How to Manifest When You’re Filled with Doubt and Fear

You can let doubt and fear stop you from showing up in your business. Or you can accept that it’s part of the process and do good work anyway.

Self-doubt makes us surf Facebook and stalk blogs of women we admire. It makes us put together websites and only occasionally tell people what we do (and then take a day to recover from the anxiety).

It stops us from doing what we need to do to succeed – because we’re so sure we aren’t good enough.

Not being visible. Not following your heart. Not promoting yourself. Giving up far too easily.

Self-doubt and fear get in the way of manifesting clients and cash.

For me, that meant taking a full year to grow my list to 100 subscribers – and most were friends and family. My website was flat. Truth be told, I kind of didn’t like being in business.

But the moment I started to let my heart guide me, instead of fear and doubt, things started to change.

I have five-figure months. I’m totally in love with the work I do, how I show up and how I help people. My list continues to grow, as does my audience and client base.

Still, I want to give more. It feels awesome.

When you let your heart guide you, instead of fear and doubt, you manifest a business you love.

I know it’s easier than done. That’s why I want to bring you my top three tips for getting shit done when you are filled with self-doubt. Because it doesn’t have to get in the way.

Tip 1: Send the FEAR and Doubt to the Couch to watch TV.

I used this tip all the time with my clients.

Whenever my clients are overwhelmed by fear and doubt, I ask them to imagine the fear and doubt as a light. Then I ask them to imagine this light coming out of their heart into a brilliant ball of light. Then I ask them to send it to the couch to watch TV. Whenever clients do this, they are able to separate themselves from the fear and bring their awareness elsewhere.

I also use this trick whenever I teach people how to do angel readings. Whenever I announce the exercise, the room goes completely quiet and the tension goes up. In other words, fear and doubt. After putting the fear and doubt on the couch, 99 percent of them are able to do the reading. I have to tell you it’s always an honor to watch them do something that just a minute believed to be impossible. It’s magical.
Next time you experience fear and doubt, give a try.

TIP 2: Take baby steps outside your comfort zone.

Noting happens without action, so it’s important to actually start doing even if they are just baby steps even there is doubt and fear.

What can you do to stretch yourself just a little bit outside your comfort zone?

A friend of mine wanted to do motivational talks, but he was afraid of talking to strangers. He started by going to the park and asking strangers for the time. Then he started striking up conversations with complete strangers. One baby step at a time, he finally made his way to motivational speaking. Now he speaks to an audience of 30 or more every single week.
What would stretch you outside your comfort zone?

Not sure, what about?

  • Tell 15 people what you do in your business.
  • Ask 15 people to tell you what your top three qualities are.
  • Ask at least five women you know to interview them for your business.
  • Send a promotion to your list.

I want to know… what will you do stretch yourself outsize your comfort zone today.


TIP 3: Dig, appreciate, release, do.

Digging is the process of figuring out the real issue.

It’s never about the fear or doubt itself. There’s always something underneath that’s even more important. For me, it’s like a brick wall. Your current fear is a top brick. You can take it off, but you still have the rest of the wall to deal with. It’s much more efficient to actually dig and find the bottom brick and clear that one.

The best way to dig is to get curious and yourself the five W questions.

Here’s an example:

I’m afraid to ask clients to interview them. Why are you afraid? Because they will say no. What happens then? I will feel feed bad, like I did something wrong. What happens when you do something wrong? I get punished. What’s the worst part about being punished? I’m get locked in my room. What happens then? I’m separate from everyone.  The real fear is the fear of being separate.

Once you find the real issue, you must appreciate and release it.

There’s lots of techniques to release a fear, but EFT works well (google it). When I work with clients, I use techniques from Theta Healing (energy healing modality).

If you need help to do this, get it. It’s well worth the investment.

Follow up with action.

However you deal with it, don’t forget to actually following with doing. Without action, nothing happens.

It’s not possible to have zero doubt or fears, but you deal with them determines how good you are at manifesting cash and clients.
I’ve just given you three ways to deal with tips. You can send off to watch TV, ignore it and take baby steps or you can go a little deeper.

Your fears are holding you back from manifesting more clients now. Here’s how to fix that. Take my FREE training. Click here to get your access.

Which fear are you facing today? Which tip will you use to help you face it? The soon you deal with it, the sooner you will manifest what you’ve been dreaming off.

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  1. Maida
    Maida says:

    I do what I can to take baby steps and also to go beyond my comfort zone. I really need to do more digging though and I agree that that will help me a great deal as well.


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