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My addition to emotional pain

I used to be addicted to emotional pain. I didn’t like the pain one bit, but I did love it.   I sabotaged my business efforts, just so I could have more struggle.  I beat myself up every time I didn’t reach my goals or when I had a emotion that was anything less than happy, […]

Don’t let fear paralyze you …

Do you ever get super clear about what you want, get started and then get stuck in paralysis? It’s a little bit like having a harpoon in your hands, freezing in mid-air as you go to get your fish from the ocean. Know what I mean? You’re not alone.  It’s normal. It’s your FEAR stopping […]

Need a little pick me up for depression?

If you’re struggling with depression or low-vibration, this week’s message from God is for you.  It will help you rise into purpose, passion and aliveness.  Before I go there,  I want to tell you that I have a HUGE surprise for you coming in the comings weeks. I’ve not been this excited about anything in YEARS. You’re […]

{Message From God} – Get Back On …

So I’ve been run over by a bulldozer!  Well not quite, but that’s what the last year feels like. It’s like the Universe handed me experience after experience to PUSH me to let go, to push me to see my value, to step more into my PURPOSE and to ultimately accept nothing less than happiness.  […]

{Intuitive Monday} Connection

It’s time for another Intuitive Monday. It’s honestly my favorite day of the week.  When I ask God what you need to know, I see you the word “connection”.  You’re standing in a circle, but the energy is flowing through you. You are feeling disconnected.  When you do that, you get stuck in fear and […]


So I just had a birth day and I spent I spent it with my twin for the first time in 25 years. ;) It was awesome and weird all at the time same time. I’m truly blessed to have this MAN has my twin. Now if I could actually get him to cut my […]

How failure nearly crushed me

Have you ever failed?   When I asked Creator what I should share with you today, I heard tell them about my brush with failure. “Tell them the truth,” is what I hear. ARG? NO!!!!! That was initial reaction because I really don’t want to talk about my biggest failure. But I’m doing this 90-day […]