A group coaching program for women who want to become a healer! Doors open August 1st …

A group coaching program for women who want to become a healer! Doors open August 1st …

Imagine if you could get out of your own way, get inspired and take action with total confidence towards your goals. 

Now that’s momentum in the “right” direction.

All of us have momentum, but for most of it’s taking us further away than closer.

I want to help you going in the right direction and increase your momentum.  

I’m Nathalie Guerin.


I’m an energy healer and mindset coach and I help women find bust through their resistance and get them on the right track to creating the life they live so they can live their full potential.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Have you been lost and now need to find yourself again? Like maybe you don’t event know what you want? Or perhaps your past is weighing you down?
  • Do you stop yourself from going after your dreams? Like maybe you don’t even acknowledge what you truly desire or you only go for less than what you really because that’s all you think you can get.
  • Is there something you’d change in your life if you could, but  you don’t know how and perhaps you don’t believe it’s really possible?

If any of the above sound familiar, then it’s time to tune your vibration and  get you  out of your own way so you can get back into the driver seat of your life and get on the fast track to living up to your FULL potential.

It’s pretty simple really. 

If you want to live up to your potential, you have to get in alignment, get clear about what you want, commit to it and do everything it takes to get you there.

You have to be going in the right direction.

It’s always about momentum.

The secret is to get past your fears, doubts and limiting beliefs so you can step up, play the game of life and experience the magic of the Universe. 

I know you might have a tried a lot or even everything and that you might not be able to believe that it’s even possible for you to have what you want anymore. I know you might be scared that you have to change your whole life and I get that you’re terrified that you might get what you want.

You haven’t tried everything.

You don’t have to change your whole life (well not unless you want too).

The real problem here is RESISTANCE. 

It’s stopping you from getting clear, from making decisions and taking action. It’s stopping you from getting the results you want. It’s also keeping you repeating patterns & beliefs that come from all sorts of places.

I know because I’ve been in your shoes.

A lot …

Every time I reach for a new goal, a new dream, I hit resistance. It’s normal. But the difference is that I don’t let it stop me. I learn from it, I do the inner work and I get past it.

Sometimes it means I have to take action even when I’m really really scared. There’s no amount of action that will counter act this. So I created The Art of Momentum online virtual workshop to help you do the same. 

This is an event that will help you get past the resistance, get clear about what you want and get you on the right track to creating what you desire, whatever that might be for you.

This is what included in The Art of Manifesting 2-hour virtual event :  

  • In the first part of the session, you will be guided through a process and meditation to help you get on the track, tap into your intuitive guidance and heal your soul so you can finally start living up to your full potential.  What this looks like will depend on the energy of the group.
  • In the remainder of the event, there will be “hot” seat coaching and healing for 3-5 people. I’ll ask who wants to receive healing and I will let source guide me as to which ones will support the energy of the group. Even if you don’t get picked, you still get what you came for and the guidance you need because we’re tapping into the collective conscientiousness of the group.
  • You will also receive energy healing downloads and intuitive messages from Source as we go through the event.
  • You get a recording of the event for you to play back any time you like.

This is $29 USD.

Based on the feedback in the Facebook group, this event will sell out.


Just go to the calendar, choose ‘The Art of Manifesting,” and the date/time for February 2nd. One your payment is processed you will receive an email with the details.

All calls are over Zoom (or you can dial-in from your phone).

If you’re thinking about waiting. Don’t. 90% of people who put things off never come back. I want you to be part of the 10%.

“I have been trying to think how to put into words what Nathalie has given me through her Vibrational Tune-up. Nathalie really hit the nail on the head. She was so honest, transparent, and loving throughout the tune up. She absolutely blew me away. I felt she understood me more than I understand myself in a deep way. Her work was powerful beyond measure, I have tools now and exercises that speak directly to me and my needs. I feel ready to go to the next level because I feel I have a steady foundation in place, in so many areas, including now, in the vibrational sense. Nathalie is the woman she says she is and I am so grateful for the wonderful work she does. I cannot wait for the future, for I am bubbling with excitement and joy. Thank you Nathalie. “

Sarah Liddle, Coach School

“Um……so I just watched the video that Nathalie Guerin made me for my vibrational TUNE up and saw she is offering MORE of these for only $97 if you book by Friday and then her price is going up.

People? Get on this. “Vibrational Tune Up” is the understatement of the year. Nathalie is amazing!!!! My mind is baffled about how it all works…but damn, she’s good.

Really, really, amazing — not only did she send me healings, downloads and a prayer that left me in tears, but also sent me a beautiful video in English about real practical steps that I could take to manifest my desires and start tuning in my to my guidance system … something that I have heard from a lot of people about. DUDE — why WOULDN’T you do this? I feel like singing Jackie Wilson HIGHER AND HIGHER……

Get on this stat, people, before she starts tacking on zeros to her prices!”

Dr. Jenev Caddell