When Clients Chase You, that side gig? Will finally become your main gig.

(Then you can tell your boss what to do with his job.)

You want to grow. You want to walk away from the cubicle so you can focus on your family – and the career that’s always called to you.

Working weekends, nights and early mornings on your own business, while hustling at a “real” job is suffocating and exhausting.

You need the people you want to work with to find you. You need wake up in the morning and discover emails from clients who are begging to give you their money.

The problem isn’t you. It’s your approach. And I can help you fix that so you don’t have to sweat another month with a barely-there bank balance.

Because when you find the answer, your sweet-spot? They’ll be pulled to you. They’ll wait their turn and work through your waiting list. Because YOU. You are the one they want. Because you are the one they KNOW can help them turn their lives around.

You’ve been unknowingly sabotaging your success as a coach and we are going to knowingly jackhammer through what’s in your way.

“I loved my time working with Nathalie. She is a genuine, accomplished, and reliable healer!!!
I recommend her. If you want someone to help you find and clear the stuff once and for all, she’s your gal.”

Why this works:

Mentally, something is holding you back. Spiritually, you’re blocked. I have a background in releasing both. I’ve done (and do) it for myself and for my clients all the time.

Once your “soft spots” are strengthened and you’re able to live your true spirit, the one that knows exactly zero boundaries, the Universe puts you out there in the places you should be for your ideal clients to find you. And you do it in a way that makes you the object of their desire, someone they know they have to work with.

The Law of Attraction says you attract what you project. I’ll help you project the exact form of you that your clients need – with confidence. In yourself. In the work you do. And in your ability to get results for them.


How this goes down:

Before our session, you’ll receive the Call-In-Your-Clients download and your questionnaire.

Then, when we have one one-hour session, just you and me. I’ll ask power questions to help me identify your blocks. I will address them and teach you to shatter everything in your way through Theta Healing.

Because if anything stands between you and your prospects they’ll intuitively know it, by the way you present yourself and your brand. This will end that.

And while we’re on our call, we’ll do the downloadable Call-In-Your-Clients meditation together to keep you focused, and call in help from the Universe to bring you those people who need you most.

We’ll do some muscle tests (from kinesiology) to help reveal issues creeping into your core.

You’ll also get a video training on the exact steps you need to take to have clients chasing you.

In our one 1:1 time, we will find and release the blocks stopping you from being a soulful magnet for your clients.

You’ll also learn to magnetize your clients by manifesting them (this also helps me see where your fears lie).

We’ll end with cheat sheets and actions steps you take to continue the work we began together.

And we’ll making a call to the Universe for your clients from that point forward. You’ll find your client calendar is packed and you’ll be booking your waiting list.

Don’t worry, though…they’re not going to complain. They’ll be stoked you are that good and they’ll know waiting for you is the only thing to do.

Don’t look longingly at other coaches and wonder how they’re doing it anymore. Supercharge your client magnet with the help of your inner strength, me, and the Universe.

I have only five (5) slots available at $499.


Who am I? Nathalie, a Manifesting Coach to female business. I help them attract  more money and clients into their small online business.

Contact me today, if you have any questions about becoming the ONE coach your prospects need more than their morning Frappucino (extra large, please) by supercharging your client magnet.