How to Let Go of Your Attachment to the Outcome?

If you aren’t manifesting what you desire (whether it’s money, clients, and/or love), I’m willing to bet that you are holding on to the outcome too tightly.

If you want to manifest what you desire, you must let go of your attachment to the outcome. Otherwise you will fall into feelings of frustration & despair. When this happens, your focus is not having rather than having. You are in the wrong vibration. When you feel this way, all you get is more of what you don’t want.

Yes it sucks. And that’s how the law of attraction works.

The only way to raise your vibration is to let go. It’s the only way to start manifesting again.

Want to know how to let go?

Click play on the video. You’ll learn 3 easy steps to let go of your attachment to the outcome.


Remember … letting go is an art.   Keep practicing.


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  1. Cristina
    Cristina says:

    :) i was preparing my manifestation list for tonight’s webinar with Vianna Stibal on Manifestation and Divine Timing, when I received in my email your message about manifestation & letting go:). thank you! :)


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