Manifesting Tip: Avoid manifesting clients for money!



Should you manifest clients for money?  

It’s a question that was recently asked in Manifest Money Bootcamp.

It’s a great one.   Stop manifesting clients for money.  

When you manifest clients for money, you are telling the universe how the money should come to you.   Why is this a problem?

First, you are closing yourself off to all kinds of beautiful opportunities.

What if the universe wants to bring you the perfect job or the lottery?

You aren’t responsible for the how. Let the universe bring you what you need in the highest and best way. Be open to following your intuition and allowing it to guide you to the universe’s offering.  

Second, when you ask for clients from a place of need, you lower your vibration.

This can actually push your clients away because need doesn’t exactly bring joy.

Ask for clients from a place of desire. Desire brings joy. Joy makes manifesting easy as pie.   Now I’m not saying not to manifest clients. I’m saying manifest clients and manifest money, but don’t make them dependent on each other. Let the universe figure out how.  

Here are 5 steps to follow to do so:  

  1. Ask for money – but only in the amount that you actually desire.

  2. Ask for all the things you would do with the money. Everything on your list should excite you.

  3. Ask for clients if you want to work with clients. Use a range instead of a fixed number.

  4. Follow your intuition, when you get an idea, take inspired action and work towards your goal.

  5. Keep your vibration up doing things that feel good every day.

That’s my tip for the week. What do think? Let me know in the comments.

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