• Done for You Funnels That Convert

Done for You Funnels That Convert

Is driving to design/build your funnel driving you nuts? Like you can’t figure out what pages go where. Or maybe you’re struggling to figure out what to write on those pages. 


Perhaps you’ve built a lead magnet, a webinar, or a challenge funnel, and you’re struggling to attract leads and turn those leads into clients. 

I get it. It’s frustrating. 


90%-95% of funnels end up in the FUNNEL graveyard.

Funnels can help you GROW your business, but BUILDING one that converts is hard.

First, you need a solid offer!

You need to understand who you serve, what problem you solve, and your BIG promise. It’s simple, but most coaches, especially transformational ones, struggle to get clear. They just don’t have a clear offer.

Once you have your offer, that’s when things get complicated.

  • You have to pick and implement a SIMPLE strategy that allows you to attract leads and convert them into clients as quickly as possible.
  • Then you have to write and build your funnel. Even with templates, making it look pretty can be a real pain in the butt. 
  • Then you got to test, tweak, and repeat. 
  • Get better at sales and the “right” mindset to turn leads into buyers!!

It’s a bit like playing Jenga. It seems super complicated, and if you make a false move, the whole thing crumbles. It’s why most funnels never see the light of day.

I am the right person to help you design and create a funnel that will lead to SALES.

I’ve spent years taking courses from gurus, trying out campaigns, learning funnels, building them, and running traffic. I made many mistakes, learned a lot, and figured out what works.

Combine that with my 18 IT years in IT, and I know how to ask the right questions, create a plan, and guide you to success. 

As an ADDED BONUS! We’ll also take a look at your sales + mindset, and guide you to what needs to be done to succeed. 

Ready to get a funnel that converts to $$? 

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