously but unconsciously. How do you actually integrate that into your body?   I’m really excited for you. I love this particular exercise that I’m going to give you at the end.

How does that sound for everyone?  If you have questions or comments you can let me know in the comment box, for questions put /Q and it will show up for me and I will be able to answer that and at the end we’re going to have a Q & A and live coaching and so I’m here for that.

If you just joined us, I’m Nathalie Guerin, I’m a manifesting business coach and I can’t wait to do this Blab. What is vibration? 

I was thinking about this earlier and how to explain it.   Have you ever walked into a room where two people had been fighting and you can just feel that you walked in on something, even though you hadn’t been in the room before, but you just know that these two people were having a fight? Does that sound familiar to you? If it does then give me some hands, I would love that. That is the vibration that they were sending out.

You don’t need to know or be aware of what actually happened in the room, you’re just going to know, you’re going to feel it. That’s because you’re feeling the vibration of someone else and what they sent out into the universe, and you have receptors and you’re feeling it. Now the Universe is much bigger and the energy of creation is complete vibration. We’re continuously sending out signals into the universe and they are completely coming back to us.

What happens with our vibration is that they get reflected back to us. Now I know that they Law of Attraction says that we’re attracting what we send out but what we’re really attracting is our vibration. For me the way I see the Law of Attraction is, I see it like a mirror. So when you send out a vibration into the universe, the Law of Attraction says “OK, I hear you” and it reflects that back to you, and in the process sends you similar vibrations.

So when we’re talking about wanting clients, what happens is if you have a vibration of being unsure or you don’t know, what happens is the vibration you send out to the universe says “well, I’m not sure I want clients” and so the clients aren’t necessarily going to come as easily as they should. That is the challenge behind vibration.

Your job is to make sure that you feel good and that the things that you want, really get sent out there, and that the universe is super clear about what you want so that it can reflect that back to you. If you’re feeling shitty all the time and you’re feeling depressed, it’s actually really hard to manifest abundance and clients because those are in a vibration of NOT having. It’s not just that you have one vibration all the time, you’re gonna be all over the place. Sometimes it’s gonna be good, sometimes it’s gonna be not so good and for some things it’s going to be good and for some things it’s not gonna be quite so good.  

HOT TIP: If you’re gonna manifest clients you need to make sure that your vibration is clean with respect to clients.  

What that means is, you want to make sure that you are excited about having clients, that you’re excited about attracting clients to you, about getting paid by them and that you absolutely love it, because that will get you to that vibration of “Yay, I want clients!”  

What are 4 signs that you’re not in that vibration? The very first one, and I absolutely love this one, is you don’t have clients.   Does that happen to you? Or you’re not getting as many clients as you like and that could very well be that you’re in the wrong vibration.

Most of the time, it’s mostly because you really haven’t committed to getting more clients, or the story you tell yourself is keeping you away from actually wanting clients and I’m going to get into that in just a second.

So that was really the first scenario, so if you’re not attracting as many clients as you want, you’re probably in the wrong vibration.   The second sign or scenario is; you’re actually afraid people will see you.

What I mean by that is, when I first started my business I was really afraid that people would know that I was a psychic, that I was an intuitive, that I was a spiritual healer and a coach because I had this whole other life in IT and the two didn’t really match. So I only put myself out there a little bit because I was so afraid that anybody would know what I do, because I thought that would have repercussions on to my life.

I was sending out a vibration of “I don’t want clients because I don’t want you to see me, I’m afraid for people to see me.”   I was trying to be really compartmentalized, and if you’re trying to make yourself visible and out there, you cannot compartmentalize. You have to decide that you’re gonna own it and you’re gonna put yourself out there.

By the way, for me, the way I did that was, I created a blog post and I told everybody that I was psychic, I told everybody what I was afraid for them to know and I sent it to everyone, friends, colleagues, and family. I just told them, because it got rid of the fear and my vibration changed to “I want clients,” because now it was actually ok to have clients.   Sign number three that you’re in the wrong vibration is you’re unconsciously afraid that you’re actually going to get clients.

Now, this kinda sounds funny a little bit but just hear me out for a second.   So let’s say that you imagine yourself on stage and you’re comfortable with the amount of people surrounding you, right?

Then you imagine yourself having them come up to you, they’re gonna pay you and you’re gonna have to pitch to them, well not really pitch but you’re gonna have to offer your services, you might actually end up with a client or two and all of that has fears attached to it.

You might be afraid of asking for money.

You might be afraid of getting paid for your services.

You might be afraid that you’re going to lose your work life balance if you start getting clients in the numbers that you want.   All of those are unconscious or underlying reasons that support your vibration that says “please don’t bring me clients, like I just can’t deal with it.”

 So what you want to do is just be aware of that, and we’re gonna go ahead and clear that.   That’s really the crux of it all, when you have something that you’re trying to manifest and it’s just not coming, clients, clarity calls, money in your business, whatever that might be.

What actually happens is, it’s what’s underneath that the problem. You’ve gotta dig a little bit to find out what’s really there for you.   Just remember that whatever fear, whatever vibration you’re sending out, it’s supporting you in some way.

Find that gentleness, you don’t have to beat yourself up, you just have to be aware of it so you can choose something different. That’s really how it works.

Another sign that you’re kind of afraid of being visible and you’re not sending that vibration of “I want clients” and you’re saying please don’t look at me, is maybe on social media.

I know that a lot of people are on Facebook, but you’re either not showing up consistently. You’re not letting people know how great your services are, you’re not talking about who you are, you’re not being of service, and you’re kind of scrolling Facebook feeds but you’re not actually doing anything. Or maybe if you do it, you just do it a little bit at a time, and you do it once on Monday and then maybe three weeks from now you do another ad.

