Do you have the absolute clarity you need to manifest clients with ease?



What does it really take to manifest clients with ease?

When I first decided to teach Theta Healing, it was because I wanted to learn the modality and because I wanted to make money to take a whole slew of courses. Within eight months, I had manifested more than 40 students and about 25 thousand dollars. It was incredible. Then something funny happening.

Manifesting clients got really hard. All of a sudden, it felt like I was climbing Mount Everest.

Have you ever had a similar experience?

Maybe you got a few clients at the beginning of the business. You weren’t even trying and there they were. Pure magic. Then you decided to focus on manifesting in your business for real and all of a sudden it got hard?
Today I want to tell you this:

It’s totally possible to get back to manifesting clients with ease.

To manifest clients with ease, you need three things.

First, you must have absolute clarity.

You have to know what you want, have decided to manifest and have low resistance to manifesting it in your life.
When I started teaching theta healing, I knew exactly what I wanted. I had zero resistance to allowing it into my life. And I had declared it to the universe and every single one of my friends. When I got back from taking all of those courses, my desire to teach wasn’t as clear. I was exhausted from working full time and I wanted to focus on building my coaching business. My resistance to teaching was high hence the struggle to manifest clients.

Second, you need faith.

You need to believe that what isn’t yet will be.
Faith really means that you have to trust in your abilities, your abilities to choose, the universe, your intuition, and your guidance. It means that you have to see what you want as if it was real. I didn’t know how I would get the money nor how I would get the time off work to go and get trained, I just knew that I would have enough of both. I just knew that I would get trained.

Third, you must take inspired action.

Without action nothing happens.

#1 reason that you stay out of the EASY zone is the “this is too much for me to accept” resistance.

Resistance is created when your unconscious is trying to keep you safe. It might be keeping you from clarity. It might be that you want something more than you want clients (aka FREEDOM, travel).
You might not exactly like where resistance is keeping you, but IT is comfortable. Bottom line, humans resist change.
You don’t have to stay stuck in resistance. You can release it.
The BEST way to start releasing resistance is to admit what you are resisting.
Where ARE you choosing resistance in your life?

Here’s a quick exercise to help you release the resistance you’re experiencing RIGHT NOW.

List all of your answers on a sheet of paper. The more honest you can be about why the resistance, the easier it will be to let it go.
Once you are done with the list, release the resistance to the light with a prayer.
“Dear creator. I thank you for this resistance. I know it’s just trying to keep me safe. I release it to you in the highest and best way. I am done. Thank you.”

Of course it’s not always easy to know what you are resisting.

Resistance by its very nature is there to protect you, so it can easily hide from your conscious mind. But by doing the exercise I suggest above – you CAN bring it into the light, heal it, and RELEASE it. The difficulty in knowing what YOU are resisting is the main reason why I created the Manifesting Booster. You tell me what you want to manifest and I will use my intuitive abilities to show you how to know what blocks are creating resistance.

You will learn what to do when resistance shows up.
In addition, you’ll get a special symbol from your spirit, a mantra, and an intuitive healing –  all to help you manifest what you desire.

Are you ready to release resistance and begin manifesting more clients now?

 Remember to go easy on yourself when your resistance shows up. Give love to your resistance, learn its wisdom, and then release it. Your entrepreneurial journey will be filled with way more expansion, ease and amazing clients this way. 
You are worthy and deserving of all that you desire.

Now I want to hear from you. 

  • Where is resistance showing up for you?
  • Will you try the exercise to release resistance?
  • Have questions about the above?

Let me know in the comments below …


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