Valuable Manifesting Lessons from a Hike

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Trying to Manifest is a Lot Like a Hike I did Where I Almost Drowned!

When the bus dropped us off in the middle of Costa Rica in rainy season, I didn’t know much about the hike I was expected to do. All I knew, was it was the start of a four-day hike. As soon as I saw the top of the mountain, I started to wonder if I could do it. 

Nope – that’s not quite right. I had those thoughts on the bus. It doesn’t matter how easy or hard a hike is, I always have those thoughts.

After replacing our hiking shoes with rubber boots, we headed off into the trail. Turns out hiking in rubber boots is superbly comfortable! It didn’t take long before my heart started to pound of out my chest.  

Once again, I wondered if I could really do this hike, was I in over my head or just having momentary doubts? How does everyone else make it look so easy? A while later, it started to rain. It rained so hard that our jackets didn’t really keep us dry. I had water in all crevices of my body. It wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences but I was determined to keep going.

Then we got to a stream.

I hate streams! I’ve got many talents, but crossing streams easily and gracefully isn’t one of them. As soon as I step on the rocks and stones, I become terrified of moving and falling into the water (that’s usually where I end up).

I was a little more than half-way when the guide called my name and asked if I wanted help. “Nope. I’m good!” Then he jumped into the water and grabbed my hand and started yelling “RUN!”  He pulled me to the bank and pushed me up to the embankment. My whole body went stiff. Was there a leopard running behind me-what the heck? I didn’t ask questions, I just ran! No one else was running.

I stopped running and turned. It’s only then I saw the problem: FLASH FLOOD!

The stream had turned into a raging river. That was a close call!

I sat there shaking for a good five minutes.  If the guide hadn’t pulled me out, I would have been swept down the river and most likely would have drowned. I’m a good swimmer, but I’m not sure I would have survived the waterfalls. As soon as I was calm enough, I stood up and kept walking. One foot after the other to the top of the mountain.

Manifesting clients is a lot like that hike in Costa Rica.

  • Half the time, I’m doubting whether or not I can actually manifest clients.
  • I constantly wonder why it’s so easy for others to manifest clients and not for me.
  • There’s never a clear path to clients. I get coaches to show me the way, but I still have to rely on instincts.
  • There are moments of true alignment and clients come to me easily.
  • More often than not, I keep getting hit with challenges to test my resolve. No matter what, I keep taking action and keep moving forward.
  • Marketing and writing copy are two skills that remind of the stream. I know how to do them, but man do they take forever. And boy do I lose productivity as I do them.
  • When I least expect it, I get hit with flash floods of fears and doubts.

  As hard as the hike was in Costa Rica, I also learned some valuable lessons. They’ve served me well in manifesting clients. I hope they will help you as well. I hope they help you too.  

First, keep taking one step after another.

It doesn’t matter how far the top of the mountain is or how close you are. If you take enough steps, you will eventually get there.  IF you stop taking steps, it will take you longer to get there.   All it takes is a little bit of faith that you will eventually get there!  

Second, you don’t have to do it all alone.

IT’s true that you can get a business coach or a whole package, but most of the time, all you need is a little bit of help to get across the rough patches. The Manifesting Booster is designed to give you a helping hand to get you from struggling and stuck to inspired and earning money. It’s easier than you think. The BOOSTER is not something you are going to find anywhere else.

I use my intuitive abilities to connect to the energy of creation, your guides, and you to figure out what you need to manifest clients. As woo-woo as it is, it’s also down to earth and practical.   At $77, it won’t break the bank and you’ll be free and clear to start manifesting clients.

Not only with you learn what is blocking you from manifesting, you’ll learn what you have to do to clear it.   You’ll get practical tools. Of course you’ll get a mantra to help you a manifest, as well as a symbol from your guides. And you’ll be showered with vibrations of unconditional love.


Manifesting clients isn’t a straight line. It takes effort. You get dirty. You may laugh. You may cry. But if you take enough steps and ask the right people for help, you will eventually get there.  

Now – I’d love to know:

  • What’s your experience been like when working with clients?
  • When do you most commonly get stuck?
  • What’s your favorite way to get unstuck?

Comment in the blog below!  



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