Four Easy Money Mindset Shifts



Some people have a knack for manifesting money.

People like Bill Gates and Ophra attract overwhelming amounts.

It’s easy for them.

So why is it so hard for the rest of us?

The answer is simple: mindset. By mindset , I mean everything you believe to be true whether you are conscious of it or not.

What you believe to be true creates your reality.

If you believe that making money as an entrepreneur is hard then you will attract experiences that prove that to be true. If you believe that it takes 2-3 years to build a steady clientele, then that’s exactly what will happen. If you don’t feel worthy of manifesting abundance then you will struggle with money.

“The law of attraction is always working with your mindset. If your mindset is not aligned with abundance, it can’t bring you the financial abundance you desire.”

I like to compare the process of manifesting money to this analogy.

Suppose for a moment that your mindset is water in a gigantic clear glass. Some of the water is really cool and refreshing, but some of it is really muddy. Now imagine that you are standing on one side of the glass and what you want is on the other side.

Although you can’t really see what you really want, you start walking through the glass (yep … we are pretending it’s possible). As you go through the water, you get stuck in the mud and keep losing sight of what it is that you want. And you keep getting lost.

This is exactly what manifesting MONEY is like.

You can kind of see what you want, but your CRAP (aka beliefs) keeps you from reaching it.

Here’s the good news.

You don’t have to clear all of your mindset before you attract MONEY. All you have to do is clear enough of your beliefs to create a clear path between you and your desired abundance.

It starts by creating small money mindset shifts.

Here are 4 shifts you can implement right now to get started.

1# Appreciate what you already have.

2# Write down a list of all the reasons why you deserve and are worthy of money.

3# Do your day with the confidence of someone who has money (there’s no reason you can’t have it right now).

#4 Start loving the game of making money rather than the money itself.

The only thing standing between you and your financial abundance is your mindset.

Clear it. By the way, that’s what I do with my clients (click HERE to learn more).

Now I want to know?

What’s your favorite way to create a mindset shift in your life? Tell me in the comments below.

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