Need a little pick me up for depression?

If you’re struggling with depression or low-vibration, this week’s message from God is for you. 

It will help you rise into purpose, passion and aliveness. 

Before I go there, 

I want to tell you that I have a HUGE surprise for you coming in the comings weeks. I’ve not been this excited about anything in YEARS. You’re going to love it. 

All I’m going to say is that ​​it’s going to help you take back your power and truly come alive.   

Yes! That’s a total teaser! ​​​

Back to the message from God … 

When I connect with your energy and when I asked God what you need to know, 

I see you standing on the side of a HUGE crater. I’m shown that you must go down the crater. 

When you do go down, you come face to face with the part of you that is DEPRESSION. 

I’m told to tell you that it’s not all of you, just a part of you. It’s not all of you. And then I hear the words… 


If you want to feel better, find a way to forgive & love that part of yourself. Only then will the emotion pass and make room for new emotions.

So here’s how you can do this … 

  • Start by feeling your emotions. Write down the statement, “I am depressed,” and read it aloud repeatedly until you feel the emotion in your body.  
  • Ask yourself what’s the worst part about depression? What happens then? What happens then? Do a bit of a digging work to find the pit. It’s not going to feel good.
  • Once you’re there, ask yourself, “What does it mean about you? This could be that you’re broken, something is wrong with you. It’s a core belief. How has this served you in your life?
  • Once you’ve learned what it’s teaching you, forgive the depression. Connect with the emotion and repeat,  “I forgive you. I’m sorry. Thank you. I love you,” until you feel truly make peace with depression. By the way, this is ho’oponopono prayer. 


Try it and let me know how it goes. 

A bit of a disclaimer … 

I’m not a doctor.  If you’re experience symptoms of depression, please consult with a medical professional. This exercise is one that I use to help shift out of a depressive state and get back into my power. It will help you provide a shift that you need and it’s not a replacement for medical advice. 

Much love – 



7 ways a healer can help you expand your business

So I asked for guidance this morning as to how I can best help you today and I was guided to let you know how I can help you.

But I give you value? They know what!

That was my ego trying to keep me small. When I asked for guidance, I was shown that I’m hiding behind that. Yes, I give value, but people don’t know what I do and if they don’t know that I do, you can’t guide them to take another step.

So today I’m sharing with you 7 ways I can help you manifest a life & business you love.

What you need to know…

As a coach & Theta Healing®, I’ve had an opportunity to work with thousands of clients over the years. This is deep visceral work and it’s transformative.


Sure, I’ll connect to your energy via the energy of creation, but we’ll do the session together. That means that we do talk and you’re actively engaged in the sessions.  Sometimes I’ll also talk to your guides, angels, and source to look into the future.  I never know where a session will go until it happens.

Will it work for everyone?

One thing that I can’t know is the results you are going to get from a session. Sometimes it’s exactly what you wanted & sometimes it’s better.

You have to think of these sessions a catalyst that starts a chain reaction. I used to think that because I couldn’t guarantee results, this was not worth the time.

But the truth, this is no different than when you follow a business coach.

My greatest mistake as an entrepreneur was to follow them blindly. I was giving my away and not relying on my own guidance. The KEY here is to learn from others, but lead with your essence.


So here are 7 ways I help my clients …

  • For example, I had MOM last week who was struggling to get anything done. She knew what she had to do, but she was bombarded with distractions. When we worked together, we discovered that she felt between to share her time between her kids & her work. We did some healing around that and she got back to work right away.


  • Clarity is knowing what you want and making a decision to go after it. 95% of true clarity is what slows entrepreneurs down. You need something to shoot for. Clarity = Break through. That’s exactly what happened with a client a few weeks ago during a break through call. She went out and sold her first premium package.


  • Now visibility, being heard, and playing full out are a Biggy when it comes to entrepreneurs. What are people going to think? Can I really charge that? What if they don’t like me? That’s just the surface level stuff. When you get into it, you find the real reasons that are keeping you from being YOURSELF.


  • Asking for the sale. Getting paid what you’re worth. Dealing with rejection. I’m not a sales expert, but I have made sales (more than 150K since I started my business) and I’m an expert at helping you get out of your own way. That’s why clients like Rocky were to quadruple their sales after just a few sessions.


