Manifesting clients in your business doesn’t have to be so hard!

You’re building your business and trying to manifest clients, but you find yourself unable to take action even though you know what needs to be done.

Why are you so afraid to take action?

  • Is it that you’re afraid to be seen?
  • Do you have a secret fear that you aren’t good enough?
  • Are you so tired and overwhelmed, that you can’t muster up the energy to take action?
  • Are you afraid you just don’t have what it takes to make a go of your business?

You can stop judging and beating yourself to a pulp because of it.

Being stuck in inaction happens to every single entrepreneur from time to time – newbies and the seasoned pros. It happens because change is uncomfortable. You are resisting the personal growth that your business requires of you.  

The key is not to beat yourself up, but to stop fighting and release the resistance. My clients will tell you that it’s way easier than you ever imagined.

Here’s what I know:

If you don’t release the resistance to taking action, you’ll stay exactly where you are. You’ll continue to spin your wheels as you try to manifest more clients.

Action is required to build your tribe. Action is required to build ass-kicking offers. It’s required to put yourself out there and offer your tribe your offers. Action is required to let your tribe buy from you. Action is required to make the impact you came to this earth to make.

Action is required to manifest clients and make money.

If you’ve had enough of NOT being able to do what you know needs to be done to manifest the business you LOVE then it’s time for YOU to release the resistance.

It’s time for  Manifesting Breakthrough Month.

Manifesting Breakthrough is my 4-week program designed specifically to quickly  release resistance so you can start taking action confidently in your biz.

It will help you in your business because you’ll learn how to trust yourself to do what needs to be done. You’ll kick your fears and doubts so you can be FREE to be yourself and take action. You’ll get the individual support you need to manifest.  

What’s included in the Manifesting Breakthrough Month?

  • You get a Manifesting Booster so you can get a little extra help when you feel particularly stuck. This will get you in the zone of manifesting clients with ease.
  • You get four 30-45 minute sessions with me where I help you release resistance, so you can take action. If needed, we also talk about what action you might need to take.  You’ll leave ready and able to do what you know must be done to grow your business.  
  • Email support Monday through Thursday, so you can ask questions whenever you have them or to get a little extra support when you need them.

The investment is only  $869.

Ready to give yourself the ability to TAKE action in your business, so you can manifest more clients and start helping the world?

Then click the button get started.

Investing in ongoing 1:1 with Nathalie was one of the best investments I have made in my life. She goes deeper faster than anyone I have ever met and blocks that have crippled me for years were unearthed, healed, and allowed me to move forward.

I went from a constant state of anxiety to a deep calm and peace I went from having my dreams riddled with self doubt to feeling overwhelmingly confident about the inevitability of my every desire. Every call was a transformational experience. And In just four weeks, I shifted my mindset, changed up my game plan, healed important relationships, and quadrupled my business income. Invest in Nathalie. It will change your life.

Rocky Callen

When I met Nathalie I had no idea just how much she would rock my soul. Working with her made me a better business owner. She helped me upgrade my mindset and her honest approach led me to some of the deepest work I’ve ever encountered. She is now in my trusted circle of few, and she should be in yours too.

Aliza Stein
Aliza Stein

I have to say I had a session with Nathalie Guerin today!

As a Mindset Coach myself I have done a lot of work on clearing blocks, forgiveness, and stepping into a new way of being, but oh how nice it is to be guided by someone else ha. It was really awesome to be the one being coached.

I realized that I still had some things I was holding on to, and I got emotional during our session. I had some new AHA moments, that brought wonderful things to life!

I believe that every coach needs a coach or mentor!

YOU REALLY can’t try to do it all alone! AMAZIN things happen when you free up energy that doesn’t serve you. It allows you to connect with your true way of being, and operate from who you truly are!

Thank you for a wonderful session!

Kristi Dear

Wondering if four weeks is sufficient to really find your groove? Absolutely! Individual sessions will release the resistance and have you taking action.

Have more questions? Shoot me an email at