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Want to know your purpose?

I feel you. I spent years searching for my purpose, hoping for a clue and hoping that it would suddenly fix my life. It’s not until I finally got the BRAVE to walk my path that it got clear.And then there was that moment… I’m in meditation and I’m being asked, “why am I here?” And the […]

Tap into Infinite Potential

You have infinite potential and I see you expressing it in the world creating a life you love. I see you living as a Goddess Rising in the world. Being connected to source. Expressing your truth. Owning your path. Acknowledging what you desire, asking for what you desire, taking action and receiving. And doing it […]

Are sales calls ever going to get easier?

If you’ve ever wondered if sales calls are going to get easier than keep reading. For this weeks Tap Into the Universe, I decided to answer the following question… “Are sales call ever going to get easier?” Because I was speaking to someone earlier this week and she could’t imagine closing the sale on a […]

Is this resistance a sign I should quit?

Welcome to this week’s edition of Tap Into the Universe. If you’ve ever wondered if you should quit your dream because the struggle is just too much then keep reading. Michelle submitted the following question … “Spirit Guides. How do I know when you’re telling me to stop for my own good or if the […]

Why aren’t my actions leading to results?

Welcome to this week’s edition of Tap Into the Universe. If you’ve ever been confused as to why the actions you’re taking aren’t getting you the results you want then you’re going to love this week’s edition of Tap Into The Universe. Pat submitted the following question …  “The last three keynote presentations I did, […]

Where is the money going to come from?

Welcome to this week’s edition of Tap Into the Universe. This week’s question comes from someone who wishes to remain anonymous. Here’s what she wrote … “I need guidance as to how to purchase my dream home. Where is the money coming from? The lottery or somewhere else? Thank you” I love this question because […]

Making a list and checking it twice…

If you’re feeling frustrated, discouraged and/or hopeless because you’re not manifesting your desires quickly enough, then read every word below. The other day I was making a list of all the dreams I’d ever manifested, which I created because I wanted to raise my vibe. I still can’t believe I once got on a plane […]