  • Manifesti Whether you want more health, better relationships, more money, more discovery calls, 98% of the time, the reason you don’t manifest what you desire is your energy. Your energy leads to how you feel, your thoughts and dictate the actions you take or don’t take. It also dictates what you receive (Yes, it’s all about YOU). Last week I worked with a woman on the relationship with her kids. The next day, she was shocked that her daughter reached out and treated her with respect.


  • Tap into divine guidance.  MOST people don’t trust themselves, let alone their divine guidance. Heck, they can’t even tap into “it”. Learning to tap into it, learning to trust it yourself is KEY to taking the path of least resistance. I don’t know what’s best for you, only you do. TRUST YOURSELF.


  • Doing energy healing is great, but how do you manage your mindset & vibration on a daily basis. SHIT happens and your ability to keep your momentum through out is key. I’m not talking about being happy all the time. It’s about making peace with where you are, letting the energy flow and getting back into momentum. Only then will you be able to tap into your divine guidance.


Any questions? Hit reply and let me know.

I’m also starting to do more intuitive readings and physical healings. I’m just not sure how to incorporate this into my business model (it’s okay not to have it all figured it out).

If you want to get a taste of what this feels like, join me for the Unleash Your Goddess Challenge.

We start tomorrow.

Click the link to get all the details and sign-up.


Much love,




P.S. If you want to bi-pass the challenge and just get on with it, I invite you to join for a complimentary break through call. We’ll talk about what you want, what holds you back and how to move forward. If it’s a good fit, I’ll invite you into one of my programs. Click here to apply.

How to believe in yourself when you’ve lost confidence?

This week I decided to create a new episode of Tap Into the Universe and talk about the million dollar question…

How to believe in yourself when you’ve lost confidence?

If you’re a mission driven entrepreneur, you’re doing this work because there’s within you that just says this is your path. It’s not always easy, but you’re determined to make it work.

I am the same as you.

As a healer, I get to work with helping entrepreneurs find their confidence & voice so that they can have the impact that they came here to make, make more money all creating a life they love.

I believe that the answers are within you and are provided to you by infinite intelligence.

But you can’t access if you don’t believe anymore …

Do you still believe?

I’m not talking about hope hope or even logic. I know you know that you can eventually figure this out. I know you have some hope and you can logically see that it’s possible. I’m talking about what’s really in your heart? For me, this sounded like: Something is wrong with me, marketing never works. I’d stopped believing was possible and I’d stepped into entrepreneurial hell.

Know what I mean?  

So I’m going to tap into the energy of creation and see what it wants us to know. If you’re reading this, it’s because there’s something in this that you need to know.

The vision that I am shown is one of you in a whirl pool and the plug has been taking down at the bottom. You’re going with the current, but you have no control your actions.

What this means ..

The reason you’ve stopped believing in yourself is that you believe you no longer have any control. It’s all bigger than you and you can’t do anything about it.

The truth is that you are a CREATOR …

You have potential to create anything. You wouldn’t have a dream otherwise.

You’re trying to make the flow go the other way. STOP. As soon as you stop pushing against it, the water will stop and most likely drain out.

So here’s what you do now…


Just be. Stop trying to change things. Feel where you are and allow it to be without judgement.

It won’t take long before you can breathe again. As soon as you do, you will be receiving inspired action and you’ll start to flow again.

Sometimes this takes a few seconds and sometimes it takes a few days.

Your mantra for this week,

“It’s all good. It will all sort itself out. I don’t have to fight it. It just is.”

Practice it whenever you feel like everything is going haywire and you’ve stopped believing.

What this all means is this …

At the end of the day, believing in yourself is a choice. That is within your control. Trust that you will know how to it out. Trust that the Universe wants you to succeed.

To be clear here, I’m not telling that it’s easy. It’s a practice. TRUST is a choice. Most of the time, healing is required for you to this. You also need to work on your mindset.

That’s what I help my clients do.

It gets you in alignment so your actions can work. Without that alignment, no amount of business strategy & tactic will ever allow you to succeed at the level you’re capable of.

If you’re ready to stop feeling like you’re drowning and you’re ready to get back in the flow of receiving, join me for a break through call.

Click the following to apply ==>

Calls are extremely limited over the next few days, so if you want one, grab one.

Should you always trust your gut?

