Is it time to join the Manifest Your Business Circle?

Do any of the following sound like you?

  • You are overwhelmed with fear, doubt, and frustration as you try to manifest.
  • You constantly wonder if manifesting what you want is even possible.
  • You are secretly (or maybe not so secretly) jealous of your peers.
  • You find it difficult to take action and work toward your goal.
  • You can’t see solutions, only problems.
  • You have a hard time feeling gratitude for what you have.
  • You are tired of feeling in your business.

LOVEHOPEINSPIRATIONFRIENDSHIPMANIFESTIf any of the above sound familiar, then you are currently experiencing LOW vibration.

Just like you wouldn’t expect your car to work without oil, you can’t expect your conscious manifesting engine to work when you aren’t vibrating at the right frequency.

It’s time to raise your vibration, so you can manifest a consistent flow of clients.

It’s time to get extra weekly accountability, so you can take action.

It’s time to stop BEING alone behind your computer and find your tribe of other business owners.

It’s the to join the Manifest Your Business Weekly Circle. 

We’ll meet once a week for a weekly meditation. You’ll have the opportunity to check-in and receive live coaching/intuitive healing. You’ll leave feeling better and a clear sense of what needs to happen during the week. In addition, you will have access to me and to other women through a private Facebook group.

This is what is included in the Manifest Your Business Weekly Circle:

  • You get a LIVE group meditation usually on Mondays at noon EST. **see note
  • You receive personalized coaching on your current struggles, as well as practical advice to deal with them (VIDEO).
  • You get a weekly exercise to change your mindset and help you manifest MORE clients in your business.
  • You receive a group symbol from your guides to help you manifest more clients in your business.
  • You receive an intuitive healing (this feels good) to help you manifest more of what you desire in your business.
  • You have access to me in a private Facebook group.
  • You will receive bonuses and discounts reserved only for the group.

All of this without breaking the bank.

The introductory price for this program is $44 per month.

Once we reach 30 women, the price will go up to $77 per month. It’s a pretty sweet deal, so the seats will go away quickly.

Either way, it’s a  pretty sweet deal. 

The circle is a powerful place of hope and accountability.  It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out if you are an all-start super star, this circle is for all female entrepreneurs who want to up-level their business.   It’s for women who don’t want to do it alone.

Don’t wait…


Some notes…

  • If Monday is a holiday, the call will take place on Tuesday. In July/August, the call will take place later in the day.
  • All calls will be recorded and made available on the private Facebook group.
  • Calls start on Monday Feb. 29th.
  • Once your payment is processed, you will receive your invitation to the private group within 2 business days.
  • You can reach out to me in the private Facebook group and I will response during office hours. You may ask anything from an extra healing, a mantra, an intuitive scan, etc.
  • You may cancel at anytime.