Is this resistance a sign I should quit?

Welcome to this week’s edition of Tap Into the Universe.

If you’ve ever wondered if you should quit your dream because the struggle is just too much then keep reading.

Michelle submitted the following question …

“Spirit Guides. How do I know when you’re telling me to stop for my own good or if the resistance I feel is just fear?”  

Reading between the lines, I’m guessing she’s really struggling to manifest and somewhere along the time, she started to wonder if she should quit.

I love this question Michelle, so thank you for submitting it. It echoes the inner voice of so many entrepreneurs who are struggling to manifest their dreams.

Your Spirit Guides are showing me the following vision …

You’re standing behind a massive wall.

On the other side, there is nirvana (aka your desires).

You’re standing a few feet away from the massive wall that seems to be miles long. You’re all dirty, like you’ve been at this for a very long time.

You’re hands, and knuckles are bloody and your clutching a chisel.

You’ve been at it for a very long time and you’ve realized that if you keep using the chisel, you’re not going to get to the other side.

When I ask your Spirit Guides what you need to know…

They show me to take a few steps to the left and you will see an opening in the wall. There you can simply walk through and receive your desires.

Let me translate this into English…

The wall is a symbol of resistance.

You’ve been working hard to get through the wall of resistance for a very long time and over time you’ve lost your ability to see alternative solutions.

This happened because somewhere along the way you got ultra focused and you got super attached to getting results in a particular way.

Don’t beat yourself up – it happens to everyone.

Should you give up on this desire?

I’m shown a massive beating heart floating in the air while your guides are saying, “This is your heart’s desire, don’t you dare give up.”

Your desire is pure, and you truly want it. Because of this, you need to figure out a way.

The only time to give up on your dream is when it’s not a true heart’s desire. For example, a lot of entrepreneurs build offers what they think their clients want, but that they themselves don’t want. When this happens, there’s massive resistance and it means it’s time to find a better way.

The real problem here is that you’re attached to how your desire comes, so you’ve limited your options as to how the Universe could actually help you out.

It’s like you’ve put all your eggs in one basket.

What do you do now?

1) Get excited about your dream again

Take a few minutes and journal about your dream. Here are a few prompts to get you started:

  • My dream is …
  • My dream is important to me because …
  • I desire this because …
  • I like who I become in my dream because …
  • I’m excited about this dream because …

2) Let go of the how …

I now, this is easier said than done.

A lot of people get really confused as to how to do this and by doing so, they get even more attached to the how as the frustration grows.

The key is two-fold.

  • Decide that your actions are for creating opportunities. It’s like if you open door #1 with action #1 and then door #2 appears.
  • Do more. Make a list of all the actions you could be taking. Ask yourself if you’re missing opportunities because you’ve been so ultra focused on the lack of results. Once you have a list (at least 10 options), do as many as you can. The more you do, the more doors open. You never know where results are going to come from.

If you find that you cannot release the frustration around the action you’re taking, stop doing that for a while and find at least 2-3 alternative paths.

At the very least, this will help you find a path with less resistance. According to the vision, there is such a path.

Your guides are saying, “You know what it is.” It’s most likely the one that you’ve discounted because you think it won’t work.

That’s it – that’s what your Spirit Guides had to say.

Join the Discussion…

Do you resonate with the guidance that was given for Michelle? Do you think you’re too narrowly focused on the how? If so, what actions will you take to expand your vision?

Can’t wait to hear what you have to say in the comments below.


Much love,

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