Don’t trust your gut …

I remember like it was yesterday…

For three days, I’d been inspired to update my webinar funnel and when I finally pushed PLAY on the Facebook ads, I was sure this was my path to SUCCESS. I had visions of clients & money rolling in. I was sure this was my way to a break through.

And then, something funny happened.

My gut started screaming, “THIS WILL NEVER WORK!!!! TURN OFF THE ADS!”

I believe in listening to my intuition, so boy was I confused about to do.

Was this just fear? Was it my ego driving it? Was it divine inspiration?

I lasted about three days before I caved and turned the whole thing off. It turned out it was just my EGO trying to keep me safe.

And that’s why you should never listen to your gut …

Well not until you’ve dropped into your heart and check where it’s coming from.

If the thought comes from your head and you’re sitting in stress, struggle, lack, anxiety, fear then this “gut” feeling is your EGO trying to keep you safe and you shouldn’t listen.

If the thought comes from your heart & inner being, it’s divine guidance and YOU should most definitely act on it.

I realize that it’s not always easy to know which is why, which is why I created a meditation called, “Go Up & Ask God,” as part of Unlock the Money Box.

I’m making it available for the next few days so that you too can learn to tap into YOUR intuition guidance and become the Goddess Rising you truly are.

Click here to have a listen …

You have all the answers within you, this will help you tap into that.

You’ve got this Goddess Rising 

How failure nearly crushed me

Have you ever failed?


When I asked Creator what I should share with you today, I heard tell them about my brush with failure. “Tell them the truth,” is what I hear.

ARG? NO!!!!!

That was initial reaction because I really don’t want to talk about my biggest failure.

But I’m doing this 90-day thing where I check where my inspiration comes from and I act on everything that comes from source. It’s an experiment and so far, the results have been pretty incredible. I’d forgotten how fun business could be.

I TRUST that by sharing you might find the inspiration or even the courage to take another step in your journey.

I’ve always believed that mindset is important, but I also thought that if I worked hard and did what people told me to do, I would be able to have an impact and live my purpose.


Strategies & tactics work for so many people, but I couldn’t ever get any kind of lasting result. I would get bursts.

The process of “trying” & failing over and over again CRUSHED ME.

I was so confused. What was wrong with me?

I kept pushing harder and harder until I couldn’t do it anymore. By August last year, I spent days on end on the couch binge on Netflix until I could shake off the depression and muster up the strength to get in the “ring” again.

I was totally burned out and getting worse by the day .

My pile of debt didn’t help nor did the near constant isolation from working from home. It really didn’t help that the reason their formula’s didn’t work is that I was looking to fail.  How can anyone think that? This is my life’s purpose, we’re talking about. I have a desperate crazy need to succeed.

Then “it” got worse…
Last November, I went to bed one night and for the first time in twelve years, dark & suicidal thoughts were back.

In all honesty, it’s the last thing I expected.  It brought me to an all time low.

By the end of December, I’d made the decision to quit in 30-days if nothing else changed.


Six months later, my life is completely different. I’m receiving divine inspired idea’s. I’m trusting my intuition. I’m loving me. My business if fun. I’m loving my clients and I’m excited about what’s to come. I’ve started to let go of the control…


… and the money has followed with more ease than I could have ever imagined.

Here are my top learnings from the last year …

1) Check-in and see where the inspiration is coming from. When I’m stuck in fear, my “inspiration” comes from that place and is usually filled with pain. I’ve learned to connect to my source energy and check. If it’s coming from source, it’s the right thing to do.

2) You never know where inspiration will take you. This is the dreaded let go of the how. For example, I was “inspired” to look for a job. Little did I know this wasn’t about getting a job at all, it was about me getting clear that there’s no way I’m doing that again. It helped me commit to my dream.

3) Act from a place of a service instead of a need to make money. This has shifted my priorities and put it back on the reason I do this in the first place. It allows me to  trust the inspiration. If it’s being of service, the money will follow because of course the Universe wants me to succeed.  

4) Get help, but not any kind of help, the right kind. In the process I gave up the notion that a business can be built in 30-days, it can’t. MAYBE, but I’m it for the long haul. I’m now part of 3-year long masterminds. If you’d told me that a year ago, I would told you were nuts.

Now that you’ve had a chance to read all of that … tell me what is one thing that you take away from this? Hit reply and let me know.

If you’re struggling and you’re ready to get to the next level, I want to invite you to join for a Goddess Rising Breakthrough session.

