Making a list and checking it twice…

If you’re feeling frustrated, discouraged and/or hopeless because you’re not manifesting your desires quickly enough, then read every word below.

The other day I was making a list of all the dreams I’d ever manifested, which I created because I wanted to raise my vibe.

I still can’t believe I once got on a plane to Bangkok with $9K in travelers checks with no return ticket. Or that I sat on the ground taking pictures of Mount Everest from the North base camp.

It’s even more amazing to me that a girl with dyslexia could write a book.

If you’ve never done a dream list, create it. It feels good!!!! And it will remind you of the magic of the Universe!

As crazy as most of those dreams were, they all had one thing in common.

They were easy – this despite the fact that I once thought that they were impossible.


As I reviewed the list, it hit me.

Each dream on that list was a true heart’s desire (aka something I really wanted) and I’d made a clear decision to make them a reality.

Know Your Heart’s Desire + Decision + Inspired Action ⇒ Speeds UP Receiving

By the way, that’s the secret formula to manifesting.

Are you clear on your heart’s desire? Have you made a decision to manifest it?

Clarity of desire means having freedom from ambiguity, which clears your vibration to receiving inspired action from the Universe, which leads to taking the path of least resistance.

Unfortunately, clarity isn’t always so easy.

Fears, doubts, limiting beliefs, conflicting desires all get in the way of you having the clarity you need to manifest with ease.

If you want to speed up your manifesting, get clear.

Here’s what you do now…

#1 Make a list and check it twice (okay, that’s cheesy but I can’t help myself).

Make a list of everything you want to be, have, do in each of the following categories: health, work, business, money, love, relationships, travel, home, stuff, etc.Get as detailed as you can. Feel free to add categories.

#2 Make sure that everything on that list is a heart’s desire.

If something on your list doesn’t feel good to you, change it to something that does feel good or remove it.

#3 Decide when you’ll review & update the list.

Reviewing your list periodically keeps it fresh and front-of mind. I like to do mine once a month.

Decide when you’ll do it and put it in your calendar.

Once you’re complete, jump over to Nathalie’s Masters of Manifesting and let us know what’s on your list so we can cheer you on!

If you need a bit more help getting clear on what you want, you’ll be able to get it in The Manifesting Miracle Society. It’s my new membership site where you’ll have access to countless resources, a soul tribe, and me. Doors open December 1st .

If you have a question about the exercise, let me know in the comments.

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