The critical step to powerful manifesting

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Do you know the critical step to powerful manifesting? You are about to learn it. You can click on the video below or checkout the transcription below. Enjoy!


Today’s topic is all about the critical step that you must take to use powerful manifesting in your business. We’re all entrepreneurs, we all want to manifest loads of clients, we want to help the world and we want to manifest a business that’s in alignment with us and that includes our clients. So what is the most critical that we have to do and how do we really manifest it? I’m not going to go through all of that tonight, what we’re really gonna focus on is that one critical step. Once you know what that is, I’m going to give you some tips and tricks on how implement that in your daily life and in your business so that you can start to up your game when it comes to manifesting. If you don’t know me, my name is Nathalie Guerin and I am a manifesting business coach. I help female entrepreneurs manifest better clients in their business and yes that usually ends up meaning more money. My whole thing is that it’s about being in alignment. If you can get yourself in alignment, raise your vibration and take consistent action then your business is going to be sky rocket. I absolutely love doing that, it’s really a privilege and an honor to be able to do that. Alright so that’s what I do, if you have questions or comments feel free to put them into the message box and I will be able to answer them.

Let’s talk about manifesting.

We all know that first step to manifesting is that you have to know what you want and why you want it. It might be two steps but it’s really one, and everybody says it’s the most important step when it comes to manifesting, because if you don’t really know what you want then you don’t really have a target and you can’t start to create it into your life and the universe can’t really bring it to you because you just don’t know. So you have to know what you want. So if you’re listening to this right now, what do you want? Get specific. How many clients do you want? What do you want, and more than that why is it important to you in your dream? I’m not just saying what are you going to do with the money you get, I’m saying why is it important for you to do this work? How does it tie into the bigger picture? That’s really the first step in manifesting. You have to be able to answer those two questions because of you don’t nothing else will matter. But I don’t think it’s the most critical step when it comes to manifesting.

The most critical step is feeling.

You have to be able to feel what it is that you want in your business. By feeling, I mean closing your eyes and imagining something happening to you in your business, whether it’s getting clients, converting clarity calls, talking in public. Whatever it is that you’re trying to build in your business, you have to be able to feel it inside your heart. When you can feel it, you know that it’s already happened. When it’s already happened it’s just a matter of catching up to it and taking a few actions to actually make it happen.

If you can’t feel it then that will create doubt in your space. There are three things you really should know about feeling. [If you can’t imagine it, then it can’t come true] So here’s an example, so if you can’t close your eyes and really feel what it is that you want in your business, then your unconscious is saying that it’s not really possible. When that happens, when something isn’t really possible, then your unconscious and the universe are saying hey that’s not possible so they are going to do everything they can to make sure that that’s not possible. Take for example the feeling of, it could be anything in your business, so I’m gonna give you an example that is non business related and for me it’s about dating.

I want to go out and start dating and the reality is when we’re able to feel what actually happens is, we’re able to imagine it happening. But if you can’t feel it then you can’t move yourself forward. So when I talk about dating or I imagine dating I can’t actually imagine going out on a date, much less imagine myself going up onto a website and signing up. So it’s actually in my mind, it’s impossible to do that. Until I can start to feel it, until I can start to really start to imagine it and feel it in my body, dating is not gonna happen. It’s the same thing with your clients.

If you can’t imagine yourself selling your packages, if you can’t imagine yourself. If you can’t imagine yourself seeing everything that’s coming towards you, you can’t feel it, then it’s not reality and your unconscious is gonna say it’s not happening and everything that you do is gonna prove that to you.   So that’s why it’s really important to be able to feel it.

[If your feeling “bad” when you imagine, it’s going to be extra hard to manifest]

If you can feel it and you know you can kinda imagine it but your feeling kinda like, it’s gonna happen, it’s not, you have a lot of doubt, you have a lot of fear then that’s also a bit of an issue because I want you to be able to feel good about something, the whole thing. If you’re imagining getting clients and it’s making you feel scared or guilty or tired, you’re not gonna manifest clients, there’s a good chance, or as many as you like, or the clients you want because you’re gonna be like Noooooo I don’t want to feel that way.

There’s no better reason in the world not to manifest clients than when you’re feeling stressed about the idea of getting clients. So in my own business, November, December last year, my business crashed, all of my 90 day clients.

I basically had nothing and it was weird because for months I was doing really, really, really well in my business. I was, everything was happening and it was like all of a sudden I crashed. It took me two months to realize that the reason I crashed was because the idea of visualizing and feeling it, what I was feeling was the idea that if I was to work with clients I would get even more tired and I really, really just didn’t want that.

So I stopped and it wasn’t conscious, it was unconscious, but my unconscious said you don’t want to be tired so we’re gonna do everything in our power to make sure that that doesn’t happen. I manifested clarity calls, but they were always people who weren’t quite in alignment with what I wanted, and what I offered, they were people who didn’t have money, it was all of the fears that I had had for months started to come to the surface.