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The most amazing part about all of this? I’m in the process o everything I laid out on my vision board at the beginning of the year!!!!

That wouldn’t have happened if I kept trying to do things alone.  Don’t make the same mistake I did. If you’re serious about living up to your potential and having the impact you came here to make, join me for this complimentary breakthrough call here.

Much love,



What kind of horse do you want to be?

I remember the day like it was yesterday. 

My mom loaded all of four of us kids and drove us to a place where did they horse treks. 

Being 8, I’m excited, my heart is jumping out of my chest and can’t believe my luck as I picked my white horse with brown spots. 

We climbed on, put our feet in the stirrups and got on our way. Horse after horse just following the guide. If you’ve ever done this, you know that my only job was to sit there – I was doing absolutely nothing, but sitting there. 

Everything was going well until… 

My horse decided to hang a left and go down the ravine. With my feet in the stirrups, I grabbed the closest tree and held on for dear life and that’s where I stayed until HELP came. 

Now what the heck am I telling you do this? 

Because you’re not meant to follow the leader – you’re meant to create your own PATH. 

One of the biggest mistakes I’ve made, and one I see many smart beautiful women making in business, is following the leader telling you that there’s magic formula’s.  Follow me and you’ll succeed in the next XX days.  

But it doesn’t work that way… 

We all need to learn from one our leaders, but then we need to make a LEFT when it’s right for us even when they say, “that’s not part of our system.” 

It can get tricky because how do you know if it’s NOT fear getting in the way? The solution is to quiet your mind and just reconnect with your connection to Source energy. Go up to God and ask. You can also journal this out. 

Now even if you end up taking a left and holding to a tree for dear life, the Universe will be there to support you. 


In case you’ve missed it, Unlock the Money is available in pre-release at a HUGE discount. Click the link to get all the details and check it out. 


Have a question? Hit reply and let me know. 

Dead last …

Today I wanted to share a quick story about how I finally ran a 5K race. 

My last 5K race was 12 years ago.  Organized by one of the local YMCA’s, the sun was shinning, and I was thrilled & proud to be doing it because I’d been running for weeks and I figured it would be a breeze.  

And then … 

The race started and I realized it was all up very steep up-hill! As my lungs screamed for air, I walked very slowly as I watched every one else run like they were gazelles.  

I finished dead last and gave up running. 

I tried to pick it again over up over the years, but the same thing would happen. I’d get a little bit o momentum, I’d run behind everyone else and I’d get discouraged and I’d stopped. Each time my self-esteem would go down and it would take me longer and longer to start running again. 

Then a couple of months ago I finally picked it up again and I’m now running 5K three times a week. At least one of those times is up-hill.

So why am I telling you this? 

Because my learning to run is a lot like most what most entrepreneurs go through. You get all excited about something, you start to take action and then realize it’s like trying to walk the steepest hill you’ve ever climbed all while watching every one else glide right past you. 

Know what I mean? 

Today I want to share the lessons I’ve learned with running with you in the hopes that they’ll inspire you to keep going in your business. 

  • Nothing is impossible, but you do have to decide that you want it first. What do you want? Have you really decided to go after it or are you just like hoping that it will happen? 

  • It doesn’t matter if you’re last because there’s no such thing. There’s just where you are in this moment on any given day. Stop comparing. If you must compete with someone, compete with yourself. 

  • Keep track of the wins. So often in business we look at the big wins and measure only that, but the truth is that the small wins is what builds your confidence. Running for 30 seconds was my initial win. Every time I lace my shoes, it’s a win. What wins do you have in your business?
  • Don’t panic when you have bad days, just keep going instead of “losing” your shit. The only thing that matters is that you keep going. I don’t know how long it will take for you to get to the finish, all I know is that you won’t get there if you don’t take the next step. If you have to lose your shit, put a time limit on it.

Now that you’ve read the above, what’s your takeaway? How will you apply this to your business? What gem do you walk away with for yourself? 

Raise your accountability by hitting reply and letting me know. 

You are the Goddess Rising and you are capable of anything. You don’t have to do it alone. If you’re wanting a little bit of help or wanting to know how we can work together, I invite you to join me for a Goddess Rising breakthrough call here. 


