Be You. Start Thriving.

I used to try be a workaholic.

I thought that if I worked hard, put my head down, implement marketing strategies, I would have a successful business. I had the same work ethic when it come to mindset and I worked that like crazy too.

I did better than most coaches & healers.

But then I got burned out and the more I tried to be seen as the person I thought I needed to be, the more I felt invisible and the more I hated my business.   And the more I procrastinated and made myself busy with busy work.

Things got so painful I quit.

As I started to look for a job (with a tail between my legs), I started to heal. I let go of being a workaholic and I started to heal. Sometime funny  happy. I had my first $5K month in over 12 months. And then I had another. Things have been getting better ever since.

How did that happen?

I started showing up as me.

That’s all PEOPLE want. I’m a healer and intuitive coach. That’s what I do and what I bring to the world. That’s what I share. I’m here because someone needs it.

It’s not enough to take action to be successful.

You also have to be …

1. Be yourself.

2. Manage your vibration.

3. Rise above your thoughts your mind creates.

4. Clear your blocks.

I know it’s easy said than done.

This is an invitation for YOU & ME to work with together…

There’s no ONE path fits all.

Your path is unique to you. My job as a healer is to help you tap into your TRUTH and take action from a place of integrity. I’m really good at it.   If you’ve never had a healing, let me know and I’ll give you a demo.

So when we work together, it’s a customized plan based on where you are, how you’re progressing and where you’re going. Some of it is mindset. Most of it is a healing journey.

Of course you can ask me anything with respect to business.

Here’s what you need to know …

  • I work with 1-1 clients for 6-12 months.  The reason for this is that this is the amount of time to see results and shifts in your business.
  • This is for you if you’re looking if you want to go from trapped to empowered.
  • Whether you’re looking to find your

Want to know more?

Hop on a call with me and let’s chat. Clicck the button to get started.

Not sure if this is right for you?

Take a leap of faith and join me for a call. We’ll figure out your vision. We’ll figure out what’s holding you back and figure out what the right next step is for you.  If our visions match, great. If they don’t, that’s totally cool!!!!

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Other high-achieving women are out there,  doing what they love, globetrotting with their families to vacation spots they once only drooled over in magazines, and are loving their lives.

It’s your turn.

Step into your power. And unleash it.

Contact me today so we can set your path to POTENTIAL in motion. .

I only work with women who are ready to embrace the power that’s been lying dormant in them. The ones who believe in the power of the Universe and are ready to bring it in through them.

Start the application process by booking a clarity call.


I have to take a moment and give Nathalie Guerin a shout out.

I had a Manifest More session with her this morning and I can’t even explain what an absolutely phenomenal experience it was. We dove so freaking deep and uncovered blocks I didn’t even realize were there. She made me feel completely at ease, both in my laughter and my tears (and trust me, there were tons of both). I feel more grounded, balanced, and centered and am much more ready to put myself out there. I can’t wait to see how things continue to shift in the next few days. If you haven’t had the privilege of a session with her, what are you waiting for? Seriously, book it now.

Kristl Yuen

Clarity, confidence, power, self-worth, inspiration, emotional release, reassurance, self-trust, unconditional love, hope for the future, vision for your life, forgiveness for yourself and others, a new way of seeing your relationships, freedom from fear.

Which of these do you need? Which of these don’t you need?

I found all of them for myself in every session with Nathalie during my 10-week Summon Your Power program.

I read the description and we did the clarity call, but there was no way for me to expect and understand the incredible life-changing impact that the program would have for me as a person. Some changes were immediate and dramatic, but the subtle overall impact of working with Nathalie is still working its way out in the daily difference of how I run my business, treat my partner, interact with my friends, and engage with the world at large.

This is truly core level, visceral work. But don’t be afraid, the work is necessary and the healer is gentle. I cannot recommend Summon Your Power highly enough.

Rachel Schipull,

I have to say I had a session with Nathalie Guerin today!

As a Mindset Coach myself I have done a lot of work on clearing blocks, forgiveness, and stepping into a new way of being, but oh how nice it is to be guided by someone else ha. It was really awesome to be the one being coached.

I realized that I still had some things I was holding on to, and I got emotional during our session. I had some new AHA moments, that brought wonderful things to life!

I believe that every coach needs a coach or mentor!

YOU REALLY can’t try to do it all alone! AMAZIN things happen when you free up energy that doesn’t serve you. It allows you to connect with your true way of being, and operate from who you truly are!

Thank you for a wonderful session!

Kristi Dear

Investing in ongoing 1:1 with Nathalie was one of the best investments I have made in my life. She goes deeper faster than anyone I have ever met and blocks that have crippled me for years were unearthed, healed, and allowed me to move forward. I went from a constant state of anxiety to a deep calm and peace I went from having my dreams riddled with self doubt to feeling overwhelmingly confident about the inevitability of my every desire. Every call was a transformational experience. And In just four weeks, I shifted my mindset, changed up my game plan, healed important relationships, and quadrupled my business income. Invest in Nathalie. It will change your life.

Rocky Callen

When I met Nathalie I had no idea just how much she would rock my soul. Working with her made me a better business owner. She helped me upgrade my mindset and her honest approach led me to some of the deepest work I’ve ever encountered. She is now in my trusted circle of few, and she should be in yours too.

Aliza Stein

“Nathalie’s intuitive ability coupled with her Theta Healing and Coaching, supported me in healing my body. Nathalie held a sacred space during our sessions which assisted me in unlocking deep truths and beliefs – for the first time, I truly saw things for what they were. I will hold onto the wisdom gained during our sessions for a lifetime. I received healing, light, unconditional love and energy from our sessions – a powerful blend of medicine. Nathalie, you have a gift, and I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience it first hand. Namaste.”


If I told you what I just manifested using Nathalie’s techniques you wouldn’t believe me. You see I was told for years that I had to the power to manifest magical things, but I always felt too fearful to even try. I always feared having to tell the universe what I really wanted, not sure why but it was my pattern. Funny enough I ended up working as a supporter in the manifestation industry and just kept letting the art of manifesting pass me by.

That was until I met Nathalie and experienced her vibrational tune-up. I can’t even begin to describe how awesome she is. Nathalie is truly authentic, and gifted. Fast forward a few months and I just manifested the perfect vacation home for my sabbatical in just a matter of a few days. All because Nathalie taught me how to manifest in a way that made the universe listen.


“Just had a session with Nathalie Guerin and I am blown away. What a powerful and beautiful experience. I work with energy every day but I was in no way expecting what I received. That unexpected gift exercise I was playing with yesterday from e cubed? I think the universe just over delivered. Thank you.”

Karishma Kripalani, RCST®