How to manifest like a Pro – Part 2 of 3

Law of Attraction on Blackboard with Words

Law of Attraction on Blackboard with Words

Last week, we talked about how to make what a list of what you want. If you haven’t had a chance to do that yet, click here to find out how. This week, we’re going to talk about how to actually ask the universe for what you want.

When you ask the universe for what you want, it brings it every time. (Click to tweet).

It happened to one of my clients.

When she came to see me, she was barely making enough money to survive. Throughout our time together, I kept seeing an accountant as her guardian angel. I told her about it and discovered she hadn’t done her taxes in a while because she was afraid of how much she might owe. She left the session with the intention of getting them done.

Turns out, she didn’t have to pay taxes at all. In fact, she got a refund. She finished with $8,500 in her pocket. Pretty sweet.

What would you do with $8,500?

If the idea of asking the universe sounds weird or too woo-woo for you, take this as a challenge to ask anyway. No one is comfortable asking at first. The good news is it gets easier over time.

There are lots of ways to ask. My tip is to pick one that makes you somewhat comfortable.

Find a way that works for you.

Some people think you have to meditate for yours on what you want. In actuality, you only have to spend a minutes every day asking for what you want. I do it seven days a week, in early evening. It’s what works for me.

The first option is to use to a guided meditation. You shouldn’t have a problem finding one on the internet. Feel free to download mine here. It’s called “Manifest More. Yes You can” and takes less than 15 minutes.

Another option is to follow these next 4 steps.


Step 1: Make a List of What you want

If you have your list, take it out here.

If you don’t have one, check out last week article here to create one.


Step 2: Raise your Vibration

Your vibration represents the strength of the energy coming out of you. The higher your vibration, the more you attract what you want. The more your vibration matches what you want, the easier is to attract it.

Translation? The better you feel, the easier it is to attract what you want.

You can choose hard emotions like anger and sadness, but they won’t help you manifest what you want. Go for joy and love – feel good.


So, to raise your vibration, ask yourself what makes you feel good. Then go do it.

If you aren’t sure, here are five things you can do right now to raise your vibration.

  • Take 10 deep breaths. In through your nose on the count of 4, hold for 4, and exhale for 4. Increase the count by one with each round.
  • Play music that makes you happy. This one takes about 2-3 minutes to do.
  • Run or do 10 jumping jacks. Moving not only gets your heart pumping, it also raises your vibration.
  • Send love and appreciation. Spend 5-10 minutes sending love and appreciation to everything. Thank your chair. Be grateful for your clients – even a lack of clients because it gives you free time. The goal is to find the good in everything.

Do what makes you feel better for as long as you like. If you already do something in your day that makes you feel better, like yoga or running, add the next two steps after you finish.

Step 3: Speak your request aloud

Now that your vibration is up, take your list lout and say the following.

  • Repeat this 3 times: “Energy of creation, I demand your help in co-creating my desires with me.” Demand is a strong word for most of us. Use it. It’s your birthright.
  • Read your list aloud three times. Replace “I want” with “I have.” This creates a tune-up in the vibration of what you are attracting. If you want, you attract wanting. If you have, you attract having.
  • Repeat this 3 times: “Energy of creation, thank you for co-creating with me. It is done. It is done. It is done. Show me.”


Step 4: Go about your day

Focus on what you are doing. Keep taking action toward your goals. Next week, I’ll go deeper. For now, focus on taking action.


If it is, try it anyway. Let the universe surprise you.

So there are the 4 steps to ask the universe for what you want. Get clear on your list, raise your vibration, make a verbal request then let go and focus on working toward your goal.


You’ve got this.

Next week, I’ll talk to you about what you need to after you let go.
I want to know.

What’s your favorite way of asking the universe? Let me know in the comments.

What did the universe surprise you?




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