How to manifest like a pro


Did you know the universe can help you manifest anything you want? Including more clients and cash?

The universe is always supporting you in manifesting your deepest inner desires. This gets tricky sometimes because the universe will help you manifest things you didn’t even know you asked for.

As humans, we all have conflicting desires and the universe picks up on your strongest signals. So in order to manifest what you want, you need t
o learn how to amplify your signals – by getting super clear on what you want.

The first step is to make a list of what you want. There are no right or wrong lists, but there are things you can do to make sure you are clear in your desires and sending the universe the right signals.

Here are five tips for asking for what you want with clarity:

#1 Be specific.

Your job is to be clear about what you truly desire.

As easy as it is to understand this concept, it’s also one of the hardest things for most of us to do. In general, people have an idea of where they want to go, but no idea what it will look like once they have it. We say we want abundance, joy and happiness. But what does that look like in your life? An abundance of what? Happiness about what?

If you stay general, the universe will decide for you how abundance, joy and happiness arrive.

If you want to be happy, the universe might send you all kinds of things that make you happy – that you don’t really want.

What if you asked for joy and the universe brought you a baby?

What if you want abundance and instead of sending you clients, the universe sends you a rich husband you don’t love?

Stuff like this happens all the time. The universe is funny that way.

It is your birthright to choose how you manifest your desires. So be specific about what you actually want. It will save you a ton of time and frustration.

Here are a few questions to help you get started:

  • What do you want?
  • What do you desire?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • What will your life be life be like when you do receive it?
  • What will it feel like to have this in your life?
  • What is your true intention

There is no such thing as being too specific. You do your part and the universe will the do the rest.

#2 Check that everything on your list excites you.

This is your life.

That means everything on your list should excite you. You have the right to be in love with what you do, your business. Exercise that freedom. If you are not in love with what you do or who you help, or what you are offering, change it.

Remember, there are no shoulds or have tos. You set the rules.

#3 Don’t ask when something will happen.

Scratch all requests that sound like, “I want to know when I will have abundance.”

The universe doesn’t decide. You do.

You decide it’s yours to claim and then the universe helps you get it. That means you must assume it’s yours for the taking and it’s possible now.

Replace those types of requests with requests for guidance. “How can I manifest even more money now?”

Assume everything is possible. Better yet, assume it’s already done.

#4 Forget negatives statements.

Scratch anything from your list that’s in the negative.

For example:

  • I don’t want to be poor.
  • I don’t want these clients.
  • I don’t want to take more training.
  • I don’t want to gain another ten pounds.

There are three reasons for this.

First, the negative doesn’t mean you want the opposite. For example, what does not being poor look like?

Second, the universe doesn’t actually hear the word don’t (and can’t). When you state things in the negative, you are actually saying them in the positive. “I don’t want to be poor,” turns into “I want to be poor.”

Third, the law of attraction says you attract what you focus on. By focusing on what you don’t want, you attract more of it.

Want what you want because you desire it, not because you don’t have it.

Scratch all negatives and replace with positive affirmations.

#5 Stretch the amount you request.

Go beyond wanting just enough. Just enough to pay the bills. Just enough to be comfortable, but not too comfortable.

It’s not somehow wrong to ask and to receive all you desire.

It’s your birth right to ask for of all what you want. You aren’t at this planet to be miserable. You have the right to be happy and rich if that is what you desire.

It is also possible for you to manifest it.

Ask for everything you want, plus a bit more to enjoy life.

You can stretch as much as you like, but you must believe it’s actually possible to receive it. You can ask for a million dollars, but if in your mind it’s impossible, it’s going to be impossible to manifest.

Specify something that is possible. Keep stretching it as you get closer to it.

You have a birthright to ask for everything you want. (Click to tweet.)

Remember, we manifest what we want by being specific and double-checking we actually want what’s on the list.

Then we replace negative statements with positive.

Don’t forget to stretch beyond your comfort zone and leave room for the universe to figure how to bring clients and money to you.

Get your list ready because I’ll be back next week with tips on how the ask the universe for what you want.


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