I’m exaggerating but the reality is if you want to be visible, your action has to match that, otherwise your vibration is gonna say “you’re not serious, you don’t really want clients.” And the Universe is going to return that back to you. So you need to clean up your vibration and the very first thing you need to clean up your vibration is deciding that you consciously want clients. No matter what fear there is, you know what, decide that you are an entrepreneur with clients, and that clients pay you well.  

It’s like the best thing you can do for yourself is to get super clear. Whenever I get like a lull in my manifesting for clients, what’s really happening is that my decision and my clarity has gone, or I’m not really sure that I want clients. It happens especially when I’m particularly tired, and it does happen, especially at the end of the year.

Last November, I went from a hundred to like nothing because I was super tired. Honestly, my vibration, even though I kept saying I wanted clients, I really just didn’t friken want clients, it was just too much. So admit that to yourself, be honest with yourself because when you are then you can let it go and you can get past it and you can really get to that next place.   How do you make sure that your vibration is clean?

You’re gonna use your imagination and the power of it. The little exercise that I wanna do tonight is based on the third principal that we talked about which is ‘what do you imagine? Can you envision yourself going through the process[of getting clients]?’

  • So I’m going to ask you and invite you to close your eyes, and just take in a few breaths. Breathe in through your nose and down to your belly and exhale, and just connect with your breathe.
  • If you want to receive unconditional love, then just go ahead and say yes and creator of all that is, is commanded to send unconditional love to all of those who are listening right now and actually want to receive love and help. [if you want this now, please comment below and I will reply saying that I have sent it.]
  • I want you to imagine yourself, walking up to your tribe, on a stage, maybe the stage is dark, maybe it’s all full of light, maybe there’s an audience, but whatever you do, you walk onto stage and you notice what it feels like to walk up on to stage.
  • Are you being dragged? Are you wanting to be there? Where is the comfort and the discomfort?
  • Just notice, knowing that it is perfectly right. And as you get to the stage, you notice if there are people in the audience, you feel people in the audience.
  • Does it feel good to be seen by the people in the audience? What does it actually look like to you? What does it feel like? Are you like ‘Yeah, give me visibility, I’m being seen’ or are you trying to be hidden? Are you terrified?
  • Now, if the lights weren’t already on, they come on, and the stadium fills with your tribe and you become super visible and just take a moment and see what that feels like, notice, does it feel good, does it feel stressful, do you want to run away? Where is that and how does it feel?
  • Now imagine yourself talking to this beautiful group of people, and letting them know how you can help them. How does that feel to you? Do you feel nervous? Do you want to hide? Can you do it? Whatever that maybe, just allow yourself. It might feel exciting, and notice if you have any nervousness in talking to them.
  • As you do, clients come to you and say “I want to hire you.” And you say aha, and notice what comes up for you, are you nervous? Are you excited? Or Both? Notice the heart emotions, notice the challenges that you’re facing, and as you decide “yes, I want to work with you,” and you get to know them a little bit, you say “Hey, my services cost ABC,” how does that feel to you? Are you feeling small, are you feeling confident? Are you feeling like you can never do this and nobody’s ever going to pay?
  • Whatever the fear is, just notice. Notice the uncomfortableness of it all. Notice what it feels like to be paid by your clients. Yes, it’s gonna be sooo exciting, and it’s gonna be nice, but maybe it’s also going to be like ‘oh my gosh, now I’m responsible’. What is happening to you in that moment? In that process?
  • Then imagine yourself working with your client as you go through the process. What does that feel like? Does it feel good? Does it feel stressed? If it’s a three-month program, go down to the end of the program and imagine yourself saying, “hey we worked together really well. I’m really glad” How does it feel for you?
  • Alright so I wanna know how that felt for you guys, what you noticed. Most of you probably felt really good as we went through this visualization and you started to really feel it.
  • Where did the uncomfortable come from?

  A lot of people get really uncomfortable about getting paid. A lot of people get uncomfortable when they can imagine 6, or 7 or 8 clients coming to them. If you can find the feelings that make you uncomfortable and the situations that make you uncomfortable, that is what you need to clear with your vibration. So what you wanna do is, you wanna send that out into the Universe, and you wanna come back and you want to identify those feelings. And when you have them and those uncomfortable feelings, you’re gonna tap them out.

And EFT tapping is fairly simple so let’s say that you’re afraid that they’re all going to trample you to death when you get out on stage, and that happens, it’s a really common fear. You’re gonna say “even though I feel anxious that they’re all gonna trample me to death, I love myself fully and completely.”

And you’re gonna tap that. When I say tapping, it’s EFT, you can google it, but primarily it’s from the top of the head, the forehead, below the eyes, under the nose, on the chin, on the thalamus gland, underneath the arms, both your wrists and you also want to do the sides of your hands.

So that is how you’re going to clear the fears around that. The more you can visualize the easier it is to manifest. If you can’t visualize and you can’t feel it then it’s going to be next to impossible to manifest because your unconscious is blocking you, so whatever you want in your life you can use this tip for.

So now that you’ve had a chance to listen to the BLAB.

  • What do you think your vibe is saying? Tell me in the comments?
  • Where do you feel uncomfortable about getting clients?
  • Did you try tapping out the discomfort?

Don’t forget. You are always welcome to join me on BLAB live. It happens every Wednesday. Click here to subscribe.  

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    Mary Ottman says:

    This was great!!! Where is a thalamus gland? Lol! Where on the bottom of arms and hand? Could you make a mini video of this? I love how simple you make your explanations. I’ve never understood this before. Brilliant!


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