{Intuitive Monday} Connection

It’s time for another Intuitive Monday. It’s honestly my favorite day of the week. 

When I ask God what you need to know, I see you the word “connection”. 

You’re standing in a circle, but the energy is flowing through you. You are feeling disconnected.  When you do that, you get stuck in fear and lack. If you’re not careful, it’s a spiralle downward. 

It’s time to shift your energy.

Connection starts with you and when you reconnect to your truth, you’ll be back on your way to being of service and living your purpose. 

Here’s a quick exercise to help you do this: 

  • Where are you feeling disconnected? Life, business, clients, offers, money, relationship? Just pick one area. Maybe you’re just feeling disconnected from yourself and you’re wanting to reconnect. 
  • Take a sheet of paper and write down a statement that connects you to this thing that makes you feel disconnected. “I feel disconnected from ABC.”   
  • Touch the paper and feel the connection. Touch and release. For 10-minutes. Just feel what it feels like and let go.  Repeat the process. 
  • Journal about your experience and any ah-ha’s that you’ve had.  What’s it like to be in connection? What thoughts do I have when I’m connection? What do I feel?
  • Choose to feel connection. Repeat the following allowing, I want to feel connected to ABC. I choose to feel ABC. I have ABC. I am ABC.” Once you get there, feel your heart and let the connection sink in.

Try it and let me know how it goes – 


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It all boils down to one thing – releasing resistance!!!  

Okay two things.. managing your mindset. ;) 

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Not sure it’s right for you? What will energy healing look like? How will this help you? That’s just resistance. So choose right now to let go it and book your call. 


See you on the call, 


So I just had a birth day and I spent I spent it with my twin for the first time in 25 years. ;) It was awesome and weird all at the time same time. I’m truly blessed to have this MAN has my twin. Now if I could actually get him to cut my hair (he’s a high-end hair designer).  

Usually at this time I get really introspective and I see what hasn’t changed. 

But this year, I’m seeing what has changed. 

I’m BEING rather than trying to be. 

Instead of wondering if I’m doing it right, or saying the right thing to not upset anyone, I’m just being me. It’s enough.  

This morning I decided to share a little bit more of ME with you. 

Every Monday, with my private 1-1 clients, I give them an intuitive message via Voxer. I just check inn with Source and ask what they need to know. I LOVE doing it even though I always get a little nervous because what if they think it’s weird. 

To some people, it is WEIRD. 

So what? 

This is part of what I’m being called to do and it FEELS bloody good (yes, that’s a sign).  So here’s yours for today … 

What you need to know…


You have more beauty within you than you know.
You don’t have to do more, have, be more.
You are more.

Let it out.
Don’t have clients yet?
Don’t make enough money?
Don’t have a partner?

So what…

You are more beautiful than anything you can create.

That’s because it comes from the inside out.

Let it out.

What would it feel like to find your voice & live your truth? 

How would that impact your relationships, clients, business? 

It would be AMAZING!!!! 

Now I also created a little something called BEEING to help you do just that. It’s been a long time since I’ve been this excited about a program. 

Click the link to check out all the details and let me know what you think… 

==> http://nathalieguerin.com/beeing/

Much love,