It’s a complimentary call where we’ll get you clear about your vision, figure out what’s holding you back and create a plan to move forward. If there’s a good match between our visions, I may invite you to become a client this month. 

See you soon, 

{Tap Into The Universe} How do I get my confidence back and breakthrough

Earlier this week, I received the following question …

“I have identified all my fears and blocks that are preventing me from building and expanding my successful business. I had a lot of shame about not being in a better financial place in my life. I feel like I’m repelling my ability to consistently attract clients, even though I know that I’m really good at my work.

I’ve had moderate success with my online business. Comes and goes. I’m working through deep-seated fear, unworthiness and self-doubt.
Have done tons of programs and read tons of books. Trying to visualize and shift my vibration but then I get even more frustrated that I don’t seem to ever break through and I find myself back in struggle.

How can I break through to the confidence I need to succeed at my goal of $10k a month,”



It’s such a great question and I think so relevant to so many people, which is why I decided to take a few emails to answer it properly.How can I break through the confidence I need to succeed at my goal o $10K a month?

When I ask to be shown intuitively what’s going…

I see you standing in a desert surrounded by mountains. You’ve got a little bit of water, but you’re almost out. You’ve already tried several paths, but each time you get to the top of a mountain you realize that you’re not “there” yet and that there are more mountains to come. Sometimes you back track, sometimes you stay put.

Sound familiar?

Without knowing you, I’m guessing that you’ve lost faith. Oh you want to believe in your business, but the struggle has been REAL and you’re filled with doubt. Can I really do this? Is this even possible? Am I dreaming in color?

All of that is normal.

Doubt will never go away.

And that doesn’t mean you can’t believe in yourself and keep going.

In fact, if you don’t believe in yourself, nothing you do will EVER work out. You will just stay stuck in old patterns & beliefs. You’ll keep climbing mountains until you’re exhausted for the rest of your life with barely enough water to sustain you.

Here’s how you get started believing in yourself again …

  • “STOP” trying so hard. Don’t clear more blocks. Don’t take more action. Do something that raises your spirits instead. This could take an hour, a day, or even a week. Do it without judgement until you feel good.
  • Feel your feelings without judging them. Make a list of everything you’re thinking & feeling about your business. Why are you ashamed? What have you done wrong? Then go through and find the gift in everyone of those experiences. The GIFT is there, it’s always there. Find gratitude for those experiences.
  • Start building your confidence by creating a list of wins every day. Review/add/modify every night before you go to sleep to sleep. It can be as small as I made a sales call or as big as I reached my first million dollars.  The more wins you have, the more confidence you will get.

You are the Goddess Rising and it’s your 1000% birth right to believe in yourself. Claim it!!!

That’s the first step to getting your confidence and reaching your $10K month. I’ll be back tomorrow to talk about the next steps.

You don’t have to do this alone. 

I want to help, which is why I created the GET ON THE FAST TRACK.

It’s a 6-week training designed to help you find your confidence, create a clear path to your goals all while letting of the struggle.

We start May 30th.

Clear the link the get all the details and save your seat: 


By the end of the six weeks, you’ll have your confidence back, you’ll know how to sustain it and have a clear path to the next step. You’ll learn the right way to clear your “blocks” (more on that later).


What to do when you want to quit?

Have you had so many failures in your business that it’s zapped your self-esteem and confidence? Like maybe you want to quit because of it. 

So today I thought I’d share with you a few steps as to how to get your confidence back so you can do what you need to do to do what you need to do to have a bigger impact & get paid what you’re worth. 

First things first …

If you’re in a place of darkness, i get it. I’ve been there and so has every entrepreneur on the planet.Last December I was depressed and on the edge of quitting. I seriously thought about quitting because getting a six-figure job would be just so much easier than building a six-figure business. I even started to look for a job.  

I had lost all hope that “this” dream would ever work. 

Then I reached out and asked for help and I found myself actually making progress. My message got clearer. I got excited about my business. I found my confidence & voice. I stopped letting fear get the better of me. 

I just kept taking one step in front of the other. 

What I can tell you is that confidence isn’t something that comes from results, it something that comes from within. Don’t get me wrong. you can borrow your coaches & mentors faith in you if you don’t have it yet, but at some point you will need to develop my own.  Only then will you truly stand in your power. Only then will you be able to see your value and to charge what you’re worth. 