You want to be able to clear those blocks so that you can really feel good about the imagery that you want in your business. So if you’re wanting to feel something then it has to feel good and you have to be able to go, alright receive clients, have clarity calls, work through the clients and do that whole perspective so that you can get to the end of it and go ahhh this feels really good.

If it feels really good from A-Z then there’s probably no blocks, but if you can feel it and start to send that feeling out into the universe, your vibration gets sent out and the Law of Attraction starts to return it to you. I absolutely love that because it’s been something that I’ve been doing recently and it’s almost like my clients are being called to me, just because I’m sending out this vibration. Every time that I send it out, I see it coming back to me and I start to feel it even more, there’s a sense of, it’s happening and instead of feeling my clients come towards me, I feel my clients with me. It’s really awesome and I know that I’ve been manifesting more clients because of it ever since I’ve been able to really feel it. I manifested a 90-day client this week, last week it was a 6-week client, so just by feeling it and practicing it every day things are coming into alignment. I actually think that feeling is the most important step in manifesting because if you can’t feel it, and we all bypass this step because we think, what do you want, why do you want it, take action, ask the universe but we all skip over the step of feeling.

But when you can feel, and you can really truly feel what it is that you want in your business, you really get certain clarity within you that this is happening and that there is no doubt, and it removes the doubt, which is why it’s so important to actually do in your business.

Alright so how do you feel? How do you start to feel something that you’ve never felt before?

Unless you’ve had like $5,000 clients before or like full clientele, of if you’re new at converting or if you’re struggling through that how do you start to feel what it is you want without actually having it done before? And that is a really key question that a lot of my clients ask and it’s really about practicing.

First, there’s a few ways that I like to do this and one is visualization.

Some people will say, ugh visualization, I have visualization. I haven’t really talked about it because for me it’s not really about visualization, for me it’s about feeling it and so a great way to do this is to imagine yourself having all the clients that you want and really feeling what you want to feel when you’re with your clients and what will your clients feel like and you bring that into your imagination and you allow it to be and you just feel it and that’s enough.

A minute to two minutes every day of that will send out a very clear vibration that you’re ready for clients and it will tell your unconscious that “hey I have clients” because your mind doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s not. So when you feel something, everything lines up and says “Hey, I’m great” right? Secondly, I particularly like this because not everyone is into visualization, so I particularly like this one.  So it’s to surround yourself with an environment that makes it real for you and that says “Hey this is really happening” so you kinda fake it until you make it. Jack Canfield when he wrote Chicken Soup for the Soul, which spent 18 months on the NY Times Best Seller list, basically what he had done before that was he had put signs up in his house with the fact that he was the best seller and when it came to be he was on there for 18 months. He surrounded himself with proof before it even happened, that it was real.

It’s really about allowing yourself to go there and allowing the information to come into your space. A great way to think money, because I know abundance blocks come up when we’re manifesting in our businesses, is to fake being rich!

Recently I actually decided to put everything into QuickBooks, the difference between before and after id phenomenal. Do I have a whole lot more money? No but I feel in control of it and I feel in manage of it and I feel like that’s what rich people do. In my mind I’m becoming rich just because of it and I can really feel it.

If you don’t want to go that far you can put hundred dollar bills in your wallet and just start to feel what that would be like. Just by doing little physical things like that, you’re actually bringing the feelings into your day to day, so you don’t always have to stop and go “OK I have to feel”, right? That’s pretty cool to, you can set an alarm on your clock or you can just have little signs everywhere that remind you that you need to feel in that moment.

The third way is to use mantras. I use them on a daily basis and I have like 10-15 of them that I use in my business and I repeat them and I change them every once in awhile and sometimes I’ll add one or modify one. One of them that I have right now is “All of my invoices are paid quickly and easily and on time” and it’s really amazing to me because as soon as I send out an invoice it gets paid like that. It’s only been since I started this mantra- Ahh I love that one to Melissa, do you have a favorite mantra Melissa?

Go ahead and put it in the comments. Awesome. The other piece that I do in my business is I write an evidence log. Every day I come up and I say “how is the universe supporting me?” and I write it out and this is something I’ve been doing on and off for the last few months, actually since July of last year, and I started doing it really regularly in February, once a day, and one it makes me feel really good and I start to see the proof and the evidence and my mind starts to focus on what it is that I want.

The more I can focus on it the more I can feel it because the closer I get to it. So these are all ways to start feeling what we do in our business and what we really want. So if you can feel it you can manifest it. So this was our Blab for tonight. Alright so you’ve just learned the key step to manifesting, which is feeling. If you’re going to do anything with manifesting, start to feel what it is that you want.

Visualize, feel it, act as if, and allow it to come into your life because that will take you to the next step. I would love to know what you think in the comments below. Are you able to feel your clients? Does it feel good? Will you practice? Love & light!

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