Let Go!



Are you a control freak?

I am. And proud of it.

I love doing things to turn ideas into reality. And I love doing them my way.

Know what I’m talking about? When it comes to manifesting money, we must let go of control.

We don’t really have a choice. If we are attached to the outcome and focused on the results, we are focusing on the lack of money. This is a problem because the law of attraction matches the vibration of not having. Holding on to what we want just attracts more lack.

So it’s imperative to let go.

Granted, the words let go are much easier said than done.

How do you let go?

The first step in letting go is understanding what it means.

Assume for a moment that you decide to jump off a cliff. But no worries – you have the super power to fly. Instead of trying to force your way to your destination, you let the air currents guide you. You even do a couple of flips as you fly. You let yourself feel the joy. Eventually you land exactly where you wanted to be. That is what letting go is like.

You start with a desire to accomplish something, which is when you jump off the cliff.

As you take flight, you take action to reach your desires. You let your intuition guide you to your destination. But most of all, you enjoy the ride. Not letting go means trying to control the flight path. When you let go, you allow the universe to guide you to your destination. This is when magic happens. Granted letting go is not always easy.

Here are a few tips to  practice letting go:

  • Tip #1: Whenever you notice you are attached to the outcome, say “I’m trying to control things again. That’s funny. I’m just resisting. All I have to do is breath and relax.” This helps the energy flow.
  • Tip #2: Turn the results over to the big manager in the universe. A great way to do this is to write a letter to the big manager up in the sky.
  • Tip #3: Some people only truly let go when they give up on what they want. You don’t have to give up. Practice letting go while still having a desire for the outcome. Do it as often as possible. Letting go gets easier.

The bottom line is that letting go means letting go your attachment to the outcome while still caring about what you desire.  Since it’s said than done, practice often.

Now that you’ve learned what letting go means, will you do it?  Will you let the universe guide you?

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