So if you’re finding yourself in that place of darkness, 

I want you to know that it is possible for you to get to the other side. You still have value. You are a still a Goddess Rising. You are capable. You are worthy & deserving.

How do you get to the other side… 

  • Breathe & feel your feelings. I get it. You don’t want to admit failure or that you’re feeling defeated. Make a list of everything you’re feeling. Acknowledge it. This allows the “stuck” energy to flow again.
  • Make peace with it.  I’m not saying that you have to like the struggle you’re currently experience, I’m saying that you have to find the good in the bad. For instance, when I wanted to quit last December, it pushed me to find my confidence and to be more authentic. It pushed me to go through the fear. Every “hard” moment has a purpose. Find it and you will be able to move on.
  • Get clear as to what you want and why you want it? Don’t make things up here. Just identify what it’s in your heart’s desire and go from there. If you’re not sure that you still want a business then go more general then that.
  • What is your next step? Focus on the next step and how can it be a win. Sending out an email. Inviting people into your list. Doing sales calls. It might also be to find the right people to support you and to ask for help (that’s what turned things around for me). They are all steps. What is your next step that you can take today? Start making a list of these because it will build up your confidence.
  • Focus on taking Action and getting through it.

The only alternative is to quit and I know  that you are not going to do that. I can’t tell you how how often you’ll find yourself having a “hard” moment in your business or “how” long it will last, but I can tell you that you will get through. 

Feel your feelings, focus and take action.  That’s it. That’s all you have to do. 

In case you’re wondering, I don’t have it all figured it out. I don’t believe I ever will. All I know for sure is that I am committed to helping a million entrepreneurs find their confidence so that we can change the world together. The only I have to do is take the next step. 

if you’re ready for a little bit of help, I invited you to join for a FREE breakthrough coaching session. We’ll work together to figure out your next step. If we figure out that our visions match up, I will also invite you to join one of my programs. 

Click the link to apply and book your 1-1 time with me. 


See you soon,

Want to know your purpose?

I feel you. 

I spent years searching for my purpose, hoping for a clue and hoping that it would suddenly fix my life. It’s not until I finally got the BRAVE to walk my path that it got clear.

And then there was that moment… 

I’m in meditation and I’m being asked, “why am I here?” And the answer came so clearly, so powerfully that I couldn’t help myself – I stood up and declared it to the whole workshop (I was supposed to be quiet and just follow along).

I was shocked by how simple it was and by the fact that I’d known it all along.  

Since then I’ve worked with a Lot of spiritual entrepreneurs and I’ve realized that they too have all known their purpose, but that they didn’t thought they didn’t.  

So today I wanted to shed some light as to what is actually going on. My intention is to help you get clear on your purpose and really take that next step on your journey. 

You ready? 

If you’re struggling with this question, it’s because 1 of 3 things: 

1) You discount it like that can’t be it. 

So the other day I’m a in a healing session and my client said that his purpose is to help other people love themselves. He knew it all along, but it just didn’t trust yourself to really acknowledge it and because he was afraid of what it would mean if he actually did. 

If you want to remember your purpose, take the pressure off by releasing all obligations. Take out a journal, connect with your heart, and let yourself dream, “if I knew my purpose, it would be?” 

2) You don’t know “how”. 

The truth is that this is where 98% of people get hung up. 

It’s like you somehow thing that you can play only one note of a guitar when you in fact have the whole guitar and an infinite amount of ways to create melodies & music of your heart. 

The real culprit here is FEAR. 

It’s what keeps you procrastinating and event saying, “I can’t do that.” It’s sneaky too  because FEAR will hide behind emotional reasoning. 

Listen, you don’t have to quit your job. You don’t have to start a business. You don’t even have to become a healer or a coach. You could do your life’s work in a corporate job. You have the power to choose the “how” (that’s FREE will) and it will feel good to you. 

The secret here here to focus on the next step. 

If you were living with purpose today, what would you be doing? What would you be saying? Doing? 

Then go out and be that person today. You might be surprised what happens when you do. 

Knowing your finding purpose is just the first step, unleashing your potential is the tough part. ;) 

If you’re feeling inspired, I invite you to join me for my latest master class, ” 5-Steps To Finding Your Passion & Confidence So You Can Live With Passion & Create A LIFE You LOVE” if you haven’t already. 

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Have a question about living your purpose? Hit reply and let me know.