Where is the money going to come from?

Welcome to this week’s edition of Tap Into the Universe.

This week’s question comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous.

Here’s what she wrote …

“I need guidance as to how to purchase my dream home. Where is the money coming from? The lottery or somewhere else? Thank you”

I love this question because it speaks to the core of what a lot o people want to know.

Where’s the money?

Thank you so much for submitting it as the guidance from your Spirit Guides will not only help you, but all of those people are also looking for the money.

When I ask your Spirit Guides …

I receive a vision of you eating an apple.

You’re standing on the deck of a very large boat in the middle  an Ocean.

You’re biting the apple ever so slowly, chewing it and pondering and trying to figure out the best route to take to get to the other side of the planet.

When you finish the apple, you discard the core and you simply pick up another and keep eating.

You’ve been there for ages and the pile of discarded apple cores is humongous.

Your Spirit Guides are saying this to you, “Just start. You don’t have to know the way. But if you think about it, you’ll never get anywhere.”

Let me translate this into English …

The boat represents where you are right now, and the other side of the world is where you want to be.

You know it’s possible to receive what you want (aka the house), but you also think it’s very far away and somewhat impossible because you can’t seem to figure out.

The only way you’ll believe it’s possible is if you figure out “how” before you even take a step. You want to know that it will all work out.

Here’s the thing – it DOESN’T work that way. You have to decide then the guidance will come, not before.

This is especially true because this goal of yours is something that is way out of your comfort zone.

The guides are saying, ‘It’s possible if you decide it is. If you want to go the other side of the planet, you just have to start and TRUST that the path will unfold.”

Where is the money going to come from?

“This is not about the money,” your guides are shouting over and over again. They even roll their eyes. “This is about commitment.”

In other words, if you want the money, or the house, it’s out there, but first you’ll have to believe it’s possible, decide, and start taking action.

When I see you making this decision, you discard your apple, walk off the boat into a small life boat and paddle away. The paddle boat was there all along, but you hadn’t been using it.

What this means is that you think the money must come in a specific way, but the truth is that there are other opportunities that are already in your life.

There isn’t one way for you to receive the MONEY you desire, but there are multiple ways for you to receive the house.

Here’s what you do now…

  1. Start by releasing the doubt you have it’s even possible for you to receive the money? You can do this with EFT tapping while using the affirmation, “Even though I have a lot of doubt I can get the money for this house, I love myself fully and completely. I know it’s just resistance and I’m open to letting it go.” Click here for video instructions on how to tap.
  2. Next, commit to your destination to receiving & living in this house. If so, make a declaration statement in the form, “I Have decided to live in a house and I have decided to be confident in my ability to allow this house into my life.” Keep it somewhere you’ll read it every day.
  3. Daily, ask your guides what you need to know about. Just clothes your eyes, ask “What do I need to know about receiving my new house?” and follow through on what you’re receiving if there is action to take.
  4. Be grateful for the guidance you receive and follow through on any nudges you get.

Also, keep an eye out of the unexpected solution…

A few months ago, I worked with a client who also wanted the money for a house, which is something that she’d wanted for a very long time. As we released her blocks, it occurred to her that could rent while she got the money together.

She ended up moving into a beautiful home within a few weeks of the session.

This all happened very quickly because she’d stopped trying to figure out how to get the money and instead allowed herself to receive her true heart’s desire.

That’s it … That’s what the guides wanted you to know.

You’ve had a chance to read what the guides, so now I’m curious. Do you have a big goal you’ve been working on? Did you have any insight as you read?

Can’t wait to hear what you have to say in the comments below.

Much love,



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