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The master class will give you a manifesting boost and help you attract more clients. You’ll love it!

I also know that it can be hard to see your own blocks, which is you might be struggling to manifest more clients. It’s not always so easy to figure  out how to move through out stuff (aka shit) and take action and/or to get the results you desire.

That’s why I created the Manifesting Booster.

You’ll tell me what you want to manifest and I’ll use my intuitive/healing/coaching abilities to give you the manifesting boost that you need.

The gorgeous and amazing copy writer Tania Dakka posted on Facebook after she had her sixth Booster (six? How crazy is that?) .

Can we talk for a sec? Like really have a heart to heart?

I received my SIXTH Booster from Nathalie today. Sixth.

I requested it because I’m looking to expand my waiting list to two months. What I got back from her was shit I didn’t even realize.

She nailed EVERY ONE OF MY BLOCKS. She told me how to clear each one.

That floored me because I didn’t realize the depth of the shit that was stopping me. I just thought it was lack of visibility. A lack of confidence.


Those are the things working in my favor, she said. She told me about the information she was getting regarding the internal feelings that hadn’t occurred to me, but were crystal clear when she mentioned them.

Beyond that?

She said my guides were giving me flowers. And when she told me what “my guides” said? I did not hear her saying the words.

I saw my father putting the flowers in my hand and saying what she said.

Still find myself holding back my tears.

A booster isn’t a booster. It is a looking glass.

A goddamn looking glass through which you see shit you didn’t know you could see.

My business is already booming. But shit’s about to get real.

Thank you, Nathalie.

Tania Dakka

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