You Deserve SO much More than What You’re Getting Paid

30 Days from now, I’ll prove it.

Your clients are lining up, but you’re still not making the money you want to make to set you free from your day job. You work hard to make sure everyone in the house is taken care of. Your boss loves the work you do at the office, too.

But your dream is to make enough to live a life on the road with your family during the summer, to see Bali or Cancun. To visit the ruins of the Mayans.

And charging what you’re charging now AND working a full-time job isn’t going to get you there.

It isn’t going to grow your business so you can live your dreams and walk away from the cubicle. Forever.

Because you are standing in your way.

I’ll help you step to the side, so you can stop charging pennies. And start charging thousands per session.

Because if you’re going to make that side hustle your main source of income – so you can see the world with your spouse, send your kids to the private schools they deserve, finally trade your Honda in for a Lexus – you need to charge every dollar of what you’re worth.

And once you believe you can, it’s only a matter of time. But first, you have to get there. With me, you will. Sooner rather than later.

It’s all about finding which thoughts are keeping you from asking for the big money. It’s about understanding the value you truly deliver for your clients.

Once you have a reign on those? You will become an unstoppable source of power for your clients and your family.

And your dream? Well, you’ll have to replace it with a new one since you will have finally gotten what you’ve been working for.

“Thank You!!!!
You removed blocks and cleared energy that I hadn’t realized existed.  Working with you has given more confidence in my own business plan, and my purpose.
Nathalie, you are truly blessed in your ability to coach and help others.”
Jennifer J.

Here’s how we do it:

We have two one-hour sessions during our 30 days together. I’ll probe deep into your heart and soul to unearth what’s in your way, mentally and spiritually.

During our sessions, we’ll download abundance meditations, videos, and templates to show us what blocks we need to address.

We’ll power through those ideas, break them down, prove they’re wrong, and REPLACE them with irrefutably correct beliefs about you, your work and the value you deliver.

When we’re done, you’ll revel in your ever-increasing bank balance because you are now 100,935,974% (approx.) sure of who you are and what you deliver.

At the end of our time, you’ll have the plan of action you need to maintain that renewed sense of value. You’ll have cheat sheets to help you continue the work we did.

And you’ll also get 30 days of unlimited email support during our month together to make sure you’re constantly pushing away from the beliefs keeping your bank account small.

The Details

You receive:

Session 1: We will uncover your blocks. From there, we’ll dig up what you’re uncomfortable with and why you’re not asking for more money per client. The session will end with powerful, forward-motion actions you’ll take to maintain your new beliefs, and begin charging what you’re worth.

* What you need to do get paid what you want… what are the elements, so you’re not missing a beat
* Download Abundance Meditation: I download feelings on abundance, cash and affirmations to all of your cells because when it’s instilled in you? You become it’s master
* We’ll also retest client & money beliefs.

Session 2: We’ll follow-through on your prescribed action plan. The session will be focused on clearing the client & money beliefs that still linger.

* Beliefs & Feeling & Downloads. You’ll learn how to test beliefs with muscle testing (this is a proven kinesiology practice to help us find where the breaks are, so we can fix them)
* Checklist of beliefs regarding abundance (cash & clients) and limitations
* Access to office hours for 30 days after the first session.

When your blocks are broken in these ways, there’s nothing left to stand in your way.

“Nathalie, I had no idea what to expect or our time together would like. You were so tender and that made it easy to identify my fears. All I wish is that we had more time together.

Thank you!”


Who is Nathalie?

I’m a former project manager turned manifesting expert. And I help my clients go from wishes to achievements, by helping them experience what abundance feels like in their every cell.

With me, you’ll learn to trust yourself, the Universe, and the work you’re doing. And with that trust comes profit.

If you’ve been watching everyone around you skyrocket in their small business, take this opportunity to launch your own.

I only have five (5) slots available at $497.


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