My addition to emotional pain

I used to be addicted to emotional pain.

I didn’t like the pain one bit, but I did love it.  

I sabotaged my business efforts, just so I could have more struggle.  I beat myself up every time I didn’t reach my goals or when I had a emotion that was anything less than happy, which was daily. I worked myself into the ground & depression over and over again. 

Like anything, I got a lot out of being addicted to suffering. 

Pain  gave me something to fight, something to prove, something to heal and something to do. If I could fight all the pain in the world, maybe I’d be finally worthy and deserving.  

What do you get out of being addicted to pain? 

With healing work, I was able to break patterns, but the big breakthrough didn’t happen until about a year ago when I had a spiritual awakening during a healing session and I actually started loving myself. 

From that point forward, everything changed. I was no longer willing to accept the pain because I recognized it for what it was; an act of self-hate. I made a very conscious to stop beating myself to a pulp. 

You’re not on this earth to fight pain. You’re here to experience joy. 

It sent me a into a tail spin. 

I mean, who was I without the pain? 

But now that I’m on the other side of it, I have to tell you that it’s made room for the real me to emerge and I’m finally being, doing and having the life I’ve always wanted. 

Who would you be without the pain?  

You’d be free to acknowledge your heart’s desires. you’d tap into your divine guidance. You’d feel inspired to take action. taking inspired action is never hard even when it’s challenging. That’s because it comes from within. 

Are you ready to start letting go of the pain? 

Yesterday I created a a group healing journey to help you start letting go of the pain. You don’t need the pain to help you float. You have nothing to prove You can have more joy, happiness and inspiration now.  

If you’re ready, click the link to get started 


Enjoy – 




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